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Veils of illusion ~ Judith Kusel


When the veils of illusion lift, and we finally see clearly, we can see the soul of the Beloved – in its highest soul truth.
When such moments dawn, gratitude wells, up, and with it a deep appreciation of the Soul, in all its soul expressions, and the way it is fulfilling its soul purpose and mission on planet earth.
It is when the higher perspective comes to the fore, the bird’s eye-view, that one sees clearly and authentically.
The rest is illusion.
I had an incident a few months ago, when I was given information which had me reeling. Sometimes people mean well, and then just do things, without seeking the soul’s permission, in this case my own. I was reading what was being said about a soul I know, and have known for many lifetimes, which for a moment put me off kilter.
Yet, the Divine will always assist you to see clearly, if you ask for guidance and that the veils of illusion be lifted, so that you can see and recognise the truth.
The first came from inner guidance, leading me back to clear seeing. The second through a dear and trusted friend, reaching out, and bringing me back to the inner soul self and its true knowing and seeing. The third came, when I least expected it, via an intense Divine revelation, and seeing how the soul in question has taken on immense challenges in this lifetime, and others, and that often others cannot recognise this, when they are not tuned into the higher and correct frequency band, on which the higher evolved souls operate at SOUL level.
If one asks for the highest truth to be revealed and for confirmation, it will always come from three independent sources. It will always bring the clear picture, the higher view, and with it, the heart centre will open up. One will have tears of recognition and gratitude. Indeed, one will communicate love and gratitude to the soul in question, as the one sees the calibre of soul, through Divine Eyes, and not human eyes.
To me, this was another lesson, that one cannot judge.
The old polarity thinking and acting and being, is disintegrating. The 5D and higher TRANSCENDS that.
The Higher Soul Self, directly linked the Divine, and through the Higher Guides, will always show the truth in all its splendour.
It is up to us, at soul level, to always question when something is given to us, which just does not FEEL right deep within us. Our intuition will always pull us back into clear-seeing, clear-knowing, clear-hearing.
When one sees with eyes of the Divine, one can only see with the Eyes of pure unconditional love.
Let those who understand – understand.
(Judith Kusel)

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