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Courage Little One ~ Judith Kusel


Courage Little One.
Sometimes you struggle.
Sometimes life seems to be in a kind of limbo.
Sometimes you just don’t know.
Other times life seems to soar and fly and brings those surges of joy, happiness, and contentment effortlessly.
Sometimes you just know, with the deep inner knowing which is transcendental.
Sometimes there is a deep yearning for something you cannot define. It is there, deep inside you, and it cannot be put into words. It goes beyond that, into the depths of your heart and soul.
Worry not, Little One.
Don’t fret.
Don’t struggle.
If you look at the vastness of the ocean, every single drop of water within it, has to surrender to flow. It IS the flow. It cannot be separated from the greater ocean, for every single drop within the ocean counts, and is part of the greater whole.
The same counts for you.
Your soul is so Precious to the Divine, within the greater Cosmic Seas and flows, that the Divine has placed you exactly where you should be, in this moment of time.
Within that greatness, you shine where you are, and even if you seem to be in limbo sometimes, you are at the resting point between the inflow-and-outflow, the breath-between-the-breath, where in truth a whole new life is gestating.
Don’t try to force the flow.
Don’t struggle against it.
Rather allow.
Before you know it, the surges will come, the changes, and there you are, once again soaring and flying and surfing the waves.
Rest in the knowing, that within this Greater Cosmic Ocean and flow, you can never get lost, nor can you ever not be totally loved by the Divine and the Greater Whole.
Each single drop is loved, and each single drop is unique, and loved beyond measure.
You are Precious.
You are Loved.
You are being blessed in ways you cannot even imagine.
Eternal Love embraces you – unconditionally.
Just allow yourself to be held by the Greater Whole and surrender to the Greater Flow.
All is well.
Judith Kusel

Schumann resonances ~ 9-29-18

shm (1).jpg

Illusions ~ Redwolf


Painting by Salvador Dali 1941


It’s interesting to look back at the illusions you’ve broken through. How you got into it in the first place…well you know how…but wonder, WHY did I allow it. WHY did I blind myself with something that seems so obvious NOW. WHY am I continuing this loop, and how do I break this fucking hamster wheel and stop spinning round and round, getting nowhere. All the what’s, where’s, why’s and How’s of it all. Feeling every emotion again and again, feeling your heart break over and over.

When you first realize the loop, you question yourself. You bash yourself, saying how can I be so fucking stupid. It takes a long time to get it out of your mind…if ever. Time and time again the cycle continues, and eventually you become numb to it. You’re not surprised anymore that its happening. And finally, you just “accept” it, that it’s your burden, and you don’t deserve any better, and just struggle through it making it the best you can.

Then one day it just hits you. You look back with different eyes. Your thought process is different. Your reaction is now different. What has happened? You were just on the hamster wheel. You realize that throughout the cycle, you finally build up self-worth. Even through the pain you started loving yourself more, because you saw that you DO deserve the best. Because you DO Deserver your dreams. And you see that throughout it all, you never stopped chasing “The Dream”. You never stopped knowing and wanting that one specific thing for this life. You realize that each experience that you went through was a lesson to get you to the final goal. And when you look at it through different eyes, you don’t feel the same reaction. Your emotions from it are different. You don’t completely break down into a puddled mess. You’ve finally learned to let it all go. To not beat yourself up because of it, but to say, I forgive you, and I love you. Thank you for the lesson. And you move forward with your dream, still holding it in your heart. Knowing now that you’ve followed your heart, even through all the illusions. Now having the true faith that there will be a moment, when it is no longer an illusion, but it will be your existence and truth.  And finally, you are proud of yourself, for never giving up on that dream. And now know that your heart is opening fully to what will truly be.

