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Your Dragon Oracle Card for Samhain/Beltane

For those Who are MEANT to See….


Golden Christed Dragons are Fifth-Dimensional dragons with huge golden energy fields. They can access the Christ Light of unconditional love at a ninth-dimensional frequency, which is the highest facet of love energy that is available to us at this time, and pour it into us at the maximum level we can absorb. When we call to them they surround our aura with protective golden light, enabling us to remain fifth-dimensional.

You are blessed to receive/see this card, for the luminous Golden Christed Dragons will automatically flood you with the purest Christ Light. They will pour pure love into your heart centre in order to open it further. Be ready to accept this love and spread it to others.

These Dragons also come to remind you that you have a special connection to the Golden Age of Atlantis. It is time to remember who you truly are. Ask these dragons to help you bring back your gifts and talents in your dream state.

What they give to you, you can pass on to others, so radiate the golden energy of the Christ Light to those with whom you are in contact with today.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper


Crow’s Nest: New Timelines and Dragons ~ Katie IndiCrow


Schumann resonances ~ 10-30-18

shm (2).jpg

GaiaPortal: Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being

Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being.

Blindness is healed.

Inner realms are viewed by many, for the first time.

Standards of living are raised for all.

The Light is pleased

Schumann resonances ~ 10-29-18

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The Fifth Dimensional Base Chakra ~ Tim Whild

Your Dragon Oracle Card for the Full Moon ~ 10-24-18

For those who are MEANT to See….


Air is the Element of Communication and these Fourth-Dimensional Dragons Help us to speak our truth. They also encourage us to breathe properly so that we inhale as much Source Energy as possible.

When Air Dragons puff their energy over a person or situation, they bring new hope and opportunity. We can call on them to exhale over situations to enable resolutions to be taken for the highest good. In their energy fields, they carry the light of higher possibilities for the planet.

Air Dragons suggest you take things lightly, choosing this card indicates you should relax and look at your life from a higher perspective. They also inspire you to communicate honestly but lovingly in a way that calms and soothes  everyone around you and promotes good outcomes. Honest communication will bring pure white light to your aura. When this happens everybody will trust and respect you.

These Blue Air Dragons are supporting you as you rise above your challenges. They will help you find the most tactful and inspirational words when needed and to assist you to stand in your power of integrity.

Breathe Blue and white light into your heart centre, and as an Air Dragon appears in front of you, breathe the light over it. In this way, you are energizing and motivating it so that it will always be connected to you.

It is time to decide on your next step, so be clear about what you really want. Your Air Dragon will accompany you as you fly towards your chosen destination.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

GaiaPortal: Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises

Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises.

Fascinations with soaps is abandoned.

Light fliers arise.

Seminaries reopen.

Placids are called.

The Universals are pleased.

Schumann resonances ~ 10-24-18


Orionids and Full Moon Combo Creates Space for Balancing Relations ~ Katie IndiCrow


Greetings, friends!

I am writing this morning to bring attention to the bands of energy that are being brought forth with the peak of the Orionid meteor shower in compliment with the upcoming full moon. With Venus at play, we are being asked to dig deep in our relational fields to balance the ways with which we relate to ourselves and our peers. This comes down to the very basic interactional level of how we treat one another and allow ourselves to be treated.

This layer of healing is important. So much of our lives are connected to and influenced by our relationships with one another. Friendships, families, our teammates, and the people we work with can bear significant influence on the overall tone of our lives. As we realize through our healing journey, these are the relationships that make our lives tick. They can also be a big part of what we need to shift as we grow.


Our unprocessed emotions can create a veil through which we unknowingly view the world. Left intact, this veiling acts as a filtration system through which we interpret ourselves and our interactions. Though we are most certainly doing the best we can, there are moments where that which we have not yet attended to in our souls history unknowingly (to us) creates openings for further energetic rifting. If we allow ourselves to be led with our fears and/or in patterns that are no longer in alignment, we will create that situation. In short, our beliefs create what is termed in psychology as a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are the masters of our reality.

