Its time to go Home



LOVE will wait an eternity, for the linear mind to quieten, amidst the distractions within it’s self created illusion of reality.

LOVE does not ask, it does not seek, it does not need. For these are aspects experienced only within the linear mind.

The linear MIND will force onto others, and force onto itself. It will say “Do this” and “Do that”. It will say “What if…”. And all the while LOVE will wait patiently.

The MIND will think it knows best, better than all others, thinking it has all ‘right’ answers. And all the while LOVE waits patiently. Love allows each their OWN experience, knowing all are purposely different facets of GOD. All experiences lead to Source. For ALL are Source.

Ascension is not a journey of the MIND and the knowledge the MIND obtains. It is a journey OUT of the containment the MIND creates, whilst playing in the illusion. The MIND will question, find answers, yet the last answer is never enough. Always another question, and another, until the LOWER HUMAN sees through the infinite questions the MIND will present. The HUMAN BEING knows subconsciously all answers are NEVER found. For the ANSWER is not a question or an answer. And all the while, LOVE waits patiently.

In order to effect an elevation in consciousness, the ascending human experiencing via the lower consciousness will let go of the linear MIND. Let go of the thoughts, words, and linear languages that IN TRUTH contain lower conscious experience to it’s lower conscious state. Eventually letting go of the ego that thinks it is ‘right’. Let go of the desire to force itself or force itself onto others.

Ascension is not via thinking. It’s via energetic vibration of the highest obtainable vibration sustained…LOVE. Ascension is not thought into being. It’s a natural flow achieved via energetic gateways opening when the sustained frequency of LOVE is experienced. It is a natural flow through the heart portal. That flow is only possible when resistance ceases. The resistance being the MIND’s insistence to think, talk, write, read, be right (ego), be a ruler of itself or others (ego).

Ascension IS the ASCENSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS STATE. And this can not be thought into BEing. It occurs via the letting go of all lower consciousness a bit at a time. Including thoughts and the need to speak those linear thoughts out into the illusion we have been contained in.

The MIND is the initiate of ascension. It allows for self exploration. It allows truths to come forth at perfect timing. Whilst it serves us to question our reality and ourselves, it is ALSO the very THING each ascending being (consciousness) will let go of. For we do not function in the same way of ‘thinking’ or the old capacity of thinking, at the higher consciousness levels we transcend into.

1 Corinthians 13:11-13
11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.
13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

I do not follow a particular man made faith or religion. But part of the above words were spoken to me from within, with a higher understanding explained, hidden within these words. Prior to a LOWER consciousness dissolving, thereafter the human then experiences as the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS outside of the LOWER illusion…the human will set aside all things of distraction. The last of these things to ‘put away’ or let go of, give up, is their very own human thought system. They will put down their books, their words, their thoughts, all their tools, all these toys are distractions that contain their own consciousness WITHIN the light Programme they agreed to enter and experience by. To set aside thoughts and words in order to exit the illusion and experience as a consciousness OUTSIDE of the illusion. The MIND and it’s Light Programme is the LAST ‘thing’ they set aside, freeing the MIND’s hold over them. Freeing them of the light Programme they agreed to partake in. Thus allowing their individualised ascension out of the confinement of LOWER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Whilst I share the quote I was given, I could just as easily relate here to the path of any Buddhist…where SILENCE is understood as key to enlightenment. Where everything is seen as a distraction, including thoughts. Last year I spent time with a friend who is on the Buddhist path. I am not, and know virtually nothing of Buddhism, yet I resonate to many of the quotes. I asked her why Buddhist teachers never mention Galactic, Star Nations…the answer was that, that too was a distraction. At the time my ego felt that was a little convenient. Now, a year further along the path, I fully understand from within my own Self. To ascend, in human form, we will FINALLY at right time for each, let go of ALL outer attachments, because ONE IS ONE. The final transcendence is personal, individual and is between YOU and GOD/SOURCE. So we let go of all things, all distractions…to become ONE. This does not mean we do not resonate to aspects of ourselves, but that we are NOT reliant on ANYTHING except our own Self for it is ONLY our own Self that is responsible for our OWN ascension. It’s an inside job.

Ascending the containment of the human lower MIND is not possible via ANYTHING or ANY TOOL or ANYONE or ANY NON-HUMAN BEING outside of you in your OWN self created experience. It is a process each go through internally. Where the MIND plays it’s part in assisting the human to more knowledge. Yet in the final ‘hours’…the MIND and it’s THOUGHT SYSTEM is the very thing that the human will choose to let go of entirely for LOWER MIND does not operate at higher consciousness experiential levels. Letting go of the MIND does not mean we will go crazy (a linear idea), it means we allow ourselves, CHOOSE to become FREE. Free of all illusion. Free to ascend, having made the conscious choice to LET GO.

Even as I share this, it elates me that it is everyone’s personal choice, what they choose that COUNTS. Not what I say or others say. But what resonates to each precious, honoured, seen, facet of God.

We let go from a place of pure LOVE within our heart space, not from a place of MIND and thinking it so. Love does not have ANY need to push itself onto YOU or ANY OTHER. Love is Patient. For only LOVE, the highest frequency ascends us. Love equals Love.

Amanda Lorence
25 August 2018

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