Never give up on your true dreams



Veils of illusion ~ Judith Kusel


When the veils of illusion lift, and we finally see clearly, we can see the soul of the Beloved – in its highest soul truth.
When such moments dawn, gratitude wells, up, and with it a deep appreciation of the Soul, in all its soul expressions, and the way it is fulfilling its soul purpose and mission on planet earth.
It is when the higher perspective comes to the fore, the bird’s eye-view, that one sees clearly and authentically.
The rest is illusion.
I had an incident a few months ago, when I was given information which had me reeling. Sometimes people mean well, and then just do things, without seeking the soul’s permission, in this case my own. I was reading what was being said about a soul I know, and have known for many lifetimes, which for a moment put me off kilter.
Yet, the Divine will always assist you to see clearly, if you ask for guidance and that the veils of illusion be lifted, so that you can see and recognise the truth.
The first came from inner guidance, leading me back to clear seeing. The second through a dear and trusted friend, reaching out, and bringing me back to the inner soul self and its true knowing and seeing. The third came, when I least expected it, via an intense Divine revelation, and seeing how the soul in question has taken on immense challenges in this lifetime, and others, and that often others cannot recognise this, when they are not tuned into the higher and correct frequency band, on which the higher evolved souls operate at SOUL level.
If one asks for the highest truth to be revealed and for confirmation, it will always come from three independent sources. It will always bring the clear picture, the higher view, and with it, the heart centre will open up. One will have tears of recognition and gratitude. Indeed, one will communicate love and gratitude to the soul in question, as the one sees the calibre of soul, through Divine Eyes, and not human eyes.
To me, this was another lesson, that one cannot judge.
The old polarity thinking and acting and being, is disintegrating. The 5D and higher TRANSCENDS that.
The Higher Soul Self, directly linked the Divine, and through the Higher Guides, will always show the truth in all its splendour.
It is up to us, at soul level, to always question when something is given to us, which just does not FEEL right deep within us. Our intuition will always pull us back into clear-seeing, clear-knowing, clear-hearing.
When one sees with eyes of the Divine, one can only see with the Eyes of pure unconditional love.
Let those who understand – understand.
(Judith Kusel)

Eagles ~ Judith Kusel


Eagles mate for life.
When they wish to mate, they both soar and fly, higher and higher, doing the eagle mating dance.
Then something profound happens: The female eagle will fly higher than the male, and then will fold her wings, and free-fall. He will open his wings wide, as wide as he can, and catch her. That is trust!
Then the reverse happens: He flies higher, and free-falls, and she spreads her wings as wide as she can, and catches him!
Perhaps we human beings can find wisdom by learning from the eagles.
(Judith Kusel)

Embodiment II: Creator Conduit & New Earth Realms ~ Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We now embrace Divine Self-Realization as our collective Wayshowership.

Embodiment is the ability to experience the reconnection to Pure Source consciousness in the denser experience of a physical body. This anchors unconditional love and a higher dimensional experience into these lower realms. By experiencing our Multidimensional Self in the illusion of duality, we transform the entire structure of lower realities and open the Gateways to brand new experiences across all densities and dimensions.

An Insight on the New Earth Realm from Gaia

Let me pause to share a message on the New Earth I received during the Equinox Gateway. With so much closure, completion, and timeline drop off occurring, with the old platform gone and the new barely stabilized, we have been clearing Galactic-level stories as well as our planetary-based timelines.

During a particularly profound moment on the mountain, I asked how much of the old stories must be surrendered in order to experience New Earth realm, which so many have seen in visions and parallel/future experiences. I wasn’t expecting to hear from Gaia herself, however she was very clear. Her answer was instant and direct:

The realms which we have created are of pure consciousness. The New Earth realm allows creations to manifest and dissolve with the same ease. There is no duality, no akashic to clear or maintain, no karma. We designed it to hold no stories. It is a brand new realm which continues to evolve and expand as the Universal Ascension unfolds.

With this message came the download of what that creation is like. Creations bubble up from Zero Point and sink – unmanifest – just as easily. Nothing *sticks* or causes disharmony – and if it does, it is released without retribution.

To feel it is to feel Divine Unconditional Love in action; the purified realm that we are anchoring in our hearts right now (hence the bliss, peace and loss of gravity/no-time sensations we experience.)

Previous messages have mentioned that we are being trained for that during this phase of energetic shifts and time collapse. Creations begin, dissolve, we move on, we must learn to be in the Zero Point without attachment. Many of us don’t remember little (or big) details day to day. We forgive, forget … we don’t carry the weight of the past.

Especially with the latest influx of DNA activation and Source reunification; Everything is Now, neutral, Divine, Unconditional Love. Even things that would look or feel good/bad to the lower linear Self.

I see how limited some definitions of New Earth have been, because they are stagnant, set in stone, which is not the New Earth dynamic. That realm – which already exists – is continuously evolving, accommodating the Universal rewrite, the Galactic rewrites, and of course the Solar event which changes our SUN and planetary relationships.

We have heard that what is occurring here with our Ascension is getting *milked for all it’s worth* by many realms, because we are interconnected. Because it is US, and Source. Because, as Gaia said, it is the realm which WE have created. She refers to all of us as Universal Creators of project Ascension.

As Masters of our own story and the collective unfoldment of Ascension, this is a powerful rewriting phase for the Light Tribe. The more we become conduits of this new realm of pure consciousness, in this grounded Now state, the easier we may co-create the consciousness-shifting moments for all concerned.

