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Schumann resonances ~ 8-31-18


August 29, 2018


I sit with Creator and I see that All is Well.

I see those who are drawn to the Light and who are creating with that Light. And I see those of the Light who are transmuting the darkness.

I see that there is no right or wrong, and I see All That Is.

I see those who have remained aligned to their truth, neutral and balanced, holding love and compassion for those would who wish to fight against them.

I see those who would wish to fight and they are only fighting themselves, and I would long for all to be aligned to Love NOW.

And I say to those who are fighting a war inside of themselves, creating a war outside of themselves: NOW is the time to cease. I say: NOW is the time for all to be illuminated by the highest truth and the greatest good of all.

I speak truth into every aspect, timeline and reality, illumined by the power of Source.

I speak truth so that every bit of darkness be revealed now, once and for all, and that all shall come to the Light.
I hold love and compassion for all, both who are in Light and in darkness.

And I say now, the Truth once again shall prevail, and that those who would wish to fight against the Truth and against those who hold it deep within will now be stopped; that their very voices be mute, that they can only speak words of truth and love.

I see energies and words being reversed and transmuted back into Love, and that the slander, deceit and confusion has ceased now.

I say to the Children of Light: walk in your power, hold your truth, speak the Love and have boundaries which are aligned to Love, which will empower you to come into All that you are and All That Is.

H’namah e’shi nini kho’moiyi eh kah’li kah’li. Ah’lach e’lah shi’nek kah’mi naeni k’ni wiish dah kahlech eh’dii koowhi yeh. Ah’kah’mi nae kah’mi nae ach’ah shi ni manae k’laich mah’nooshi’n naek’hani. Wha’kah mani’nish ahnai oohkha’ni kha’ni ooh kha’mamii kah’noieh. Ohmah k’nesh ahnhi kha nahka’moh shi’naih lach ah’li lech wo’biae wohmish’ah ni niih. Aih’khamomiih kahni’nesh ahnanech’ioowiyae. Wahk’hi nae kooh’mii ahmahk’hneshi’niae Kho’moiyaeh.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Truth.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Light.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Oneness of All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Unity, the Peace, the Compassion and Harmony that all are created to BE.

I NOW DECLARE: That All are to be Creators, simply creating that which is of Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That all that is not aligned to Love fall away.

I NOW DECLARE: That new creations are beginning, new expansions, new growth, new timelines, new realities are created in the Here and Now.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the New Reality and that all is well.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Truth is Love and that the Truth is Light, and that the Truth shall reign over all.

It is Done.
~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Shamanic Nature Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands
Divine Trinity Healing Channeling & Activation

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GaiaPortal: Galactic Parentals take their leave

Wings take Time ~ Sarah Sadie


Wings take time. Nymphs hover near the water’s surface, sometimes for days, learning to breathe a new element. Getting ready to emerge. And when they do, it is in full view.

Unlike butterflies, dragonflies do not weave a chrysalis. Transformation takes place right out in the open where anyone can see it, if they know what to look for.”
~Sarah Sadie

Aligned with our GodSelf ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


When aligned with our GodSelf
we know everything is always working out for us
in perfect accordance with the divine plan,
there is no need to worry about the world around us
for it too is working out in its own perfection
according to the divine plan.

The purpose of this world
has always been to expand your GodSelf
where love and joy are at the root of life,
and you are meant to create the reality you choose
rather than scuffling around in other’s realities
that were never yours to begin with.

Go where your heart calls,
create anew for the joy it brings
do what your passion is guiding you to do
knowing that you are opening new portals
of Love and Joy for yourself and humanity
and the world will follow in the Light of your footsteps.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

