Its time to go Home


August 29, 2018


I sit with Creator and I see that All is Well.

I see those who are drawn to the Light and who are creating with that Light. And I see those of the Light who are transmuting the darkness.

I see that there is no right or wrong, and I see All That Is.

I see those who have remained aligned to their truth, neutral and balanced, holding love and compassion for those would who wish to fight against them.

I see those who would wish to fight and they are only fighting themselves, and I would long for all to be aligned to Love NOW.

And I say to those who are fighting a war inside of themselves, creating a war outside of themselves: NOW is the time to cease. I say: NOW is the time for all to be illuminated by the highest truth and the greatest good of all.

I speak truth into every aspect, timeline and reality, illumined by the power of Source.

I speak truth so that every bit of darkness be revealed now, once and for all, and that all shall come to the Light.
I hold love and compassion for all, both who are in Light and in darkness.

And I say now, the Truth once again shall prevail, and that those who would wish to fight against the Truth and against those who hold it deep within will now be stopped; that their very voices be mute, that they can only speak words of truth and love.

I see energies and words being reversed and transmuted back into Love, and that the slander, deceit and confusion has ceased now.

I say to the Children of Light: walk in your power, hold your truth, speak the Love and have boundaries which are aligned to Love, which will empower you to come into All that you are and All That Is.

H’namah e’shi nini kho’moiyi eh kah’li kah’li. Ah’lach e’lah shi’nek kah’mi naeni k’ni wiish dah kahlech eh’dii koowhi yeh. Ah’kah’mi nae kah’mi nae ach’ah shi ni manae k’laich mah’nooshi’n naek’hani. Wha’kah mani’nish ahnai oohkha’ni kha’ni ooh kha’mamii kah’noieh. Ohmah k’nesh ahnhi kha nahka’moh shi’naih lach ah’li lech wo’biae wohmish’ah ni niih. Aih’khamomiih kahni’nesh ahnanech’ioowiyae. Wahk’hi nae kooh’mii ahmahk’hneshi’niae Kho’moiyaeh.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Truth.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Light.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Oneness of All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Unity, the Peace, the Compassion and Harmony that all are created to BE.

I NOW DECLARE: That All are to be Creators, simply creating that which is of Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That all that is not aligned to Love fall away.

I NOW DECLARE: That new creations are beginning, new expansions, new growth, new timelines, new realities are created in the Here and Now.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the New Reality and that all is well.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Truth is Love and that the Truth is Light, and that the Truth shall reign over all.

It is Done.
~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Shamanic Nature Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands
Divine Trinity Healing Channeling & Activation

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