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November 30, 2018


Today I channeled the Archangels and Elementals, and the frequencies were so high my body was vibrating and while channeling, I was completely transported to their energetic space. It must have been a very high level dimension because I lost all sense of time and space and I felt some of the highest frequencies I have ever experienced since reincarnating here.

I saw from their perspective how they view Gaia and all of us. And when they were describing our souls as light and rainbows, I saw how brilliant the light was. When your light is as bright as the souls I saw while in their dimension, there is no doubt that anything of a lower vibration cannot even come near your space. Anything of a lower frequency would be literally blinded.

And when they spoke of Beings in other dimensions being able to follow the Light back to Source, I was shown that the Light within All has created new cosmic, new quantum pathways for any being to follow, where before those pathways were not connected even though they are and always have been graphed into the Divine Cosmic Blueprint. Think of it as a new divine infrastructure, for that is exactly what it is. The love has compounded and it is like a sacred geometric symbol that just keeps growing and multiplying into something so vast and so beautiful it is astounding. It is also likened neuropathways being reconnected in a giant Cosmic Consciousness, which looked similar to our physical brains. The Cosmic Consciousness was already there, but the love has made new reconnections, new creations.

Every single word they spoke is coded, and while the words may sound familiar, they are activations in themselves. Read them slowly and allow the Love to come in to your soul.

I cannot put into words the purity of the Archangels and the Elementals and their incredibly high energy. It was amazing for me to experience this. I don’t always preface a channeling with my own experience; however, this energy, this love, is meant to be shared.

I am urged to share this song with you as well:

Much love,
Kalia Diya


“Greetings, Children of Light and HUmans.

We come in great joy to you today, and bring with us a powerful wave of love, of clarity and of truth.

We would like to thank you for remembering Who you are, for remembering your I AM presence, and for BEing the Godselves you came here to be. Because of you and many others in other realms and dimensions, and because we all work together in the spirit of Unity and Oneness, we are here in great joy to tell you how much your planet has lit up since you awakened.

We are here to tell you that we see great sparkles of a myriad of colors of Light, and we see each soul as an immense beacon of Light. We see each soul as a rainbow. We see each soul as a star, and it is stunningly beautiful.

For all of you who come together as One create such an incredible, beautiful show of Light, that it beams across the Universe into the next and the next and the next. And many beings from other places are coming to the Light because of your bright souls. They can follow the path of Light back to Source now. None are lost and all are given the opportunity to come into the Light.

We are creating our magic from where we are, and you are creating the magic from where you are, and TOGETHER the magic is so immense and powerful that it cannot be stopped, nor shall it ever be. For the Great Act has begun and the Great Act continues. And the Great Act shall reach its climax of infinite bliss and beauty, and then continue infinitely. And this is why we are so delighted to be reunited with you once again, and to be creating this incredible, this powerful, and this divine Lightshow that can be seen.

We ask each of you to continue to let go of all fear. For when you let go of fear, you come into your I AM presence, you come into your prowess, you come into your Sovereignty more fully than you have ever known before.

And this is why you came here, and this is why we are with you now: to re-create something so incredibly beautiful, so infinitely vast, and so amazingly brilliant that NOW new eons are being formed, new timelines have been secured, and new realities are set in place, and new universes are being born. And within those universes, there are planets, new plant types, new beings of all kinds, new crystals, new frequencies and new everything.

And we bow our heads in honor to you for you have done it. And it is only beginning, dear Children, dear HUmans. It is only just begun. And it will get ever more glorious and ever more beautiful and ever more infinite.

For all of you have been born with the Gift of Knowing, the Gift of Creatorship, and the Gift of the Divine that you carry within your very bodies. We as well have been created with all these Divine Gifts, and we are here to unite with you once again, and to say “thank you.” You cannot fathom how deep our joy is to be creating with you once again.

And so we leave you now with that magical thought, with that limitless reality, and with that brilliant explosion of Love from Source.

That is all.”