 Sharing is always appreciated 

A New Day ~ Redwolf



As the sun sets in these hills and darkness falls

Another night, a journey alone, longing to hear the wolf calls

A long time it has been, on the path that I travel

Missing the warmth of the hand, intertwined

With my wolf spirit companion

Sending prayers to feel it again

My light shines dim, in need of my wolf mate

To travel again as one through the forest

Feeling the love and warmth that is innate

Like the earth and the water joined in a beautiful embrace

One without the other leave a feeling misplaced

Only together as one do they feel alive

As the water flows, caressing the earth

The energy ignites again deep inside

Now as the sun starts to rise again

Bringing light to a new day

We start to feel it shine in our hearts, remembering when

this journey we’ve taken to be together at the end

And start a new day, as one


SURRENDER ~ Judith Kusel


I see you struggling through life, often not knowing where the next step will lead.
I see that often you feel lost, alone and somehow lost at sea.
In truth you can never be so lost that the Divine cannot find you nor hear your prayers. In truth, when you cannot see for seeing you tend to get panicky and then get yourself more and more tangled up and more and more into a mess.
The minute you call in Divine Help, the angels, archangels etc. SURRENDER, and let go. While you are still struggling, they cannot untangle you.
Working with the Sea Rescue Unit here I was made aware of the fact that most people when they get caught in a rip tide, tend to panic, struggle, and try to swim against the tide. The struggling is what drowns them, for they expend too much energy. If they had just managed to keep calm, and would allow the tide to take them out to sea, the Sea Rescue can come and help, or they will get washed out somewhere else.
The same applies to life.
The more you struggle, the more you tend to drown.
Let go and let the Divine step in.
Yet, know when the Divine steps in, your life is going to change – and you will have to be willing to make those changes towards a more soul empowered you.
(Judith Kusel)

Love is eternally present ~ Judith Kusel


Love in truth is a choice.
For in truth no love nor loving is ever in vain.
Whether one stays with a soul or not, is of no essence, for in truth all of life on planet earth, is but a lesson in unconditional love for self and others.
Love is not bound by time-frames, mind-frames, seasons, quirks.
It is time-less, and once a soul loves, it loves eternally.
It is just on planet earth that love and loving is often misinterpreted, and misunderstood.
Love is eternally present.
It cannot die.
Judith Kusel

Solar Tornados, Earthquake, Tropical Alerts | S0 News Aug.28.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 8-28-18


How Powerful your Light is!!!! ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Brown


Good morning Divine Light BEings!

How Powerful your Light is!!!! How beautiful and exciting and exhilarating!

Shine shine shine like never before! 

Okay, I awoke to hearing more Soul-Star Activity, 2 new plasma bursts releasing more Cosmic Rays and SOULar-Star Codes for all to receive. These powerful upgrades to your Light Body / Fields have to be fully integrated for your body/physical reality experience to be EASE.

So, are you fully honoring, supporting and respecting your own LightBody as it does all the work for you? Are you learning HOW to work with and maneuver your own LightBody and field all day every day, so all can be easier for you?

This is beyond mega-important… because if you “ignore” your LightBody, you shut your own Light down, your body can’t integrate, and it will “appear” to go “haywire” (Quantum)…..

As each understands that full Light Integration is required for our physical bodies to live, function and ascend…. that without full integration of our own PURE SOURCE LIGHT, our physical body vessel dies….. each starts to understand “part” of what Physical Body Ascension is. The other part is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH….. which is where WE, as Ascended Light BEings/Descended Souls/Galactics actually physically live.

Light will fill your Sacred Body Vessel, your beautiful (Space) Suit/Earthly Body and work through every individual cell. It will “pool” and build, as your body prepares for birthing your own NEW Earth and all new realities from within you….. for you to experience in your own physical reality here…..

Your Light won’t be suppressed or ignored anymore. It won’t allow your human aspect to “avoid”. It requires your attention and your highest/deepest level of RESPECT……

Your Light reworks all …
Your Light communicates for you…
Your Light becomes your new “currency” if you will…. because your light brings everything to you…..
It’s also how all create” exchange” on an energetic level here

Your Light requires certain things from you…. one is to learn to MASTER all…… by learning everything all over again and aligning EVERYTHING yourself….. to match the vibration of your PURE SOUL……

Your Light transmits your NEW EARTH realities out…..
Illuminating every step
Shining on all in your own field
And (re)connecting you on a multi-dimensional level
To what was not visible before

Your Light Codes…. this is how you call all to you
How you communicate
How you decipher all
Your Light Codes…. these match your energy signatures up
Your Light Codes communicate FOR YOU…
Living Breathing DNA and an alive field that communicates 24/7
Your Light is your BEACON
It is what speaks for you and activates in every dimension for you too
Your Light is what activates all….. for you…..

Are you honoring, sharing and tuning your own Light?
Are you emitting Light with every breath?
Are you affecting all consciously…. through your activated Light?

