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Emotions ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


This season of eclipses is facilitating the release of the suppressed emotions within humanity right now. One of the last aspects of the LightBody is to integrate our cleared emotional body into the wholeness of our GodSelf. By allowing our emotions to move up and out, without engaging, more and more of our LightBody engages.

The LightBody navigates via the purity of “feelings”, which is our divine guidance system. Whereas “emotions” are a chemical hormonal reaction triggered by the human mind for our physical survival.

Emotions are the human mind’s interpretation of feelings that automatically stimulate the fight or flight chemicals of the brain as the antiquated way of keeping us safe before we were fully conscious. Human emotions are a reaction stimulated by the mind’s interpretation, which draws upon memories of the past or worry about the future based on the past.

Whereas feelings are rooted in the present moment, giving us access to divine wisdom and infinite intelligence in alignment with our GodSelf that sees everything from the perspective of well-being. Therefore, if something feels “off” or if you are experiencing anything less than well-being, its because you are out of alignment with your GodSelf. A few deep breaths is all it takes to bring everything into alignment once again. Herein lie the ease and grace of living as a LightBody. (only part of the blog is posted here, click the link below if you want to go deeper)
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

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July 27, 2018




Beloved children of Creation,

I hold you in love.

We are here together in this moment, in this NOW, in complete oneness, stillness, and unity.

Do not forget that every moment YOU are the creator. You never have to be stuck or left behind. You never have to be alone. Remember each experience you are in now: you have created that. You can shift things in an instant. You can change things in an instant by merely choosing to do so.

Take this moment with me. Take yourself to a sacred place where you go in your heart to meditate, or even the place you go before you go to sleep. Take yourself to that place now and find yourself there with me, and know that nothing else matters.

I am with you always, and you can come here with me at any time, for stillness, for guidance, and for a break from whatever it is that you are doing. This sacred space is only for you and me. You will find no one else here.

And you will find that as you come to this place, you will merge even more with your Oversoul, your God Self, because All is One, and One is All.

You can come here to create, to re-create, to shift, to dance, to sing, to sit in silence, to reflect, or to just BE.

And know that today, with all its powerful energies, gateways, personal portals opening wider, shifts and waves – know that the only thing that matters is that you open yourself up to the Pure Source Energy, and align yourself to that, and allow all else to be as is in this moment.

I love you.

~Prime Source Creator~

Channeled by Kalia Diya


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How… ~ Daniel Nielsen


How much you earn and the title or degrees on your business card is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, has your soul has been stripped naked of ego and is your true authentic self exposed?

How many relationships you’ve had and the reason for your break-ups is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, if you have embraced the life lessons to make you trustworthy and the best you that you can be.

How old you are and if the color of your hair is natural is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, if you have dreams and are passionately living the life you have right now.

How many fashionable brands hang in your wardrobe and how perfectly pressed your suit is, is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, the soul-work you have done to overcome the darkness within to make you whole.

How many successes you’ve had in life and how academically smart you are is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, the state of your heart and what you’re made of when you stand in the midst of the fire, facing failure and defeat.

How many bench-presses you do and how toned your muscles are is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, how strong the inner-you is when you’re confronted with emotional and spiritual issues.

How many places you’ve visited around the globe and the wild adventures you’ve experienced is of no interest to me.
What I want to know is, how willing you are to let your heart be wild in the greatest adventure of them all – the pursuit of love.

~ Daniel Nielsen

Happy blood full moon eclipse ~ Grace Solaris


Happy blood full moon eclipse…. ready to get undressed and have your unconscious shadows unravelled… a divine gift of massive opportunity to have a deeper look and rid yourself of what not belongs into your life… what not empowers you, grows you, supports you, evolves you is not going to “survive” this eclipse season, as it will simply not be able to exist in the new earth reality. Lower vibrational behaviour of denial, rejection, repression, pretence and emotions of guilt, blame, and unworthiness are not in vibrational match with your soul´s essence.

All that which is not in alignment with you soul trajetory and plan, will be washed to the surface and shown to you. It is up to you to grap your magic wand, your scepter of sovereignty and thank it goodbye. And invite in your galactic supreme self, to walk hand in hand with you thru this eclipse portal into the new earth reality. You are given the choice of determining what you are going to bring, if you do not choose what honors you, your I Am Presence will step in…. in ways that are not necessarily pleasant. Instead of resisting and “closing an eye” to the decisions and choices that you have long pushed “in front of you”, grap this opportunity and get done with it.

You will come out the other side brand new… a self empowered independent authentic master of light in your true might, that is able to stand the “storm” of transmutation with dignity and courage to be who you truly are, raw, naked and true to the core, not to convince anyone of anything, but to finally be true to who you are.

This is your time to claim freedom to BE who you came here to be…. in all your misery and all your mastery, it has all been part of this human experience into understanding your self beyond the self in all your shades and aspects and realise you are but a drop within the ocean of the infinite ocean of love, entitled to all the love in the world. You are magnificence, divine innocence and majestic emminence, born out of love, and can never be anything but THAT. Happy homecoming.

Grace Solaris

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018 ~ Tanaaz


~ Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018 ~ 

In astrology, the Moon rules over our emotional body and our intuition. It allows us to feel and reminds us that we are so much more than just what we can see.