Embodiment: Becoming the Stargate Conduit

The catalyst for Divine revelation is Pure Positive Photonic Light, which is a living consciousness. This Pure Living Light activates the embodiment of our True Self within our own hearts. We realize our inner Universe, our heart center becomes our Great Central SUN. A fractalized representation of the multiverse, in form. Brilliant.

Our conversation over the years has included many Gateways and Cosmic Triggers. The experience of Source-as-Self is becoming a powerful, active experience in the High-Vibe Tribe. We now merge in a consistent interaction with the cosmic flows of Light coming through the SUN and stargates, both within and without – internal and external unification.

That realization in itself is beautiful, because it demonstrates the Gatekeeper experience; the knowing, feeling awareness of our interdimensional connection via the solar consciousness. The Solar links between SUNs, stargates, and the Solar Cosmic Christ stargate within the heart center become self-evident.

As we anchor this realization and pure light into the collective, we disperse those activations, experiences and awareness out through the HUman heart grid, which acts as the collective stargate grid for all willing ascending hearts.

These radiantly pure diamond-crystalline-photonic frequencies are here to stay. Drink them in, let the bliss rewrite your consciousness.

Stability and Balance

Wayshowers anchor the new experience as first embodiers. This is an act of service, as it assists with stability. This is why I AM creating a Wayshower Empowerment class right now – the shift in our skills and services is upon us. The expansion within our own fields are a reflection of the expansion of Gaia; they are reciprocal. Elementals are easily influenced by the collective emotional field, as are our brothers and siSTARs.

Nothing will look or feel the same on this planet as Ascension unfolds. Let her shift, open, redirect, cleanse as needed. Remember Gaia’s message from 2012: *Don’t weep over my casket, it’s a birth not a funeral.*  Support this global process as a peaceful midwife. Attempting to restrain a birth is dangerous for both Mother and Child. The same applies to your own journey; resisting change becomes very uncomfortable.

Anxieties may be relieved by holding a clear, peaceful, grateful, loving container for the higher light and the Ascension experience to flow through. Breathe. Be the balance. When activation energies hit the physical, do everything to raise your vibration and take care. Low-vibe coping habits do not assist the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies in leveling up. Plus, they hold us back as a collective. The trigger events are dependent on us; think global, act local. Everyone makes a difference, and you have more influence the stronger your light becomes.

The Embodiment phase demonstrates our foundation of Unconditional Love and Divine Service. We reclaim our spiritual inheritance and gain the cosmic perspective of Love, Faith and Dedication.

Shifting to the Last Quarter of 2018

Equinox and the Full Moon brought simultaneous ending and beginnings. This year has contained many collective tipping points for timeline drop-offs, unified choices and higher trajectories.

The most significant in the last quarter:
– Shift to a collective higher trajectory end of May
– Organic repositioning of Solaris (end of July)
– Removal of inorganic timeline implants and their source (July)
– Opening of the Infinity Gates (Gateway purification, end of August)
– Dissolvement of inorganic timelines which anchored looping programs, karma, control of the akashic. (Equinox)
– Migration of all willing hearts to the organic Primary Ascension timelines. (September) Ongoing.

Notable Effects on our Ascension:

– Open access to the Multidimensional Self as the Diamond-Crystalline-Solar heart purifies. Ascension column brightens, strengthens, unifies across dimensional layers and parallel realities.
– Activation of Crystalline *rainbow bridge* DNA.
– Rewiring of the brain, energy fields and body to accommodate higher, stronger positively-charged photonic light influxes. The body can adjust to be a better conduit, if you assist.
– A new phase of co-creative contact with our star families and higher/future versions of self (multidimensional self)
– Experiencing Source as Self as a consistent integrated experience. Profound insights, peace and bliss.
– Migration of realities quickens. More revelation, more clearing, increased ability of unified ability to override/dissolve miscreations and distortions.

Kindwhile, take care of those bodies, Beloveds. These are strong, vital light influxes. Earthing, hydration, meditation and movement – especially for those experiencing the brain rewiring. It’s not just headaches and head-ringing, it’s affecting the whole system. Detox, move, get in the SUN, on the Earth and in the water, and circulate the new light often. Meditate to calm your body and mind, and assist the pineal in adjusting to the next level of visions.

More in Part Three of this Embodiment series. What a fascinating phase of our Ascension this is. We walk through these Gateways together, Beloveds. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Stay pure, true and kind.

In Love, Light and Service,


Sandra Walter


Schumann resonances ~ 9-28-18


Love, Life and Ethics

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Sometimes I just don’t know how to relate to other people. Language is such a cumbersome communication tool. If everyone could just be as awesome as my dog. I jest. But you get my meaning. Or don’t. Cause language.

