Its time to go Home

“All I can do” ~ Redwolf

All I can do”


Photo by Alex Grey


Traveling the road of Melancholy.

Each step, the same as the last.

Round and round in circles,

Same Shit Different Day,

As the time slowly Passes.

Day by day, on my knees and praying,

For something to change,

Something to arrive,

Something to fill my Soul,

Something to make me feel alive.


I close my eyes and drift away,

From this prison reality.

To one that fills me up inside,

With Joy and Harmony.

To feel the love surrounding me,

That was always meant to be.

Please let me stay here forever,

And never go back to what use to be,

In the prison reality.

I beg you please…

Don’t make me go back.

Let me live in this world of my dreams.

A life that I deserve,

The one my soul calls out to,

Of  love, joy and peace.

Tell me what I have  to do,

Tell me what the price is.

I would give anything to stay.

All I want is this dream. This bliss,

And for it to never fade away.


I am NOT going back,

I would rather die.

I deserve so much more than this prison.

I deserve the love I seek,

And the life  of my dreams.

I guess now, all I can do,

Is go within.

All I can do is surrender.

All I can do is face my fears.

All I can do is trust,

And believe.



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