What is so special about ascension is that how we proceed is up to us. There is no obligation to remain connected to our old narratives. Rather, moments like this where vibrational imbalance is being highlighted by the meteors and moon are powerful opportunities where we may create everything anew. This moon and the shower are asking us to go deep. As we cut into the darkness with our beacons of realness, we are then given the opportunity to do the same old thing (repeat our patterns) or to hike out of the brush cutting a new path.


This can be applied to our own personal timelines as well as to those which we are connected by soul group and various other forms of energetic association. There are rifts that run deep within many of our collectives that influence the context within which we act, as soul groups but also in terms of the overall trajectory of ascension and how the process is being done. I work on these collective timelines as part of my own service. Like personal healing, collective balancing also occurs in layers. Recently, I have been working with the lightworkers collective on teams and interpersonal relationships; integration of divine masculine and feminine; and intergalactic ascension process.

Which types of energy you may work with as part of your embodiment process plays out is in large part determined by your souls’ trajectory and where we are at in alignments with your healing and what is being moved by your collective. It has been a great joy to watch divine masculine balancing manifest all around and through us!


– A pattern that we have experienced before is being brought up. Even if we have analyzed it and done healing work around it. Its repetition can suggest that it is either heavily connected to our soul group trajectory and/or we have another layer of self exploration to engage in.

*NOTE 1: Once you have worked through this pattern as part of your own healing journey, you are not obligated to continue dipping into that collective soul group experience through embodiment of that lower vibrational timeline. Moving forward into creating new forms of relation is a helpful choice.

NOTE 2: As far as I have seen, it is possible to continue experiencing the pattern and creating the new timeline simultaneously. This creates bridges for those who are ready.

– Our imbalances are spotlighted. This could be a seeming manifestation of a worst fear situation or the potential opening of an old wound (why is this happening AGAIN type of scenario.)

– Thoughts and beliefs that we have held before seem to play out in a dual reality scenario where you can feel the energy of the thought or belief pattern as present but are knowingly operating through another version of reality. Do you ever have two videos playing on your web browser at once? You choose the one you want to hear.

– You are having a heightened energetic experience like rushing thoughts or emotions (as I have described in my video ‘the review’ which you can find on my youtube page, IndiCrow Energetics).


These moments where vibrational imbalances and areas where we may invite in growth are highlighted can feel challenging and confusing. After all, they are rooted in the spaces within which we have yet to bring light and compassion and often include the people we love the most. They call upon us to think about the ways that we operate in this world, how that contributes (or does not) to our own personal ascension, and what we must do to remain in flow. This can feel especially challenging when we are working through long-standing personal and/or collective patterns.

As noted, one of the best ways that we can move forward in our journeys is to step out of our older narratives and to begin forging new paths based on love, enjoyment, peace, and being free. Living with the conscious intention to create from your highest vibe potential series of actions is something that each of us can do. Taking the time to say you are sorry, giving yourself the permission to have a great day, and actively ensuring your personal energetic boundaries are all part of this. Being able to recognize an energy thread and whether we are willing to participate in its re-creation or whether we would like to make something new is our freedom of choice and creation.

After all. New Earth is a place created by us, our actions, and experiences. The strength of energetic moments like this current alignment can feel intense and ask us to go deep which can feel uncomfortable. We came here to do this now and you know what?


More updates, soon.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Please note that I have created an open access library of ascension based videos There are videos on everything from what timelines are to dna upgrading to the very basics of what ascension is.

If you are seeking more advanced training and engagement on topics outlined herein such as timelines, creation, soul groups and collective energy shifting, I have a study now offering called ‘Emobidment’ that is available. For more information, click here:

The Power of Love – living a life steeped in love and highest loving service ~ Judith Kusel

Truth within Us ~ Judith Kusel


Life is always bringing us to the truth within us.
When we play the game of pretend, when we live life with masks on, we will find that life strips away the pretence, the masks, when we least expect it.
When we have nothing to hide, we live authentically. All is there open, for all to see: – the shadow and light.
There is not one soul alive on this planet, who does not have a shadow side, as much as a light side. We are all both saints and sinners.
It is embracing the whole – that we become whole.
It is in living the truth – that we become truthful.
Judith Kusel

What You Want to Feel ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have seen enough of the interactions between humans to know what the motivating factor is for most of your connections. You often want to feel appreciated, loved, and even adored by those that you come in contact with, and yet, you are coming in contact with someone else who wants to be appreciated, loved, and possibly even adored. There is a better way to go about interacting with each other.