I’ve been thinking about evolution. Thinking about our human condition and the history of everything. Trying to find the sweet spot. The forgiveness and grace that will lead back around to connection. The sense of abandonment sucks ass.

Spiritually speaking, I’m on Rockstar mode. Things are moving right along, clearing and healing shit probably isn’t even mine to clear and heal. For who? For what? Because it always circles back to the obvious. The choices that were made to ensure some sense of balance, to shake the bonds of materialism only to find it is too much for most to bear.

I woke up this morning, seeing so precisely the contents…

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Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 9-27-18

More amazing posts from Elizabeth!


The only thing you actually deserve is that which you absolutely love.

If someone was constantly hitting their hand with a hammer, it would be clear that they were insane. Yet that’s what the vast majority of us are doing, all the time.

The letting go process is a total surrender. As long as we hold out hope for ONE thing that’s impermanent, or if we let go only to get something, that won’t work. Letting go can feel like death, until we realize we’re only letting go of poison – the things that make us suffer.

Until we finally let go of all hope in the impermanent and realize it will always eventually let us down, we’ll never awaken to the infinite life force energy within, which never lets us down.

Underneath All the programmed beliefs And conditioned responses It becomes clear Who and what You genuinely align with.





What is the point of arguing with life as it is?

The ego replies, “Yeah, but if I stop resisting the way things are, change will never happen, things will stay the same, or get worse…”

You see, the ego does not understand the ancient mysteries of change and healing. It truly believes – in relationships, in your career, in life decisions, in global matters – that peace can only come through war, that real change can only happen through hating where we are and desperately wanting to be somewhere else.

Here is the paradox of change. When we tire of the internal violence, when we are no longer at war with the way things are now, when we no longer argue with the present scene in the movie of our lives, we come to rest. And then, from a place of rest and a deep connection to the ground of Now, new vistas open up, hitherto unexplored possibilities reveal themselves. New connections are made, new solutions emerge. From a place of equanimity and acceptance, things that seemed certain are now not so certain, blocks are no longer blocks, old futures begin to collapse and new futures become possible. Energies that seemed intolerable a moment ago are now allowed in, allowed to move, to express and release their creativity and healing power. Because our eyes are open, new details are apparent in the present scene, details that we had become blind to, in our rush to “a better future”.

From a place of peace, we can more easily take the next step. And sometimes the next step means taking no step at all, but falling deeply in love with where we are. This is NOT the same as giving up. This is not passivity or toleration of the ‘negative’. This is not the same as abandoning all hope of a better future. There is no abandonment here. This is not stagnation. This is not weakness. This is true courage. The willingness to slow down, be present, drink in all the richness – the joy and the sorrow, the doubt and the creativity – of the present scene.

The movie has not been written yet; it writes itself as we go along. And in resisting the present scene, you are actually resisting the entire movie. Resistance can only breed resistance.

Sometimes, the point of arguing with life, is to get you to a point where you are tired of arguing with life. And then you sink deeply into the present moment, resting in its embrace, trusting the way of things, accepting your own imperfections. And then everything seems possible, and everything feels alive as you feel alive, and fearless, and real change can come. Perhaps slowly, perhaps in a great tidal wave. But you are no longer pushing for it. You are letting it happen. You are aligned at last, no longer part of the problem, but already an expression of the solution.

Sometimes you need to stop trying to change the moment, for the moment to change….

…all by itself.

~Jeff Foster

Sacred Dreams

Someday ~ Tyler Kent White


Someday someone will love every inch of you.

The fading sunset behind your eyes, the moonlight that dances through your hair.

The sadness nestled in the creases of your palms.

They are going to kiss all the parts you have kept hidden away and tell you how beautiful it all is.

Someday someone is going to say, ‘I love all of you, not just the parts that make sense, not just the parts you have shown me. I love the parts of you that I don’t yet understand, the parts that weigh on your shoulders, the parts I only notice when I steal glances at you in silence.’

You will need to believe them, to believe that fairytales were not written for princesses in glass slippers, that they were written for women who have collected all the pieces of a broken heart and can’t stand to put it together again. But most of all, you will need to believe that they were written for you.

Someday someone will come to you with a happily ever after promise and slide it over your finger.

Someday you’ll realize you are not the lucky one, you are the deserving one. Someday you are going to take someone’s breath away.

Someday you will realize just how stunning you really are, and you will fall to your knees. Just like you’ve made me, so many times before.