The Moon is how so many of us feel connected to the cosmos and to the skies, which is why over the years, we have looked to the Moon for guidance and understanding.

Out of all the lunar activity we will ever feel or experience, July’s Blood Moon Total Eclipse is going to be one of the most potent. This is because it is the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have this century.

Falling in the air sign of Aquarius on July 27th, this Blood Moon Total Eclipse is so strong that it’s going to penetrate straight into the pits of our soul, in order to shift and upgrade us to a new level.

Planet Earth is a challenging dimension. There are wars, famines, so much pain and so much suffering, and yet, our souls signed up to come here. Our souls chose to come to Earth at this time because we knew it was where we needed to be.

Under this Blood Moon Eclipse energy, the karma of our soul is going to be stirred, and if we pay attention, we may get a glimmer or a reminder as to why our soul chose this journey in the first place.

While we may look at life through our physical eyes as being unfair, good, bad, and everything in between, the eyes of our soul sees things differently.

When we look at life through our spiritual or third eye, we begin to see life take on a whole new meaning and a whole new color.

When we look at life through the eyes of our soul, we understand and can see that everything is perfect. Everything is just as it should be.

Of course, this same reasoning is hard to find when we look at things through the lens of our mind.

Life on Earth is a challenge, but we signed up for it. And, on the night of this Blood Moon Eclipse, things are going to be pulled and drawn out of us so we can remember what we came here to learn, and what our purpose is moving forward.

Opportunities like this come as a gift to remind us, to activate us, and to awaken us to what path we need to be on, and where we need to make some changes.

This Aquarius Eclipse is going to push us. It is going to take from us. It is going to penetrate us right where it hurts, so we can clear, release, and find our freedom.

As the longest Lunar Eclipse we will ever experience, this is an opportunity for us to dig deep, and reach further to clear and let go of all that we no longer want to carry. This is a time for us to purge, cleanse, and detoxify. This is a time for us to release the karma of many lifetimes.

We have to surrender all that is weighing us down. We have to surrender and allow ourselves to be lead and guided.

Aquarius energy is all about the bigger picture. We are all this together. We cannot blame each other or one person. We cannot only feel what we feel. Whether we realize it or not, we feel everything. We feel everyone. We feel every tiny vibration and every tiny thought.

With the heightened sensitivity of the Blood Moon Eclipse, a portal will open, and we will be able to see and feel the pain and the love, the joy and the fear, the emotions of every single living thing on this planet. And when we do, we will find that there is no separation.

This intense feeling can stir up and activate a whole host of pains and wounds on many levels.

Under this energy, we may feel like acting impulsively, lashing out or doing something rash. We may also feel the heaviness of the world, and in turn, feel hopeless or uncertain about the future.

While these are all things we will have to breathe through, know that there is a way to access the light in all of this. All we have to do is surrender. All we have to do is release. All we have to do is give up everything we ever thought about ourselves, and just allow ourselves to be.

Just allow yourself to be in a state of stillness, in a state of nothingness. Allow the Universe to take what it needs. Allow yourself to let go of all that is being shaken or pried from your hands.

Have confidence, and have faith that there is a bigger picture behind all of this, and try to see things not with your eyes, but through your eye. Try to see things from the viewpoint of your higher self, your third eye, and remember that this is all just a temporary journey.

After the human journey is over, you will return to your true form and your true state. But until that time, there is work to be done. That work cannot be done if you forget why you are really here, and who you really are.

That work cannot be done if you don’t understand that everyone around you and all events that are drawn to you, are shaping and molding you in the way your soul asked to be.

July’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will release and activate old pains, but what it will also do, if you are willing, is guide you to your soul and to the part of you that signed up for this Earthly mission.

And when you access that part of you, you will see the world differently, and you will see others differently, and you will know that the Universe is not just guiding you, it is you.

This life’s dim windows of the soul distorts the heavens from pole to pole, and leads you to believe a lie when you see with, not through, the eye.”- William Blake

~ by Tanaaz

In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Submerged in the radiance of being ~ SacredRomeo


With this Total Lunar Eclipse, see yourself submerged in the radiance of being.

Allow yourself to be open to the Eclipse Chamber, as the Energies ignites and crystallizes more DNA creational Sacred Codes within you.

Step into the transformational chamber with an open Heart and align with Divine Will, as you enter the focal point of manifest creation within the Unified Field.

As you come to know and remember who you are, beyond the confines of your physical identity, becoming your true self the Galactic fully embodied Cosmic Spiritual Identity.

As you are being strongly influenced by these Eclipse Energies to transmute the realm of your beingness and perceive the True Reality beyond the lies of duality. Transcendening false realities, fully integrating your Humanness with your Sovereign Divinity.

As you enter in conscious communion, you resurrect the resonance between your Original Etheric Blueprint and the Benevolent, Gracious, Omnipresent Light, the Source of all Creation.

As you embody your Sovereign, Sentient Self for the Benevolence of Creation, you become a sensory expression of the Sacred Heart in your multidimensional limitless, new Earth experience, creating within Unity and Divine Oneness. So be it. 🙏💖🌎


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