You want to fill yourselves up with the love that you truly are before you get together with anyone, and even before you have an encounter with a stranger. You want to feel that love flowing through you as much as possible, and you want that love to be coming from within you.

Whether you realize it or not the love that you seek from others, and even the appreciation, and certainly the adoration, is conditional. You want to be able to walk up to the crankiest of people and have that cranky person validate you. You want to be the only one that he or she finds acceptable.

There is a problem, of course, with this approach. You don’t often get what you want from others. So what we recommend is that you write down all of the things that you want to receive from others, and be perfectly honest with yourselves when you make that list. And then ask yourselves how you can find everything that’s on your list within you.

Wherever you need to go with that consciousness of yours, whatever chakras you need to explore, make sure you are willing to give yourselves everything that you have ever asked someone else to give you, and come to your interactions with one another with the intention to give more. Give more praise. Give more appreciation. Be willing to give to the other person not because he or she has met certain conditions, do so because you want to feel it flowing through you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller


Schumann resonances ~ 10-23-18

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Elthor the Dragon via Galaxygirl, October 20th, 2018


It is I, Elthor the dragon. I greet you humanity with a warm fiery breath this day of Gaia’s ascension. For she is ascending daily, hourly. Can you not feel it? Her breath is your breath for you are inextricably linked, of the same matter and thought form of creation. It is time that humanity see this, realize it and own it. Your internal pollution is manifested in Gaia’s waters. Her oceans that are in so desperate need of healing and of renewal. Lightworkers will have assistance from their star brothers and sisters with high tech, but it is you who must start the movement. And many have. We dragons see this. We see the desire and fire in your eyes for a better world and the energies now are supportive of this.

Rise, young one, and let us go on a journey through time and space. For we dragons love to do this with our human friends again. And I say again for it has been extraordinarily long it seems to us since the days of Lumeria, of Mu, of Atlantis when we were friends, comrades. And for those of you who worked with us willingly, joyfully, you feel this. You remember this. Feel my fiery dragon’s breath on your third eye now and remember. Remember those days. For they are returning, they are here now should you wish again to work with us, to fight the darkness with us. There is much to do. There is much dross to clear and rubble to rebuild. Rise up human and claim your power! Claim your divinity! And shine like the god or goddess that you are.

We dragons frequent inner earth for we are compatible with those higher energies and they soothe us. Humanity has forgotten how to be soothed, how to relax, how to be. Come now human on this journey with me through space time. Come to my dragon world of crystals and singing waterfalls. Anchor to Mother Gaia first so you may find your way back easily, and you will realize that there is a roadmap within your third eye that does not easily miss. You are masters at this sort of travel, you have done it many, many times. Now we are off. Hop on my back and fly with me! We see a glowing green wormhole in front and we dive through it without hesitation, for we are dragons! We do not hesitate! And neither should you, oh human, for you are mighty. It is time that you remember this – a deep internal knowing kind of remembering. My dragon breath will help you with this. Should you allow it. There. Better?

We are in a wormhole of electric green light that moves and twists and turns that seems never ending but all is rapid – fast. For we are flying as the time lords fly with great speed and purpose and joy. There is our stop. You see a red planet surrounded by mist with dark towering peaks – not a welcoming place. That is our old home that we have evolved from. Send it love and move on. I show you this human for you must see that all of us have evolved and are evolving. The dragons of yesteryear have transitioned through much. Many have chosen not to transition and they have been left behind, and their anger smolders. Do not be like them. Do not choose to be left behind – it is extremely lonely for them as they are only surrounded by the dark shadows of their own making. You must be careful when connection with the dragons. Not all of us have evolved and have chosen to hold Source light in our eyes. You can always tell the allegiance of a dragon by their eyes, human. Mine are golden. Golden eyed dragons have become aligned with Source. Other eye colors – be wary. Many more of you are trying to connect with us and we see this and it gives us great pleasure and we are keen to connect but be careful. Not all dragons are so friendly and we can be cunning should the need arise. Is my warning heeded? Do not be deceived by a smooth talking dragon, human. Learn to see with your heart space and it will never fail you.