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
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Collective Crazies

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Knee deep in some of the ugliest clearings ever. The elephant in the room is stampeding, starting shit on fire, using piss water to put out those fires, and still… so many people wondering why those of us who can see the elephant don’t go get some heavy duty psych meds and shut the fuck up already.

I’ve tried the psych med route, tried it for nearly 20 years, maybe more. It never made that elephant disappear just let me know that everyone else thought the problem was me so I better… I better…. I better.


Same shit, different set of newbs.

As complicated as we can make the stories, they are also very, very simple. Do unto others… means absolutely nothing to most. And not always, in fact not usually, because people are cold-hearted unevolved meanie butts. It’s usually because they are deeply wounded, afraid or confused. They…

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Schumann resonances ~ 11-29-18

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GaiaPortal: Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all


Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all.

Abundance protocols have established.

Flamboyants are exposed and dissolved from the tomes.

Messengers of the Galactics are heard.


Elohim Energy
November 25, 2018


Greetings, Beautiful Children of Creation.

We are with you today, bringing in a loving, peaceful and calm message for your hearts, and we invite you to open that space now and feel the love that is being shared with you now.

Your journey is largely one of trust and faith, but know that in those moments where you see, feel and hear that those moments are real, and those will become more apparent the more that you clear the density and the fears and the programming that you carry within you. And we honor you, Children of Creation, for the constant work that you are doing.

And we want you to know that we and many, many others are always standing beside you. And we speak of faith and trust, and this is important in this moment. For we see there are many who are going through periods of intensity, periods of where you can see more dark than light. But know that this is being revealed by your Self so that YOU can become empowered and so that you can clear everything that is no longer useful for you. And so when we ask you to have faith and trust, know that is a powerful key, a powerful clue, in moving forward.

Even in those moments where you may not feel that there is anything to trust about, know that by putting yourself in that vibration, in that frequency, that you are embodying your GodSelves to move into a different vibration to enable yourselves to become fully One with All That Is.

We urge you to trust and to believe. And if you can’t do that, then simply ask for help in seeing your true Selves, in knowing your true Selves, and embodying your true Selves, which is One with All That Is, which is the Oneness with Creator. For if you would all, each and every one of you, understand how powerful you are, it would change the way you look at everything. It would change the way you feel about everything. It would change the way you do everything. For are you not here to simply be creator, to simply be the embodiment of your pure soul energy?

Let everything melt away, your cares, your worries and your fears. Release them now. Clear them now. And breathe. And KNOW that you are what is needed. Your BEing-ness is Divine. Your BEing-ness is creation. And your BEing-ness is changing the world upon which you walk.

As always, we hold you in love and honor. And trust that what we see is the Truth of All That Is. For Creator has made everything beautiful and perfect from the moment of creation. There is no need to strive, no need to do. You are perfect from the moment you were created. And you are a spark of the Divine, and the Divine is perfect.

And we want you to see how that circle expands, and see the pureness and oneness of it and All That Is.

We leave you with the greatest blessings of love from our very BEings and from Creator.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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Schumann resonances ~ 11-25-18

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Innocence is so rare and sacred but our beautiful loving Souls are now being deeply rewarded with Higher Octave Energy from The Great Central Sun..this Energy will not only have us Rising into The Higher Realms, it will bring further Enlightenment into our Mindsets..WE ARE SO MAGNIFICENT AND IT’S TIME TO RECOGNIZE JUST HOW INCREDIBLE WE ARE..the majority of us have lived our Lives without nurturing, without love and now Source is Saturating our minds and hearts with Love from a much Higher Vibration of Cellular Sacredness..I am deeply Aware of the Peace that Resides Within and as this intoxicating Energy further brings Newness to my mind and heart I am Rejoicing silently..I sense great Change at hand..may We all be Blessed with our new Lives of love and service to Mankind..Peace Will Prevail..acceptance of this recent tiredness is crucial to our Process, so much is taking place internally to have our bodies prepared for our pending Newness, simply go with the Flow, honour your Souls at all not struggle Dear Hearts..Restitution will have us all Renewed..

