Its time to go Home

Rock Bottom ~ Judith Kusel


We all hit rock bottom sometimes.
There is a hidden blessing in hitting rock bottom, for the only way you can now go: – is up!
There are moments when we are brought to a halt, by sudden illness, or something happening in our lives: There-in lie hidden blessings too, for most often those moments come to bring us back on track where we have veered off course.
Moments come when we are simply forced to rest, to pause, as everything readjusts itself, and we are gathering new forces, new strength, new impetus for the soul journey ahead.
Welcome every single experience as it comes. Within each lies a hidden blessings, which you might not realise right now, but will be grateful for, with hindsight.
Such is the blessing of each experience the journey of the life brings, and every single moment and every experience is in truth a blessing.
(Judith Kusel)

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