Someday, you will find me. Someday, I will find you.~

~Tyler Kent White

Sacred Dreams

The Power of Love is transcendental ~ Judith Kusel


We never know of just how deeply we can love, until we move into the higher states of forgiveness and loving Grace.
We never know how deeply we can love, until we open our hearts and soul up to ever deeper and greater levels of love and being loved.
Within our souls and therefore all its memory banks, there lies a deep inner recognition of this truth. This why humanity has always loved lovers, and the stories of love against all odds, have inspired many generations – some of these, indeed, have become the stuff that legends are made of.
The greatest love, goes hand in hand, with a trust, respect, and a deep appreciation of the other. More than this it is the same outward vision, or where the outward vision enhances the togetherness, which will transcend the rest.
I had to go very deeply into the aspect of Alchemical Union, of the transcendental aspect of such, in the writing of my book on France. Mainly because I knew this was taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools in Southern France, and I was led back to Mary Magdalene time and again.
Information started pouring through me, which I have not found anywhere else, but I know it was transmitted through me, for a much higher reason.
Within, I discovered aspect of Mary Magdalene, which none truly are ever aware of, mainly because of the hype around her, forgetting that she was very much a woman, a soul, having a life experience on earth.
I was taken back to her last living moment on earth, before she was murdered. What I found had me in tears. Not so much, of what happened, but how through it all, her love for the Beloved never wavered, although severely challenged. (There is something profound which happened between the two here, which never has been revealed.)
When I was transmitting that, I was in tears. It is then that I realised that true love, had no time-frame. It did not cease to exist, because of death, but it will run over many lifetimes, and parallel lives and Universes.
Love never ends.
And two souls will always find each other again, through it all.
There is a mystery here, which few dare to delve into, because the Mystery will cleave one open to the core of the soul. It is transcendental.
Few ever have the guts to dive that deeply into a loving relationship, a deep commitment, and more than this a forging together in order to work miracles.
My new book: “True Love and Sacred Sexual Union: An Ode to Love and being Loved” discusses so much of the above, as do my poems. The book that I am now writing, will bring even more understanding, as I delve deeper into what humanity has lost – but now can regain!
The Power of Love is transcendental.
(Judith Kusel)


Schumann resonances ~ 9-27-18

shm (2).jpg

Sound Alchemy with Ani Williams via Sharon Lyn Shepard

I highly recommend taking the time to view this video. I have viewed it several times and each time I have been transformed by the images, music and matras. Since this video is an hour and a half long, it is divided into 7 chapters and can be viewed in parts. I invite you to chant along and see how your state of mind changes or some of your stress dissolves.

In 2012, Ani Williams produced this Sound Alchemy video with film-maker friend Renick Turley. It was filmed at a live presentation in Sedona and includes many informative images, music and mantras and subtitled: Hermetic Sound Science—From Egypt to Modern Sound Healing. You can watch the entire 90-min. DVD for free at this link:

Several years ago, I had my voice analyzed by Ani with personally prescribed tones and mantras which I still use today.
For more information on Sound Alchemy and Voice Analysis:


FB Live with Diana Cooper and Rosemary Stephenson ~ 9-26-18

Hi, I am with Rosemary Stephenson the lady with the wonderful voice and magical crystal bowl player. We are talking about Dragons!! And Rosemary will be singing some of them in. Hope to see you. love Diana😍🦄🦄

Diana Cooper – Angels & Ascension – 2012 – Atlantis – Unicorns

Crow’s Nest with Katie IndiCrow

Can you feel the alchemy taking place within you? ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


Can you feel the alchemy taking place within you?
Galactic Light pouring down upon us
while the dross bubbles up from ages past
swirling around in the crucible of our hearts
transformed by the Grace of Divine Love.

We have set ourselves up so perfectly
to experience all that life has to offer
the good, the bad, and the ugly
all transforming into more Love and more Joy
than our human minds can fathom.

Be gentle with yourself as the cauldron is swirling
surrender to the bigger picture
that is only now coming into view
surrender to your Divinely guided outcome
with the ease and grace pro offered.