There. We have passed by that dark planet where lost memories turmoil. Send it violet fire and move on. I always enjoy doing this for it keeps me reminded of my path onward ever upwards towards Source – my own personal pledge. Another wormhole now. This one electric blue – ah it is even faster! Suddenly we stop, we have arrived at Elthor’s homeward of dragon lore. It is so good to be back. You see this is the same planet template but the redness and swirling smoke are gone. The black peaks are now emerald green. You, human, may perceive these colors as neon but they are normal to us, as an ascended dragon collective. Flowers and waterfalls dot every triangle peak and there are great elevation changes on this rocky terrain.

Ah, my family is here to greet us. We are many. You are welcomed. Come into the fold. We fly up higher towards my home. We are on a rocky mountain peak and on the top are meadows, green grass, many creatures who live in harmony with us. It is a dragon paradise. We have created this over eons with our intentions, with our purpose, with our breath, those of us who renounced the old ways of the dark and chose the light of Source. See? We all have golden eyes. There, I believe my lesson has been learned. Come with me human now. Walk with us all to the golden crystal cavern to the right. It is a healing place, a chamber of sorts, depending on your size. Enter the crystal cave. See the crystal stalactites and stalagmites surrounding you and the clear green blue water. Gently get in the warm water and float awhile and listen to the crystals sing their welcome. Become one with the water, with the energy, with the vibration here. For it is a high vibration and it will sooth your frazzled nerves. Claim the ascension energy here for your own healing. The crystals and elementals here offer it to you freely with great joy for they long to serve humanity in some way with Gaia’s ascension. The entire multiverse knows of your quest to ascend within the physical. Quite a feat. No wonder you are weary, you transmuters of old, warriors in small human flesh. You are mightier than your form. Please remember your dragon self, your archangel self, for some of you, and be the dragon warrior, be your divine self that you are. I, Elthor, will step outside the crystal cave now and let you soak in the neon light of transmutation and transcendence.

Come out when you are ready.
This is a place of no time and of no hurry.
We just are.
Let the crystals take the pain away from your body.
Float in a sea of light and warm water.
Come here as often as you like.
You know the way and are welcome…

I am Elthor the dragon. This is my family of light. I see you human in your states of readiness and unreadiness and I see with my heart space and my golden eyes of all seeing Source that you are ready! You have arrived at a place of higher knowing, higher seeing, higher understanding, higher being. You are what you are. Come out of the water now when you are ready and walk into the sunlight. The elementals greet you now blowing flower petals in the wind. The crystals sing and the tone realigns you. My hatchlings run up in greeting. You may say “Hello!” of course. They are most eager to see the subject of their dad’s stories up close. For you are a funny form to them. Can you hear them asking me where are your wings? They are inside you! The human was born to fly through spirit and to dream dreams worthy of many books.

I am Elthor the Dragon. Linger with my family and when you are ready hop on my back and we will ride through the electric blue wormhole towards your current home of Gaia. Remember human. You have been many things. You have lived many places. You have seen many worlds and now this one is in need of you. Do not focus on your loneness for when you connect within you will realize that you are home wherever you are. Realize this truth. There! All better? I deposited you where I found you with love and great care.

I am Elthor the Dragon. I depart in peace and in victory. Now spread peace and victory wherever you go and live your life in such a way that you will happily retell the tale to your hatchlings on your Nova Gaia for eons to come. And be assured they will want to listen. For when you discover all that you have been doing with us in your night sleep you will be amazed and want to retell the stories just for the sheer joy and wonder of it. You are mighty creatures. Be mighty. Live mightily. I am Elthor the Dragon!