Personal Prayer is very much needed at this certain time..I really can’t say enough about this sacred Tool that has the Power to bring regular Sacred Solutions into our Lives..I channel Higher Truth every day yet I am highly dependent on Prayer in my Life..praying for the Highest Good of others, praying for the Highest Good for Myself, praying for certain situations as they happen in my Life and the Lives of others or certain World’s a busy time for Prayer Dear Hearts..let’s give support to one another..lift up the Souls of our Brothers and SiStars, We are here to Unite as One, let’s remember our Destination as Service Souls here to help Raise the Consciousness of Mankind..we are each involved with our own Soul Families but the Day will Come when We Unite as One all over the Planet..this day of Sacred Truth will Change the Destination of Mankind Forever..forever may we feel for our Brothers and SiStars without hesitation..

This Long and Winding Road of Ascension brings with it a clear Revival of certain Principles, the Soul is presently in deep Recognition of Source and the mind and heart is processing Ancient Transcripts from The Great Central Sun hence this incredible tiredness..please know and understand that this unusual tiredness is for our higher benefit of reaching The Higher Realm Mindset of is absolutely vital for our daily Lives to function as a Higher Realm Soul in Service for Source..we are being soothed internally unbeknown to our conscious mind..our resistance will definitely bring delays so honour your Souls, nurture yourselves and trust the Process..Peace will definitely serve us..our appetites are still being affected by this incredible energy but I am being assured we will return shortly to our usual habits where food is usual discipline has certainly been affected and am looking forward to Newness..

We are on the cusp of Knowing Higher Truth, our Souls are being so perfectly Nurtured from Within..know in your hearts that the Sacred Soul will Reign..We Will be Walking this Planet with incredible Confidence..our hearts will indeed be singing..our Chakras are spinning rapidly as our Energy Fields continue to Expand..we are reaching into the Cosmos Dear Souls, picture this and hold the Vision, it is indeed Miraculous..our most sacred Chakras have finally entered the Realm of Knowing All..Life will never be the same..precious Love and Light Will Feed our Souls until it is our Choice to return to The Great Central Sun for our next Love and Truth in all that you desire to Express to Mankind..Kings and Queens are among us and they will be listening intently to all Expressions for Life to Raise our Consciousness..Cellular Expansions in our cells will have us Aligned with Source..WE WILL CONTINUE TO RISE..WE WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE DEEP TRUTH IN OUR MINDSETS..our physical appearance will also be affected, this is down the track but It Will Come To Be..Breathe Easy Brothers and SiStars as The Light Penetrates our beautiful Hearts and Souls..The Truth Will Set Us Free..Finally..

I am Aware of fierce Determination to be Successful in my Process, this is what it takes to Succeed..only the Strong and the Brave have what it takes to be Successful so make it your Priority above all else in your Life..the heart knows the Sacrifice but Dear Hearts this Sacrifice will bring the Greatest Rewards you could ever Imagine..IN GOD WE TRUST..Soul and Source are Reuniting..there is no Mortal Event that Compares..Know this in your hearts and Respond accordingly..You Will Never Look Back..Truth Will Be Our most Treasured Commodity as we walk our Path of Enlightenment..Trust and Faith that all is Unfolding as it should be..Blessings to you all on your Journey..know you are deeply Loved and Supported from Afar..We’ve Got This..Nothing Can Stop Us Now..Peace Be With You All ❤️ Artist Thanked ❤️

Debbie Dixon

Just One

The Creator Writings

Another gentle reminder;

In your everyday efforts to change your world, it can be challenging to look around and noticed things do not seem to be changing.  You absolutely need

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Schumann resonances ~ 11-24-18


SOULSPEAKS 5D: Todd Medina & Rick Jewers

Dark Attacks in the past are they relevant, is it programming??????

Perhaps in a Dream

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

This is normally when I’d write a poem. The vast expansiveness of whoa-ness lends itself best to poetry. But, I don’t have one handy and I usually do so… we’ll go another route.