Be Gentle
Be Easy
Be Grace
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“message from my inner wisdom”
Sharing is always appreciated
gratitude to the unknown artist

Hindsight is often fore-sight ~ Judith Kusel


Hindsight is often fore-sight.
When we are in the middle of something so intense, that we can only function in that moment, we often can only see the next step opening up, and so often that step, is one of sheer faith.
Hindsight often opens up the view, and AHA! moments bring insight. With insight comes fore-sight, for suddenly one sees clearly and one understands the underlying reasons, the underlying miracles which have unfolded, but in the moment one was blind to it all.
There have always been times when the veils were lifted, and those who were the prophets, the visionaries were allowed to glimpse the higher truths, the higher unfolding of the Divine Masterplan with planet earth, and even beyond that.
At this time, so many who were given the gift of Fore-sight, will find that what they had warned about, had talked about, had made humanity aware of, will start happening.
We have been prepared.
Now is the time for the mass unfolding.
I have spoken.
Judith Kusel

There is a cosmic gathering ~ Judith Kusel


There is a cosmic gathering, a momentous something gathering.
I feel like I am holding my breath.
I was shown Mother Earth, and was reminded of the Called and Chosen. All are called, but few are chosen.
Then I am shown the Firmaments of Heaves, where so much rests upon, but also where a lot of the cosmic happenings are preordained within the framework of the Greater Divine Masterplan.
The Divine Creation is never stagnant, but always in flux, and always renewing and reinventing itself.
Planet earth is reinvented and so is humanity.
When the next happens, it is going to happen with a bang and it will feel all is happening at once.
When the very foundations start shaking, and cracking open, a new dawn breaks for all of us!
Remember this in the next three months.
(Judith Kusel)

Your Dragon Oracle Card for 9-26-18

For Those Who are MEANT to See….


The Pleiades is a Star Cluster of Healing. Between Source and the Pleiades there is a blue etheric rose. It has 33 petals, for 33 is the vibration of the Christ Light.

This Rose is a transformer through which pure Source Healing is downloaded to the Masters of the Pleiades. They pass it at an appropriate frequency to the Angels and the Dragons, who in turn shower it on those who are ready.

These Incredible Seventh-Dimensional Blue Dragons from the Pleiades hold the rose in their hearts and radiate Source Healing. They whirl around us, pouring this blue heart healing into us as soon as they see we are ready. They activate and light up a high frequency blue rose in each of our 12 chakras, preparing our field for the Angels of the Pleiades to connect with us. Even then they will remain with us so that we can easily hold the healing vibration of the blue rose and pass it on to others.

The Blue Dragons from the Pleiades have come to you today to offer you healing by lighting up a blue rose in each of your chakras. Relax and invite them to touch you and accept any energy they bring.

Alternatively, they may have sought YOU to suggest you give beautiful blue Pleiadean healing under the Law of Grace to others. If you wish to do this, tell them that you are ready and they will activate a huge energetic blue rose in your heart so you can direct Source healing to a person or situation.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

What do I want to manifest? ~ Daniel Nielsen


Whenever you are confronted with issues that rob you of your inner peace, ask yourself, “What do I want to manifest?”

Do you want to take the easy way and derail yourself and your future by satisfying your ego? Or do you want to take the higher road, which takes more effort, but gets you what you really need?

Once you know the answer to that, you’re ready to move either backwards, or forwards. And the difference is simply YOU. You see, you can only manifest what is for your highest good based on WHO you are and not WHAT you want!

So, how do you manifest that which serves you best? The answer is wrapped up in integrity. Your CHARACTER needs to match your desires. It’s only when you go within, do the soul work, and surrender your ego-self, that your character paves the way for what you desire. Poor character means ego wins. Good character means love wins. You get to choose which it will be.

~ Daniel Nielsen

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ~ Channeled by Christine Burk & Kathryn E. May


111 Messages in 111 Days: #2 What We Mean When We Say: “Ascension,” “Free Will,” “Lightworker,” “Company of Heaven,” “Channeling,” and “The Event”

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. I’m the host of these messages, although many others will be chiming in to give their heartfelt encouragement along the way. We are excited to reply to Your awe-inspiring efforts with insight and reassurance specific to the next phase of Your personal and planetary Ascension.

Soon, the global threshold You have worked so devotedly to cross will be spanned, forever. The last scraps of the declining system of control and domination will soon give way to what Your inner work is producing: an outer world of harmony, collaboration, wonder and and fun. Your role as a radical eccentric will transform into one who leads through service.

I have often said, “All communication is for union.” So, let’s clarify what we are currently saying when we speak of now-common terms, which have come to hold a wide range of meanings. Words often take on connotations which are not always the original definition. This phenomenon is due both to the creative purpose of words, and the fact that there are those working behind-the-scenes to intentionally skew and even debase the potential of certain creative words.

ASCENSION: For millennia, the inhabitants of Surface Earth have been caught in a descending spiral of energy and experience. It is now the time for that to be reversed, for Earth and all upon her to return to Balance and True reality, which is Love. The transformation occurs within every living Soul on the planet. Inwardly, each and every Soul transforms from the imbalance of negativity into the Balance of Peace, one choice at a time. We call this process Ascension.