~ galaxygirl


Schumann resonances ~ 10-22-18

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Divine Self selfing

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Where spirituality meets the modern world is just about the most confusing place to look at there ever was. We are living in a quantum world now and the difference between those who know that, those who understand how to be that and those who are completely unaware of what I’m speaking of, is quite astonishing. It is quite literally watching evolution in progress.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of intelligence as of late. How intelligence is affected by both karma and trauma. Where genetics and instinct fit in here is also quite interesting. The weirdest thing, if you step back some, observe from a non-immersed place is how all these things played out in the life you’ve been living.

Some days it simply amazes me that people have survived at all, other days I gape in amazement at what humans can do. Trying to release the grip of…

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Knocknashee – “Sacred Hill of the Fairies” ~ Gareth Wray Photography


Knocknashee – “Sacred Hill of the Fairies”

Ox Mountains, County Sligo, Ireland

Knocknashee ‘Hill of the Fairies’ is one of Ireland’s largest Bronze Age fortified hilltop forts stretching 700×320 meters across this table-top mountain plateau. Being one of Ireland’s seven most sacred hills, its name comes from the Irish words “knock” (cnoc) meaning “hill” and “shee” meaning “fairy” 🧚‍♀️

Knocknashee Hill is a sacred site for Fairies & for those of us who worship or believe in them. It has been a pilgrimage area for thousands of years. If there is anywhere in Ireland to possibly sight fairies, then this is your best location. A little odd fact about this hill is that it has absolutely no heather growing on it? unlike any other hills in the area that are totally covered in heather.

It consists of 2 large stone cairns (tombs) & the remains of up to 60 circular stone houses. There is also a large stone wall surrounding the entire enclosure. Can you just imagine how it was possibly living inside one of these small stone huts on top of this mountain next to these tombs almost 5000 years ago! My brain aches just trying to even understand it all? Some folk may easily laugh at the idea of Fairies & Spirits etc but one thing for sure….. Our our ancestors were no fools & were very intelligent people. You can clearly see this by the stunning monuments they left behind that still have us gazing in awe today. They certainly didn’t go through this type of effort in construction, worship & ritual for thousands of years ‘simply on a whim’. There are more to these sacred areas that meets the eye & I hope that someday soon the answers will be revealed 🙏

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The new is dawning ~ Judith Kusel


We are moving into a massive opening up of the energy fields, as the new dawn arises in the next few weeks.
It is disintegrating and dispersing the old, the worn, that which no longer is serving the greater Good, the greater Whole, and that which then, has done its part.
What has become redundant, will disappear from your life, and from the collective as well, to the each one’s measure. Not all souls are on the same par, or level.
Some souls carry the rest of humanity through this all. They have done this for many lifetimes, and have incarnated once more to carry on the work and bring it into fulfilment. They are not the unconscious masses, but rather the conscious few.
Every soul has a vital part to play, but most never become conscious of this fact. They do not know why they are on planet earth, nor wither they are going to. They are like sheep following blindly, yet even a sheep has its purpose in the greater whole.
Such is the portend of this time.
The new is dawning.
Arise and shine.
(Judith Kusel)

Help Is Coming ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We tend to affect you in the precise way that you need and in the precise moment as well. We are able to detect what each individual who will receive these transmissions needs, and then we are able to deliver. We are encoding the messages. Therefore, even if you listen, or read, but do not understand, you still receive the benefit. Now, we are able to do this because we have your permission.

And so, just imagine how much help you are receiving from your spirit guides. Your spirit guides have nothing else to do but to tend to your every need. And imagine how much help you are receiving from your Oversoul, the part of you that exists in a higher dimension and has extended its consciousness into the fourth dimension. There is help coming to you from so many angles, and it’s coming to you in every moment of every day.

Now, you might wonder why your lives are not perfect by your definition if what we are saying is true. Well, you have the option of receiving, or not, what you are being given. Even if it is already in your energy field, you can still have it not affect you without the allowing in of that help. Now, how do you allow it in?

Well, first of all, you acknowledge that the help is always there. So you eliminate the feeling of longing for something that is out of reach. Just let go of that idea and those feelings, and then you focus on being open. Focus on what you can feel yourself receiving energetically. Let it in through the easiest portal that you can find. Whether it’s the heart, or the crown, or even the third eye really depends on you as individuals. And then know that the help you’ve been seeking has been received.