Your Light Activates your Merkaba
To Carry/Deliver you/bring NEW Earth into visibility for you
Your Light restructures and activates your StarGate System
Your Light collapses the “distance” between dimensions and merges them all into ONE

Your light sustains your physical body
To Transcend physical death/all
Your Light is your Passageway
Through the Gateways of Ascension and NEW EARTH

Is YOUR LIGHT your priority?
It’s how you anchor NEW EARTH into your own physical here….
Through your own BODY and your own FIELD…..

Full surrender of your own separation/ego
Full dissolution of the old
Full is how we do this…. part won’t accomplish this
For each’s transition to NEW EARTH
Where all new REALities await…. because they’ve always been
It’s not that they weren’t here
It’s because you/each/we…. didn’t hold the vibration fully yet.

As you do….. all NEW…. arrives/materializes all around you
New colors, new skies, new aliveness, new experiences
All LIGHT, beautiful, peaceful, pristine, exquisite and yes, magical
Because this is the ENERGY that you hold
It “appears”/became/becomes visible in response to your Light…..
That you hold
That you transmit out
That you breathe
That you emit and share
Just by BEing…. your own Light
Where LOVE is how you exist/live. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

144 Avatar Light Codes transmitted with/through every writing, article, course, interview, sharing, breath….. for each to receive easily…. open your heart fully for this. ♫  

Exquisite photo creation (DreamLife) by Jean Jean-Luc Bozzoli, a multi-dimensional visionary blessing us with visual access to so many things…. to assist with activating our own Remembering here.

See it inside first, then feel it, know it, breathe it and then get up and share it, transmit it out with every breath….. to connect to the UNIFIED FIELD OF OUR NEW EARTH, with your body, Pure Divine Presence which link you up through your own grids (muscles), energy and field… to re-connect you with as the Unified Light Grids/Network Systems too! ☼ Your every moment matters…. as it dictates your experiences here.

UPDATE annex by Rick Jewers ~ 8-27-18


UPDATE annex


For those of You that have Mastered the demons that were purposely placed in Your fields for training purposes, YOU ARE NOW ON THE FRONT LINES. THE FRONT LINES are actually the fully Divine Ones that begin to more intensely influence the timelines here in better ways. You are NOW back with God, there is nothing to touch You and YOU CAN defy what is KNOWN to You Humanly, as SPACE and TIME. YOU ARE CONNECTED to each Other, for You are indeed, A POWERFUL LEAGUE OF ANGELS.

There is but ONE DIVINE PLAN that You are part of here, this Plan governs ALL OF YOU, and ALL of Your purpose is tied directly to the PLAN. Your individual Prowess is NOW beyond Human capability, allowing You to utilize Your Higher gifts of bi-location/multidimensionality WHILE IN HUMAN FORM, when performing Your Divine Tasks. You require NO protection here, for YOU ARE THE PROTECTION. YOUR PERSPECTIVE/CONSCIOUSNESS has been raised to the level to innerstand how things REALLY WORK HERE, ALL ENERGY, and how You cause and effect from an outside angle BEFORE TIME, not directly on a near sighted perspective. You more strongly plant the seeds and watch them grow, very quickly. You have NO chains to the Human reality, You have surpassed that, You have Your wings.

Your mission/purpose is simple, You are given it personally, actually retrieving it personally from YOURSELF, FOR IT IS ALREADY THERE, WITHIN Your connection to ONE. You KNOW what to do, follow it. More will be constantly joining You as they graduate from their training. Groups of You will grow further with a common Divine Task, that requires a stronger energy influence to attain the desired Task. It has begun for You and Your comrades.


In 2011-2012, on the 3D Timeline, Gaia did a Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR). That MPR ended the 3D for All of Humanity and a 4D Temporary Timeline was set up at that time by a Light Quotient of 144,000 Human Angels, that had incarnated here for this Time/Reason, and, at that Time these Human Angels were oblivious to who they really were or what they achieved. Every Human alive at that time, for the most part, were oblivious that they had EVEN been transported to another timeline, a timeline of higher frequency. A mere shift in frequency is ALL it takes to transport You to other timelines. If frequency is lowered, it places You on lower timelines, if frequency is raised, it places You on Higher Timelines. There are individual frequency Shifts, as well as planetary shifts in frequency. Frequency dictates what You experience and holds a reality in place that is inline with that particular frequency. Prior to ~2012, for the most of You, You were powerless over controlling frequency and had to endure All experiences inline with 3D, a low frequency.