FREE WILL: We take this opportunity to reclaim the meaning of Free Will. The current definition was engineered to have You believe that Free Will is Your entitled right to do whatever You please, no matter the consequences. This base manipulation resulted in the epidemic of entitlement Now engulfing Humanity.

Free Will is a gift, a way to experience reality and expand Your creativity. In the Higher Dimensions, we live beyond Free Will, meaning we do not create harm for ourSelves or others. The original intention was for You to enjoy Free Will and transcend, not become ever-mired in imbalance / evil.

LIGHTWORKER: I barely dare clarify this one. It has become a word often supercharged with negativity. But why? Many would say that the word inflicts the prison of duality onto the world by creating “sides” to good and evil / balance and imbalance. Again, this word was intentionally distorted.

In the Higher Realms of the 5th Dimension and above, there are groups of Souls who gather together to learn and prepare for shared goals of experience and impact. A Now well-known example are the Crystal Children. They prepared together in the Heavens then they achieved their intentions through their incarnations. For the Crystal Children, their Mission was to raise the vibration of Earth through their loving ways and gifted expressions.

Lightworkers are one such large group. Lightworkers are advanced Benevolent Souls who gathered in the Higher Dimensions to prepare for one dissuadable purpose: the liberation of Humanity and Surface Earth from a runaway dream of negativity which resulted in the prison Earth has become. These strong system busters have long trained and are Now incarnated in every walk of life and in every culture on Earth. They are You, and You are unstoppable in Your service to free YourSelf and thus Earth. We bow.

COMPANY OF HEAVEN AND COUNCIL OF LIGHT: We have a Father-Mother God who created us and who love us, personally and dearly. Earth is one planet in the Multiverse of Infinite Expanding Creation. You have a Higher Self and a Twin Soul, together as one, the ever-ascended You along with with the Higher Selves of all Your family, friends, co-workers and every other Soul on Earth, together make up the Company of Heaven.

And there are more! Billions of Benevolent Higher Beings from the Angelic Realms and planets and systems you’ve never even heard of, comprise the burgeoning Company of Heaven. When related to Earth, the Company of Heaven is the colossal band of do-gooders who are assisting You in every way in Your Ascension and beyond.

There are many Council’s of Light in the Higher Realms. Here we are referring to the group of Higher Selves, us, who overLight our mighty incarnated Selves, You, to help all to freedom and prosperity, forevermore. It is valuable for You to contemplate that You are not in any way a lesser version of Your Higher Self. You are traversing a difficult reality behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.

CHANNELING: Another hot potato, channeling has also been intentionally convoluted, causing confusion and upset. When we refer to channeling, it is the Innate ability of every incarnated Soul to feel and to talk directly with and hear God, their Higher Self and the Company of Heaven.

Submerged in the dense and devastating drama of Earth, Humans were manipulated physically and spiritually to trade their humanity for the agenda of an oppressive hidden regime by increasingly turning on themselves and each other. No more. That day is done.

You have the ability to feel us and to talk to us and to hear us when we communicate with You. It will restore within You, according to Your Lifeplan and Your embrace of Your Ascension. Do not feel You are remiss or failing in any way if you cannot yet hear us in plain conversation. You will.

Meanwhile, there are Lightworkers, who made it part of their Lifeplan to – after long lifetimes of extensive training – bring through messages from Home, here in the Higher Realms to Surface Earth as part of their service to the freedom of all. These messengers have been some of the most targeted and attacked warriors of Light among You. They have persevered to bring through the words, emanations and energetic transmissions helping billions to Awaken.

The EVENT: The famous Event! Father-Mother God have been pouring increasing Light onto Earth through the Great Central Sun to give the children of Earth the necessary sustenance to turn their inner longings and decisions for Peace and Joy into a worldwide reality.

The return of Earth to a New Golden Era was prophesied long ago, a vow from God to us all that if we embarked upon this dangerous learning of imbalance, no-matter-what, Earth would one day be restored. Today is that day. You are the Ones accomplishing this, with the promised help from God.

The increasing pressure of the incoming Light transducing through You out onto the planet is dispersing everywhere, revealing the distorted nature of what has become of Earth. This gives You the opportunity to see and understand what has really been going on. Your True nature is Goodness, so with this understanding comes the impedous of change, for the better.

The Event is made up of many arising events, such as: the neutralization of the dark cabal; the exposure of the previously-hidden Dark Agenda; the release of universal prosperity through the RV/GCR, the release of New Healing and Energy Technologies, the implementation of NESARA/GESARA and much much more. These events form The Event, converging together to meet the incoming wave of Light sent from God.