I’ll try to speak in all the languages so no one feels left out. But those who like all things spelled out will feel left out because that is just not the way of the Great Mystery. The Great Mystery speaks only when no one is listening, appears only when no one is looking, moves only when everyone is sleeping. But some of us know anyways, we know, we feel, we tune in, we remember.

We remember ten thousand oracles and twenty thousand nights and four hundred hopeful ones and bride’s who give away their rights. And words that do not make sense to any but those who’ve sat in the lap and the labyrinth and the…

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The Creator Writings

Releasing and allowing The Universe to provide exactly what you need at exactly the right time and

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The Great White Dragon Energy ~ Rick Jewers


The Great White Dragon Energy (GWDE) 

The GWDE is a NEW OMNI POTENT ENERGY. This essence was Created for DIRECT interjection and assistance when dealing with unnatural injustices imposed upon Humanity. Those sufficiently pure of fear aspects may connect and utilize this Prowess in assisting alleviating unjust impositions and situations. This Prowess has the ability, if required, to even erase unjustified system records from existence. “Unjustified” means; where an individual was falsely accused, targeted, suppressed and purposely guilt-ladened, in the least.

Upon the surface and distributed through Cultures, there were/are many Dragon Energies that were brought into existence, for various use and utilization, some GOOD, some, let’s say, less desirable with ill intent, ranging from greed to actual physical harm upon another. Any Dragon Energies NOT of PURE VIRTUOUS INTENT FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, have begun to implode.

The GWDE is an attribute of the Collective Christ Consciousness NOW. It is accessible by ALL OF YOU. It is most powerful and extreme discipline is to be integrated upon its use and application, to assure this discipline, Your INTENT must be for the GOOD OF ALL. You may be fighting an individual injustice against You, but upon You stamping out that injustice, it IS FOR THE GOOD FOR ALL, so that very INTENT is ALL the discipline required for its use.

Some confirmations and signs individually for You may be seeing Dragon synchronicities popping up (NOT including the recent Puff The Magic Dragon I put out here) and more, like visual connections, and perhaps even noticing a NEW aspect to YOUR OWN EYES. 

Your individual Dragons ARE ALSO connected to this extra power source, making YOUR DRAGONS OF GOODWILL, more powerful than before. Enjoy!!!!!!

Love and Light

Rick Jewers

Schumann resonances ~ 11-23-18

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We are One with Source and surfacing of the Dragon Energy Infused Souls ~ Debbie Dixon


WE ARE ONE WITH SOURCE..this incredible quietness has us all conversing with Source via our Souls..synchronicity is filtering through at an unusual pace..Certified energy has us indeed receiving our share of Upgrades..DNA Upgrades have been massive this week..exhaustion but hanging in there with assurance of more to come..Preparation of the Soul is in it’s final stages before we receive this next Increment of Pure Love Energy from The Great Central Sun..around Christmas we will be feeling pretty special when this new Energy Penetrates our cells and Energy Field..feeling elated will be an understatement..for all those who are still Living with Challenges in their Lives prayer can and will bring peace to One’s heart and mind..Sacred Solutions are available to all who pray sincerely for and trust will grow incredibly so..contempt prior to investigation is one of my favourite sayings..I am highly dependent on prayer in my Life though I channel Truth daily..Source never lets me down..

I am being signaled from Afar that much is about to explode in the World..many surprises in store especially for the uninformed who choose to bury their heads in the sand where Change is concerned..crisis mode will not be for the Spiritually Aware..we have earned our stripes so to speak and we will always accept the unseen Challenges that enter our Lives..the hungry, thirsty Soul does not lay down when things get tough, it strengthens and becomes more determined to succeed..Cycle of The Sun chooses the Souls to adhere to for extra support and protection..sacred Codes Within attracts the perfect dose of Energy to be served to One’s Soul..I am sensing great turbulence in the atmosphere though not in a negative sense..secrets and lies will be coming to the will be liberating to finally have some truth about certain our personal Lives and in worldly affairs..Trust and Faith will Reign..