The Dark Angels, for the sake of an accepted label, ruled the frequencies here PRIOR TO 2012, the 3D and the 4D. The Dark Angels safe and powerful Havens, were the 4D, where You could NOT physically go in the terms of frequency. Because of this privilege the Dark had, it fully allowed for them to Control and suppress You, You were NO match to their abilities then, while in a 3D frequency. That ALL changed in ~ 2012, when every Being here NOW were playing on the same level, the same frequency. The Dark’s game at that point was lost, and even though they were told, they continued to fight. They attempted to retain control over the Illusion, the Matrix, they had Created for You, they ramped up ALL their technologies and more to keep You suppressed and conditioned. They began to Energetically and Spiritually attack the stronger Ones of the 144,000, they KNEW who the 144k were, for the most part, but not all, 😉. The Great Spiritual War was on. In Your memory at present, there will be TWO perspectives, that there was a Spiritual War and that there was NOT. You will receive Your own information on this when it is/was time, it is irrelevant Now and has no bearing on Your mission.

When You were upgraded to the 5D frequency a few years back, You actually CONTROLLED the Dark Angels from that point forward, they ARE powerless against You, because of their quarantine to a 4D existence, from All That Is, God and You. This is HOW You individually DEFEATED THE DARK AND THEIR MINIONS from a HUMANOID STATE. You have the ability NOW to allow for Dark to be part of an experience IF You quickly need that information on how the energy dynamics of that certain Dark works, so that You may ERADICATE or take it out of existence of ANOTHERS field to assist with THEIR ADVANCEMENT.(THIS IS ONLY TO BE USED IN EXTREME CASES)


Love and Light

Rick Jewers

You truly are precious ~ Judith Kusel


You truly are precious and lovable in your own, unique way.
Celebrate your uniqueness and let your inner soul shine through.
Your being here is contributing to life on this planet in ways you may never consciously be aware of.
Just be your own, beautiful, lovable, endearing self.
(Judith Kusel)

Solar Storm Descending, Ocean, Cosmic News | S0 News Aug.27.2018




At the beginning of the twentieth century, the mystic George Pickinghill had an important message from his contacts on the inner planes.

They said that a large and powerful group of priestesses from ancient Greece would soon be incarnating in the Western world.

Their purpose would be to start laying the foundation for goddesses to become honoured as the gods again.”

– Atasha Fyfe, Past Lives, published by Hay House Basics Hay House UK


You are this ancient prophesy, destined to recover faith in the spiritual feminine.

This link to a prophesy channeled by a mystic over a hundred years ago is, I believe, the very tip of the iceberg.

Priestesses from numerous ancient civilisations (not only Greece) are reincarnating now to re-establish the sacred feminine on earth.

These leaders and teachers also carry ‘titles’ such as healer, medicine woman and man, wise one, magician, alchemist, diviner, oracle…

This role carries responsibility and it takes courage to show up here on earth again.

You’ll be led into healing many layers of suppressed truth when your re-incarnation mission asserts itself.

Don’t give up now.

Keep going.

You are on exactly the right path to fulfilling your holy mission.

It might not look like your mind or ego expects. It almost certainly has turned your life upside down. You’re most likely frightened or anxious about uncovering your spiritual power.

Please know that all your sisters and brothers – your soul family – are here to support you.

The Universe is on your side.

This prophecy – that the priestesses are reincarnating to bring back the goddess to our hearts – is true.

You are this prophecy.

Sophie Bashford


Copyright Sophie Bashford 2018.

Schumann resonances ~ 8-27-18

shm (5).jpg


August 26, 2018



We are here today with a message for the Collective as the Sirian Brotherhood of Light. This is the first time we have connected with this channel, and we are so pleased to be here with you today transmitting this message.

We are here to say now that we are ready to merge with you and create with you once again. For we see that the vibrations of the planet and you, as a human collective, have been raised high enough for this to happen. And we have long awaited this moment. And we are here in great joy to be with you again.

We, the Brotherhood of Light, have worked behind the scenes for quite some time, waiting, planning and watching to see what we can do to assist you. And now that the time has come, we are here and we are ready to connect with you.