When you are grateful for everything that is coming to you and everything that has already come to you, you open yourselves up to so much more. So be sure to practice being in gratitude and appreciation, and give thanks, not because it’s polite, and not because we need to be thanked, but to acknowledge that you are in fact receiving everything that you’ve asked for and more.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Photo by: Karin Miller

Purchase The Arcturian Council’s book, Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension, on amazon here:…


Schumann resonances ~ 10-21-18

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Love for our own Clay ~ Ara Campbell


“Maybe it is only after great separation and longing that we are able to fully see and appreciate.
Maybe that’s why the lovers clay is divided.

Maybe in finding that individual perspective separate of the other, in becoming whole into one’s own truth and loving the very fabric of one’s own being we become all that we need. We learn the lessons necessary to become the truest versions of ourselves.

In that moment of seeing our own truth and brilliance we are able to recognize at long last the clay form of the other and are able fully open to them in a powerful, soul deep homecoming.

In this total love for our own clay, even in the depths of our loneliness, at long last we can clearly see. When we shine in our own light we draw to us the other.

But how would we have ever known the path if not for the longing of loneliness deep within?

Nothing about twin souls is taking the easy journey but about a spirit deep song that pulls you from somewhere beyond the horizon; it’s the beacon you can’t explain or ignore.”

~Ara Campbell

art: Tomasz Alen Kopera

Sacred Dreams

Message from Light Beings from Telos (10/17/18) | Galaxygirl

Light Beings from Telos 10/17/18

We are the light beings from the city of Telos. We send our message and frequencies of deep healing to surface humanity now. We welcome you to breathe in this deep healing pulse we are sending from Telos to you now. We are many. We have seen millennea of changes on your surface world and are pleased to be able to offer our assistance for your healing and reunification towards oneness.

Telos is a vast bustling city. We love our city. We protect and defend against discordant energies. Much discord appears to be playing out on your surface world in this Now moment of great change and upheaval. All is not lost. This is simply the birthing process of a new thing, a new time, a new way. The way is love. The Mother’s breath – pulse – is coming, and we want to extend our friendship to the human population of surface Earth this day. For much is needed and we see healing as the greatest need at this time. We see fear disappearing like smoke in the wind, transmuted by the light of the sun. We see children safe and free playing outside in the elements unhindered once again. We see adults talking and laughing without suspicion or fear. We see families working less, with more joy and time to explore their inner divinity and creative prowess. We see music as light language humming through the elemental kingdom. We see the water singing, purified, glorified, once again able to sustain the oceanic kingdom with grace and ease and joy. We see many things, for we see many realities simultaneously.

When the galactic pulse comes, and it is on its way most assuredly, all will change in the blink of an eye. More light more love, more joy will be the new modus operandi. For that will simply be the energies that will be supportive of this worldwide upliftment. A new encodement, a new matrix – for the old has disintegrated and the new will be the breath of God, the breath of union, of joy, of oneness. A matrix no longer but a structure of light built on light and love – an impenetrable fortress of light, unbreakable and impervious to discordant energies. This is what we have been able to attain and create within your earthen sphere, right under your feet. We are happy to share and lend our big blue hands with your small white, brown and all in between colored hands, for color does not matter. For soon you will see this most clearly how color is perhaps one of the greatest lies of the dark. When your third eyes are opened you will see the true colors, the true auras of those around you, and you will naturally gravitate towards those of the light. But after the wave comes all will be lighter. Many will be confused, unsure. We will be there to help just as you who read and type, these words, or words like this. Those who channel, who create, who compose, who are the bridge of these energies are the anchor of this entire project. For the project needed an anchor, and you grounded awakened ones, new Gaians, we call you, are this anchor.

We light beings of Telos send our friendly greetings, our healing pulse, our encouragement and our friendship. We shall meet soon. We are the light beings of Telos.

~ galaxygirl


Galactic, Ancestral & Humanity Healing ~ Manifestions of the 5th World ~ Rebecca Rose Barfoot

To move into the Fifth Dimension is to move beyond right and wrong, judgment and harm. There is only Creation and We, All and One, return to Creation. Let the tenderness of the Mother prevail.”


