Its time to go Home

SURRENDER ~ Judith Kusel


I see you struggling through life, often not knowing where the next step will lead.
I see that often you feel lost, alone and somehow lost at sea.
In truth you can never be so lost that the Divine cannot find you nor hear your prayers. In truth, when you cannot see for seeing you tend to get panicky and then get yourself more and more tangled up and more and more into a mess.
The minute you call in Divine Help, the angels, archangels etc. SURRENDER, and let go. While you are still struggling, they cannot untangle you.
Working with the Sea Rescue Unit here I was made aware of the fact that most people when they get caught in a rip tide, tend to panic, struggle, and try to swim against the tide. The struggling is what drowns them, for they expend too much energy. If they had just managed to keep calm, and would allow the tide to take them out to sea, the Sea Rescue can come and help, or they will get washed out somewhere else.
The same applies to life.
The more you struggle, the more you tend to drown.
Let go and let the Divine step in.
Yet, know when the Divine steps in, your life is going to change – and you will have to be willing to make those changes towards a more soul empowered you.
(Judith Kusel)

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