There will be a moment, when compression breakthrough is reached and the Light so washes through you all and into Life that it will be impossible for the dark agenda to continue to survive, as they are now.

Particular groups often feel passionate that whatever portion of The Event they are holding the Light for, such as the RV/GCR or the spiritual restoration of Earth is THE monumental driving importance of The Event. How wonderful and all True!

Your Faith is moving the mountains and clearing the skies.

In service alongside You,


Channeled by Christine Burk & Kathryn E. May   
24th September, 2018.

This Story Ends in Glory!


Photo: Angel Orb Magic captured by… Judith Robuliak

Beauty is there within you ~ Judith Kusel


“Your soul is the same. You need to bring that deep creative you to the fore in whatever you choose to do and be from the depths of your heart and soul. Beauty can take many forms and expressions. For instance, you can beautify other peoples’ lives, by inspiring, them, uplifting them. You can bring beauty by being a make-up artist and helping others to bring out their best features, you can be a hair stylist and make beautify them via their hairdo’s. You can be a musician who creates beautiful music or sings or a painter who paints beautiful painting: in whatever way you love to express yourself, and then forget all time when doing just that.
If you look around you and beauty everywhere, you will find it everywhere. It may be there in the smile of child or stranger, in the way a mother hugs a child, in the way a man looks at the woman he loves, and vice versa. It can be in the way someone helps another along the way, simply by holding their hands, or by doing something for them, or just by giving a huge.
It can be in beautiful gardens, in one single flower, in the exquisite beauty and perfection one Rose. It can be in the way a home is designed, or furnished, or in the way, someone dresses, or addresses a crowd. It can be in fashion designs, it can be in a beautiful movie, a book on cannot put down, in a simply thank you from someone…. The list goes on and on…. Every day there is a new dawn of beauty breaking, and when we seek to find beauty, everywhere, it will find us!
Beauty is there within you. When you allow that beauty to express itself, in whatever from, from the depths of your heart, soul and being, you will find that it will be returned to you in ten-thousand ways.
Love is the prerequisite for beauty. When you love what you are doing, you are infusing it with the energy of love, and then that self-same energy will infuse all who encounters what you created. If you hate something, you will bring about the self-same feelings in those who look at the work you rendered. Your heart and soul were absent, and you created mindlessly, but with negative energy running through you with negative thoughts.”
Judith Kusel
Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli


September 25, 2018


Greetings, Beloved Sons and Daughters of Creation.

I stand beside you always, illuminating the truth of the path on which you walk. I am here should any of you wish to connect with me. I am here always and in all ways.

I would like to honor each and every one of you where you are at in this moment. And we, the Hosts of the Heavens, the Angelic Creators, Guides and Beings, honor each and every one of you for the work you have done within. For your own inner work is a reflection of the Cosmos. And if it weren’t for each of you, this Ascension process would not be happening, so we stand here with you now and we honor you.

Now I am here to assist you in your creativity, and to illumine the path before you, to help you remember that you are alchemists, creators, divine beings who can create new and uncharted paths upon which no one has ever walked. I am here to help you remember that creative force within you where you can create whatever it is that you want that is in the highest and best of all.

I am here to help you remember that you can, by Divine alchemy, change that which no longer serves you, that which is no longer useful, into beautiful, useful, powerful Creator Energy.

I am here to remind you that you are all Divine Beings of Light, and that you can all call in Divine Order in every aspect and area of your journey, in every aspect and area of your selves in the here and now.

You can reset yourself. Come to a zero point, and let of what no longer serves you. Let go of your very identities and the things that you held true, and then turn that, alchemize that, into something completely new.

For you have heard this message before: you are I AM, you are embodying your God Self, and this is true, you are indeed.

But some of you need a little reminder that you hold everything within that you need to do this. So if there is anything that is bothering you or upsetting you, take a moment and stop and breathe with me now. Remember, the past is the past. The moment that matters is the NOW. And you can reset everything now so that you can open up new and unexplored potentials in every single area of your life.

Now while it feels more comfortable to hang onto that which you know and are accustomed to, let me remind that it feels so much better to let that go, and to say, “I surrender.” And then to open yourself up to Divine Pure Source Light, Divine Pure Source Possibility, and Divine Pure Source Potential now.

You are the Creators.

As always, I and my Angelic counterparts, stand beside you all the way assisting you and loving you through this Ascension journey. And you are all doing so well. And we want you to know that we are here with you. You are not alone. The new realities, the new everything that you are creating are so immense and so beautiful that it even causes us to sing about you with great joy.

And so we leave you now, and I, Uriel, Archangel of Illumined Light, leave you with this message, but know I stand beside you as always.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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