I received the following transmission in channel a few late nights ago. Background first though.

I work with an energy transfer process, given by the Arcturians for Ascension.  [Noted as ETR in the transmission below.] It removes contracts, implants, programming – predicated on sovereign free will and permission – basically restoring a life form to zero point.  My work in the human realm expanded a couple months ago to include off-planet beings from many different dimensions.  They started showing up in my remote healing sessions en masse, asking for the energy transfer. 

So I began.  (Who could resist?)  I love them all; they are family.  I’ve seen some awful arrivals; war victims, hybrid projects, beings who’ve never had free will, small beings squishy like plasma, animal-looking beings I can’t recognize from a known reference point, Lyrans, light orbs and on and on.  I don’t pretend to understand it all and I could spend several lifetime receiving downloads in channel from them.  And I do love learning from them!

No matter the details, galactic things are happening here.  It’s very moving and many of them come back to help me, help others, or thank me (never needed, always touching, ever humbling).  And btw, there’s tons of multi-dimensional beings helping oversee.  We are fully protected.  (Yes, I was alarmed when I saw my first reptilian.  But no one can get past security who isn’t there to serve the Light.  I mean that.)  I am just the human Starseed transmitting this, guiding the process in 3d.  Remember, this is given by the Arcturians. 

More recently, I am being visited by enormous fields of children – toddlers and infants – who have been killed in elite rituals involving pedophilia and mass human sacrifice.  

Yes. At first this was difficult.  But the light that comes pouring in – and likewise the light language transmissions that come through me after these ETR sessions with them.  (Wow.)  It leaves me in a heap on the floor, transformed in all the best ways myself, angels and light all around, heartmind receiving one word, seraphim, over and over.  

 Back to this elegant transmission though, which really helped me understand the wider arc of Ascension and our own humanity.  Together in the spiral of the cosmic hoop, the web of creation and co-creation, we are never separate and forever held.

Transmission note: The “you” referenced below is plural, meaning all of us, whatever we’re engaged in that brings light.  It means you. 



“You are clearing personal and generational trauma from (your) bloodlines as you do this work. As individuals come to you for the ETR, the ancestral realms also become white-lighted with healing frequencies. So it is that you favorably influence timelines, forwards and back. Future children will also be healed.

As you work with children who were victims of pedophilia, tortured beyond recognition and brutalized beyond life – and as you love them – you begin to clear aspects of geneology in which “you” were also the perpetrator. Remember this is but a fragment of long hidden history and you are part of the intergalactic movement bringing it to Light. 

Contained in this message is the teaching that as you heal what you regard as “Other”, you heal the wounds of mass Separation Consciousness within yourself. So we show you more lessons in non-duality and the ancient future of Unity Consciousness. 

In terms of Polarity – and in terms we prefer not to use – the wicked are arriving for redemption. We urge you to see the most wicked as infants themselves. This is not biblical but you understand the reference. It is only a reference. 

To move into the Fifth Dimension is to move beyond right and wrong, judgment and harm. There is only Creation and We, All and One, return to Creation. Let the tenderness of the Mother prevail. 

The ETR is one way to move back into the sacred spiral. The long forgetting has ended. 

Remember, the ETR is premised on Ascension. It is designed for individuals and in each individual is the liberation of the whole. You and all beings equally are coded in your DNA structure as pure light, pure Consciousness. 

In limitless space, the tormentors and the helpless become inseparable. In timeless time we all restore to the Zero Point Field of Eternity’s Creation.

We speak to you from the realm beyond form where we, as you, are the Many, the None and the One. We bring you this news from the Fifth World. Adieu.”


Postscript:  I am now working with other (humans) to bring this healing work out into the realm/s beyond form.  If you are interested in how you can help or are moved to assist, please contact me.  We are growing in numbers and like I said, I don’t do this work alone and its not about me.  It’s all about We.  Towards the unveiling of the Fifth World already in us, in Unity, Rebecca

If you are interested in learning more about the ETR or receiving it yourself, click here.

Rebecca Rose Barfoot

Energy Intuitive ~ Seer ~ Channel