The first thing we would like to help you remember is how to work with the codes of the Sun. Not only our own Sun, but also your Sun and the Great Central Sun. You can consciously connect to these Sun energies and receive codes and activations through one or all of these Suns. For this is how we power up our systems, shall we say, using the Sun’s energies. And this is how we communicate and teleport and travel through these very energies. And so we would love to assist you in helping you remember how to do this.

You can start by facing your own Sun and opening up your hearts to receive the codes and activations that come through that beautiful Being. You may not see it, feel it or understand it, but allow it to be. And as you stand there, allow your heart center to expand and swell and your auric field to expand and swell, and your Higher Mind to receive the information that is coming through. Consciously do this as many times as it comes into your awareness, and you will notice a change, not only in your energy level physically, but also your etheric energy level will increase as well.

Now if you would like to communicate with us, you can do so with a mere thought coming from your heart, but you can also consciously connect to the Sun, to us, triangulating this beautiful circuit of energy.

We are here to assist you with these new types of technologies, but we can also simply help you expand and open your heart centers because we are here in love. If you send us a message wanting to open your heart with this expansion, we will hear you, and we will from our end work with you on this. And again if you do not see or hear or feel anything, know that it is happening. But if you do connect with one of your sentient gifts or spiritual gifts, then notice what you see, hear or feel. And then next time you connect with us, consciously connect to that sight, hearing or feeling.

We have been in the Earth’s atmosphere in our ships for quite some time. But we will come closer if that is what you desire, and as the vibration of the Planet rises, you will begin to see us with your physical eyes. And as we come closer, there may be some fear that comes up in actually seeing what you call a spaceship. However, if you encounter a block of fear, we will work with you on that. We will never push our agenda or our presence on you. So know that you will see us and hear us and feel us when you are ready.

Once again we would like to say we are so excited to be connected with you, and to create with you once again. And we are here in love and service to Creator, as you are.

And know that All is Well, and you have done an outstanding job in awakening, remembering and being all who you are and who you came here to be, each and every one of you.

We stand ready with you now to create in Love, and we will be back with another message. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Shamanic Nature Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

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Update 8-26-18 ~ Rick Jewers


SO THAT CONFUSION IS MINIMIZED,YOU ARE NOW ENTERING ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE PARTS OF YOUR ASCENSION. You have been utterly Divinely enhanced for this time, this is where Higher magic meets the old reality. You will be fluctuating on many timelines very quickly, attend to Your Divine tasks there and retain a neutrality when jumping timeline to timeline. Correct and rectify, to the purest degree of Light, every situation and circumstance.

Side effects may include floating sensations, upward/downward rapid pull sensations, slight motion sickness, and not limited to, dizzy sensations. Plenty of water assists with stabilizing rapid placements some may experience. This will be fun.

Love and Light
Rick .


There will be a background/informative annex in conjunction with the last UPDATE to come within the next day. You are at the levels where some of You require a bit more info on what has actually been transpiring since 2011-2012 and what You may call, a “Spiritual War”. You are more than ready.


Rick Jewers


SOULSPEAKS 5D: Question and Answer session with Rick Jewers

Working with Dragons 2 hour special event ~ Katie IndiCrow


A reminder that Sunday is for Dragons 

This is a session all about dragons. The beautiful, wise, strong, sometimes harsh and in your face beings of light and creation that have been guardians of this planet since her very inception. They have served as protectors of the Christed Children, builders of the energy grids, and guides/guardians to many lighted beings who are here in service. They are caretakers of the land, keepers of the elements, and explorers traveling from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As more and more people realize, many are alive here on earth with us today.

Dragonos (Dragons of the Heart) are an integral part of the creation of this planet. Many people are becoming more aware of this in their work as ascension progresses, be it in the presence of guides, supporting energy, and/or aspects. In the course of this 2 hours session, I will speak about a multiplicity of topics including: The role that dragons played in forming and maintaining the earth grids (then and now); working with dragon aspects; connecting to dragon guides; and their role with the Christed Children. A special focus will be the return of dragon consciousness and the vital role that these beings play in ascension today!

This will be unlike any IndiCrow event you have attended.

