Its time to go Home

Aligned with our GodSelf ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


When aligned with our GodSelf
we know everything is always working out for us
in perfect accordance with the divine plan,
there is no need to worry about the world around us
for it too is working out in its own perfection
according to the divine plan.

The purpose of this world
has always been to expand your GodSelf
where love and joy are at the root of life,
and you are meant to create the reality you choose
rather than scuffling around in other’s realities
that were never yours to begin with.

Go where your heart calls,
create anew for the joy it brings
do what your passion is guiding you to do
knowing that you are opening new portals
of Love and Joy for yourself and humanity
and the world will follow in the Light of your footsteps.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”

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