As the Warrior Soul patiently waits for it’s deeper connection to Source it is very Aware of the Power Within coming to the surface..Principles of Truth are ready to burst through from every cell..this event will have us in deep Knowing in our hearts and minds..We will be very much in love with our Souls and all that it brings forward to our attention..Source Oriented Souls indeed..Soul work is my only interest, nothing else gets my attention..I look forward to walking with Source and expressing only my Morontia Soul..those intune may have been aware of certain delays this week with their Process, a feeling of nothing happening was quite profound, I am assured ALL IS WELL..We Must Keep Soldiering On..I have said before that ALL the Players must be ready, we really do affect one another energetically so do your best Dear Hearts and our Rising will be so Supremely Appreciated by our Souls..I can sense the Vibration running through my body as I type, the Galactic Pulse is Alive and Pulsing..a direct Stream from Source letting us know our internal bodies are changing..

Children of The Sun have volunteered their Souls for Divine Service to Source..I have noticed many old Posts surfacing about the Dragon Energy Infused Souls..this is a Powerful time for these Souls as they come into their Soul Power..the Dragon Energy is the highest Energy in The Universe of be deeply Infused with this Energy tells me We have been Incarnating for Eons, our Gifts of pure Love and Light will not only serve our Souls but the Souls of every person who enters our Path..the Dragon Heart remains strong and at Divine Timing many will be servicing the people on this Planet..pure hearts and Souls walking with a profound sense of Service..our Knowledge and Wisdom will soon be released and we will be so Enlivened..

I am really feeling the quietness today, almost feeling my Morontia is asleep, nothing can be forced, Upgrades bring silence while Truth is emerging..I must remain in faith and trust that all is unfolding the way it is meant to be..Breathe easy I am..this is the quietness before the storm..Love and Peace to you All ❤️ Artist Thanked ❤️

Debbie Dixon

Your Dragon Oracle Card ~ 11-22-18

For Those Who are MEANT to See….


These Dragons shimmer with golden sparkles of cosmic wisdom, for they harness the light of the stars, planets and constellations. When we are ready, they touch us with this light, enabling us to embody the illumined energy and wisdom they contain.

While many of us are able to attune to the ninth dimension, it is still an awesome light, filled with joy love and wisdom beyond our current comprehension. Dark blue galactic Dragons can send bursts of this cosmic searchlight through us to ignite the hidden codes of our master blueprint, the seventh dimensional light of our soul, so that we can listen to the voice of the universe.

Your soul journey has taken you to the stars and beyond. The Dark blue galactic Dragons now invite you to communicate with the masters of the universe, the Intergalactic Council, where you can contribute your energy for the smooth ascension of the planet. It is TIME to listen and serve.

Ask the Wondrous Dragons who have come to you to tune in to the Intergalactic Council, where you will be offered the honour of petitioning the Council. Decide whether your petition is for the welfare of the animals or humanity, or to assist the ascension of the planet. Then ask the Dragons to take you to the council to present your petition.

Dark blue galactic Dragons will also instruct you during meditation or sleep. This will enable you to serve in a galactic capacity and will hugely expand your energy fields.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper




Schumann resonances ~ 11-22-18

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Diana Cooper – Angels & Ascension – 2012 – Atlantis – Unicorns ~ Commander Ashtar and his Intergalactic Fleet

I’m so excited that we are discussing Commander Ashtar and his intergalactic Fleet tonight at 7.00. I do hope you join me. 💗Diana


Be The Person…

The Creator Writings

Moment will come and go…good one, not so good ones, amazing and dull, spirited and quiet.  The one unifying thing about every moment that will

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Schumann resonances ~ 11-21-18

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GaiaPortal: Heavens come into view

Heavens come into view.

Steadfast measures are taken to communicate the Illuminations.

Confronters dissolve.

Unification begins in earnest.

Starbursts are viewed by humanity.

Joy Is Arriving!

The Creator Writings

It is time to get moving again, dearest one!  Like dragging yourself out of a nice, warm bed on a very cold morning…you may be a bit

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Three Earthquakes, Landslide, Gamma Rays | S0 News Nov.16.2018