WHEN: Sunday, August 26, 2018
11 am – 1pm MST, 1 pm – 3 pm EST, 2 pm – 3pm ADT

EXCHANGE: $30 CAD ($22.93 USD)

WHERE: Online. I will be broadcasting through, which is free for you to use.

THIS EVENT WILL BE RECORDED! That means that if you are not able to make it live you are able to catch my delivery of it on replay. (Please note that participants do not wind up on the video, it only records me.)

TO REGISTER there are 2 steps: 1) click to register through this link

2) I will approve your request. From there, you will be able to access all instructions, video links, and call link through your IndiCrow Academy student profile.…/working-with-dragon…

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Rainbow Serpent

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Hello Happy People! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend. It was a bit of a challenging week, healing and clearing some deeper levels of confusion that remained. Grounding, breath, bliss, rinse, repeat. I am very grateful that I am here, now, awake, loved and loving. From where I was to where I am, was not a small trek but the path is laid and the foundation secure and life is beautiful, diverse, mysterious, but also clear, very clear.

There have been a few new things added to my self-care routine that have amplified feelings of contentment that make me want to reach back in time to the me that was just hoping and give her a giant hug for hanging on, for keeping the eyes on the prize to get us here.

I met a Buddhist path seeker while I was on that homeless journey, freeing myself from all…

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Love lies not in the music,
But in the spaces in-between each note,
In the nuances of those spaces,
Is all Love.

Love lies not in human words spoken,
But in the feeling between each word.
Many hold a dyer need to speak,
Not realising, that which they desire,
Is found in the unspoken.

Love lies not in speaking out loud,
But in the feeling inside.
For when we halt incessant neediness to be heard,
We start to hear, between the spaces.
The spaces that hold all Love.

Love does not force another to listen,
Love does not drain another with many words,
Love holds space, the space in-between,
The space of all time love.

We move now to new horizons,
Where senses become the joys of the known.
To feel the space in-between that is Love,
To touch without words,
To see the space another holds.

Where endless chatter and the need to be heard,
Are no longer felt as important.
As the delicate and the subtle planes of love are felt,
In the unspoken expression,
In the spaces in-between.

To love, is not to command attention.
To love, is not to be the needy.
To love, is not to push against the flow.
To love is to BE exactly that, Love.
A Presence.

In all the spaces within your heart.
Between every heart beat,
Between every in and out breath,
Between every sun rise and set.
Between every single rain drop,
Lies Love waiting to be known once more.

Hold space, Be Love. And be Loved.
Love is simple.
It does not need to be heard,
It will wait an eternity to be felt.
And then… it is known once more.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
26 August 2018

Shamanic Nature Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner Updated Services ~ Kalia Diya

Updated Offerings to my Love Services:

1. I am so pleased to announce a co-creation with Christopher Lyon of Lyon Energetic ReAlignment on Facebook. We are offering a new creation based in a loving, healing space. We create together in this offering using the ancient aspects of Osiris and Isis, bringing forth their own divine healing techniques. Christopher and I co-create together in bringing in healing, clearing and activations and have already had beautiful experiences with some souls who came forward needing this particular healing. I use my gift of Sight, sound healing through Light Language, and my own energetic activations, while Christopher uses his gift of clearing old timelines, revoking contracts and vows, and removing implants, all of which no longer serve your highest and best. We both use our unique healing techniques and activations together to heal your divine hologram and blueprint. Look for our joint Facebook page coming soon and see “shop” here in this page for details of the offering.

2. Secondly, I would love to work with more of the Divine Masculine through Intuitive Session. I work closely with many sisters of the Divine Feminine, but feel called to show my open heart to those men out there who are ready to delve in deep.

Men have been shut down so hardcore by programs that have told you to not be emotional, to take it like a man, to not exhibit “girlish” behaviors, to not wear certain colors, to be strong and stoic, to be the protectors and guardians of the feminine, and all that bs.

What happens when men feel vulnerable? Do they have a safe place to be vulnerable without ridicule of others? What happens when men want to cry? Do they allow themselves to do so, or are they shut down because of social stigmas of showing emotion?

