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Love, Life and Ethics

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Sometimes I just don’t know how to relate to other people. Language is such a cumbersome communication tool. If everyone could just be as awesome as my dog. I jest. But you get my meaning. Or don’t. Cause language.

I’ve been thinking about evolution. Thinking about our human condition and the history of everything. Trying to find the sweet spot. The forgiveness and grace that will lead back around to connection. The sense of abandonment sucks ass.

Spiritually speaking, I’m on Rockstar mode. Things are moving right along, clearing and healing shit probably isn’t even mine to clear and heal. For who? For what? Because it always circles back to the obvious. The choices that were made to ensure some sense of balance, to shake the bonds of materialism only to find it is too much for most to bear.

I woke up this morning, seeing so precisely the contents…

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Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 9-27-18

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The only thing you actually deserve is that which you absolutely love.

If someone was constantly hitting their hand with a hammer, it would be clear that they were insane. Yet that’s what the vast majority of us are doing, all the time.

The letting go process is a total surrender. As long as we hold out hope for ONE thing that’s impermanent, or if we let go only to get something, that won’t work. Letting go can feel like death, until we realize we’re only letting go of poison – the things that make us suffer.

Until we finally let go of all hope in the impermanent and realize it will always eventually let us down, we’ll never awaken to the infinite life force energy within, which never lets us down.

Underneath All the programmed beliefs And conditioned responses It becomes clear Who and what You genuinely align with.





What is the point of arguing with life as it is?

The ego replies, “Yeah, but if I stop resisting the way things are, change will never happen, things will stay the same, or get worse…”

You see, the ego does not understand the ancient mysteries of change and healing. It truly believes – in relationships, in your career, in life decisions, in global matters – that peace can only come through war, that real change can only happen through hating where we are and desperately wanting to be somewhere else.

Here is the paradox of change. When we tire of the internal violence, when we are no longer at war with the way things are now, when we no longer argue with the present scene in the movie of our lives, we come to rest. And then, from a place of rest and a deep connection to the ground of Now, new vistas open up, hitherto unexplored possibilities reveal themselves. New connections are made, new solutions emerge. From a place of equanimity and acceptance, things that seemed certain are now not so certain, blocks are no longer blocks, old futures begin to collapse and new futures become possible. Energies that seemed intolerable a moment ago are now allowed in, allowed to move, to express and release their creativity and healing power. Because our eyes are open, new details are apparent in the present scene, details that we had become blind to, in our rush to “a better future”.

From a place of peace, we can more easily take the next step. And sometimes the next step means taking no step at all, but falling deeply in love with where we are. This is NOT the same as giving up. This is not passivity or toleration of the ‘negative’. This is not the same as abandoning all hope of a better future. There is no abandonment here. This is not stagnation. This is not weakness. This is true courage. The willingness to slow down, be present, drink in all the richness – the joy and the sorrow, the doubt and the creativity – of the present scene.

The movie has not been written yet; it writes itself as we go along. And in resisting the present scene, you are actually resisting the entire movie. Resistance can only breed resistance.

Sometimes, the point of arguing with life, is to get you to a point where you are tired of arguing with life. And then you sink deeply into the present moment, resting in its embrace, trusting the way of things, accepting your own imperfections. And then everything seems possible, and everything feels alive as you feel alive, and fearless, and real change can come. Perhaps slowly, perhaps in a great tidal wave. But you are no longer pushing for it. You are letting it happen. You are aligned at last, no longer part of the problem, but already an expression of the solution.

Sometimes you need to stop trying to change the moment, for the moment to change….

…all by itself.

~Jeff Foster

Sacred Dreams

Someday ~ Tyler Kent White


Someday someone will love every inch of you.

The fading sunset behind your eyes, the moonlight that dances through your hair.

The sadness nestled in the creases of your palms.

They are going to kiss all the parts you have kept hidden away and tell you how beautiful it all is.

Someday someone is going to say, ‘I love all of you, not just the parts that make sense, not just the parts you have shown me. I love the parts of you that I don’t yet understand, the parts that weigh on your shoulders, the parts I only notice when I steal glances at you in silence.’

You will need to believe them, to believe that fairytales were not written for princesses in glass slippers, that they were written for women who have collected all the pieces of a broken heart and can’t stand to put it together again. But most of all, you will need to believe that they were written for you.

Someday someone will come to you with a happily ever after promise and slide it over your finger.

Someday you’ll realize you are not the lucky one, you are the deserving one. Someday you are going to take someone’s breath away.

Someday you will realize just how stunning you really are, and you will fall to your knees. Just like you’ve made me, so many times before.

Someday, you will find me. Someday, I will find you.~

~Tyler Kent White

Sacred Dreams

The Power of Love is transcendental ~ Judith Kusel


We never know of just how deeply we can love, until we move into the higher states of forgiveness and loving Grace.
We never know how deeply we can love, until we open our hearts and soul up to ever deeper and greater levels of love and being loved.
Within our souls and therefore all its memory banks, there lies a deep inner recognition of this truth. This why humanity has always loved lovers, and the stories of love against all odds, have inspired many generations – some of these, indeed, have become the stuff that legends are made of.
The greatest love, goes hand in hand, with a trust, respect, and a deep appreciation of the other. More than this it is the same outward vision, or where the outward vision enhances the togetherness, which will transcend the rest.
I had to go very deeply into the aspect of Alchemical Union, of the transcendental aspect of such, in the writing of my book on France. Mainly because I knew this was taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools in Southern France, and I was led back to Mary Magdalene time and again.
Information started pouring through me, which I have not found anywhere else, but I know it was transmitted through me, for a much higher reason.
Within, I discovered aspect of Mary Magdalene, which none truly are ever aware of, mainly because of the hype around her, forgetting that she was very much a woman, a soul, having a life experience on earth.
I was taken back to her last living moment on earth, before she was murdered. What I found had me in tears. Not so much, of what happened, but how through it all, her love for the Beloved never wavered, although severely challenged. (There is something profound which happened between the two here, which never has been revealed.)
When I was transmitting that, I was in tears. It is then that I realised that true love, had no time-frame. It did not cease to exist, because of death, but it will run over many lifetimes, and parallel lives and Universes.
Love never ends.
And two souls will always find each other again, through it all.
There is a mystery here, which few dare to delve into, because the Mystery will cleave one open to the core of the soul. It is transcendental.
Few ever have the guts to dive that deeply into a loving relationship, a deep commitment, and more than this a forging together in order to work miracles.
My new book: “True Love and Sacred Sexual Union: An Ode to Love and being Loved” discusses so much of the above, as do my poems. The book that I am now writing, will bring even more understanding, as I delve deeper into what humanity has lost – but now can regain!
The Power of Love is transcendental.
(Judith Kusel)


Schumann resonances ~ 9-27-18

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Sound Alchemy with Ani Williams via Sharon Lyn Shepard

I highly recommend taking the time to view this video. I have viewed it several times and each time I have been transformed by the images, music and matras. Since this video is an hour and a half long, it is divided into 7 chapters and can be viewed in parts. I invite you to chant along and see how your state of mind changes or some of your stress dissolves.

In 2012, Ani Williams produced this Sound Alchemy video with film-maker friend Renick Turley. It was filmed at a live presentation in Sedona and includes many informative images, music and mantras and subtitled: Hermetic Sound Science—From Egypt to Modern Sound Healing. You can watch the entire 90-min. DVD for free at this link:

Several years ago, I had my voice analyzed by Ani with personally prescribed tones and mantras which I still use today.
For more information on Sound Alchemy and Voice Analysis: