Its time to go Home

Courage Little One ~ Judith Kusel


Courage Little One.
Sometimes you struggle.
Sometimes life seems to be in a kind of limbo.
Sometimes you just don’t know.
Other times life seems to soar and fly and brings those surges of joy, happiness, and contentment effortlessly.
Sometimes you just know, with the deep inner knowing which is transcendental.
Sometimes there is a deep yearning for something you cannot define. It is there, deep inside you, and it cannot be put into words. It goes beyond that, into the depths of your heart and soul.
Worry not, Little One.
Don’t fret.
Don’t struggle.
If you look at the vastness of the ocean, every single drop of water within it, has to surrender to flow. It IS the flow. It cannot be separated from the greater ocean, for every single drop within the ocean counts, and is part of the greater whole.
The same counts for you.
Your soul is so Precious to the Divine, within the greater Cosmic Seas and flows, that the Divine has placed you exactly where you should be, in this moment of time.
Within that greatness, you shine where you are, and even if you seem to be in limbo sometimes, you are at the resting point between the inflow-and-outflow, the breath-between-the-breath, where in truth a whole new life is gestating.
Don’t try to force the flow.
Don’t struggle against it.
Rather allow.
Before you know it, the surges will come, the changes, and there you are, once again soaring and flying and surfing the waves.
Rest in the knowing, that within this Greater Cosmic Ocean and flow, you can never get lost, nor can you ever not be totally loved by the Divine and the Greater Whole.
Each single drop is loved, and each single drop is unique, and loved beyond measure.
You are Precious.
You are Loved.
You are being blessed in ways you cannot even imagine.
Eternal Love embraces you – unconditionally.
Just allow yourself to be held by the Greater Whole and surrender to the Greater Flow.
All is well.
Judith Kusel

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