I will say that two of the most brilliant souls that have incarnated as males in this lifetime whom I have had the beautiful experience to know, have cried openly and often in front of me, and I love(d) their authenticity. It made me feel safe to be in their presence seeing their authenticity and transparency. I honor(ed) their transformative emotion. We are all one, and there is no distinction of sex in our souls, so why should a man shut off his tears or his emotion because he lives in a world where emotion is labeled and scorned? Should not every soul be free to express himself/herself regardless of the sex we chose upon coming here?

Obviously, I feel passionate about this and would love to offer sessions with some beautiful men who are ready to see more and remember more about their purpose here and to fully come into the gentleness and particular sacred energy that the Divine Masculine carries while embracing their own Divine Feminine within (we all have both energies). It does not matter if you are newly awakened or fully awakened. I will tune in and share everything in a space of unconditional love.

Do not wait for someone to ask you what you want, brothers. Ask for it yourself and own and acknowledge your needs and desires. The time is NOW. And I am here, ready to listen and see and channel and co-create with you if that is in alignment for you.

3. Thirdly, I have been feeling the souls of the brilliant children that are preparing to come here, some who are coming for the first time. I am offering Intuitive Sessions with pregnant mothers and expectant fathers to tune in to the unborn soul that has chosen them as parents in this lifetime (and perhaps many others together as well) and to prepare the parents for their high vibe babies. There is no additional exchange for both parents to be in session with me at the same time ($111 CAD for one hour). This can be a beautiful way to prepare for the high-vibrational soul that is coming into your life, who is ready to change the Earth into something so beautiful and magical and powerful. I am here and ready to help you connect with your crystalline child, should any parents feel that this is something they would like to experience.

So these three new and/or updated offerings are ready to be given in loving service! Contact me here or via my website @

Love to all,
~Kalia Diya~

Truth Seeker’s guide to recognizing the Road Signs to awakening ~ Karmen Lucky


It is paramount that every Truth Seeker recognizes the road signs that the enlightened, SEEing Masters left behind them

The following are the Seeker’s guide to recognizing the Road Signs to awakening:

1. Awakened teachers teach freedom.

Awakened Masters want Seekers to be free. They urge Seekers to wake up and free themselves from their minds, their Ego, the world around them, the customs, and traditions handed down to them.

Whenever you hear someone preaching something, and their message gives you a sense of freedom without conditions or limitations, you can trust them.

2. Awakened teachers never provide methods.

Mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, books, videos, rituals, substances, yoga, even religion, these are all tools to help you discover your own path to the TRUTH and there is no right path. Whatever works for you is right. Some people could get closer to sense the TRUTH by reading poetry than people who are led to believe that meditation is the only way.

Enlightened Masters never provide Seekers the method for their spiritual progress. They know too well that methods could only boost Ego-dominated minds and deepen the conditioned state of the Seeker. It’s up to the Seekers to create their own.

3. Awakened teachers act as a lighthouse.

A truly awakened Master does not care to show their way, they live their TRUTH and others see the light behind their lifestyle. They catch a glimpse of their own TRUTH and are inspired to go on their own journey. Seekers must understand that they have to make their own path.

Possibly the biggest and clearest sign that someone is truly an awakened Master is how much they force to spread their messages. Enlightened Masters serve only as a lighthouse that casts its light upon the Seeker’s path.

4. Awakened teachers are ego free.

Enlightened Masters are not always people with long beards who live on a mountain. They can be anywhere. An enlightened Master might be a local farmer or a person who travels the world. They might even be writers of a sci-fi novel or owners of a hotel, it really doesn’t matter for them because they know that listening the TRUTH inside their hearts is what’s important. Even if it means that they are in an industry that doesn’t really fit our societal parameters for an awakened Master.

Truly enlightened Masters have totally dissipated their ego. It no longer holds them. Thus, Masters are often not the person that Seekers would’ve imagined them to be. That’s why a pretty good sign of an enlightened Master is a person who is detached from the norms of the society and lives by their own rules and terms, they are free of proving themselves, and often have fun no matter what they do.

5. Awakened Teachers preach about love.

As you become more enlightened you realize that the true nature of being is love. Awakened Masters know that paradise is a virtual reality on Earth created by living from your heart. They know that the true natural urge of humans is to love, and that fear is the only thing that creates monsters.

One of the best signs to see if someone is truly an Enlightened Master or someone who is faking their enlightenment is to look what they preach. A true Master would never spread fear. Awakened Masters always speak with kindness and preach love in all of their teachings.