Its time to go Home



Innocence is so rare and sacred but our beautiful loving Souls are now being deeply rewarded with Higher Octave Energy from The Great Central Sun..this Energy will not only have us Rising into The Higher Realms, it will bring further Enlightenment into our Mindsets..WE ARE SO MAGNIFICENT AND IT’S TIME TO RECOGNIZE JUST HOW INCREDIBLE WE ARE..the majority of us have lived our Lives without nurturing, without love and now Source is Saturating our minds and hearts with Love from a much Higher Vibration of Cellular Sacredness..I am deeply Aware of the Peace that Resides Within and as this intoxicating Energy further brings Newness to my mind and heart I am Rejoicing silently..I sense great Change at hand..may We all be Blessed with our new Lives of love and service to Mankind..Peace Will Prevail..acceptance of this recent tiredness is crucial to our Process, so much is taking place internally to have our bodies prepared for our pending Newness, simply go with the Flow, honour your Souls at all not struggle Dear Hearts..Restitution will have us all Renewed..

Personal Prayer is very much needed at this certain time..I really can’t say enough about this sacred Tool that has the Power to bring regular Sacred Solutions into our Lives..I channel Higher Truth every day yet I am highly dependent on Prayer in my Life..praying for the Highest Good of others, praying for the Highest Good for Myself, praying for certain situations as they happen in my Life and the Lives of others or certain World’s a busy time for Prayer Dear Hearts..let’s give support to one another..lift up the Souls of our Brothers and SiStars, We are here to Unite as One, let’s remember our Destination as Service Souls here to help Raise the Consciousness of Mankind..we are each involved with our own Soul Families but the Day will Come when We Unite as One all over the Planet..this day of Sacred Truth will Change the Destination of Mankind Forever..forever may we feel for our Brothers and SiStars without hesitation..

This Long and Winding Road of Ascension brings with it a clear Revival of certain Principles, the Soul is presently in deep Recognition of Source and the mind and heart is processing Ancient Transcripts from The Great Central Sun hence this incredible tiredness..please know and understand that this unusual tiredness is for our higher benefit of reaching The Higher Realm Mindset of is absolutely vital for our daily Lives to function as a Higher Realm Soul in Service for Source..we are being soothed internally unbeknown to our conscious mind..our resistance will definitely bring delays so honour your Souls, nurture yourselves and trust the Process..Peace will definitely serve us..our appetites are still being affected by this incredible energy but I am being assured we will return shortly to our usual habits where food is usual discipline has certainly been affected and am looking forward to Newness..

We are on the cusp of Knowing Higher Truth, our Souls are being so perfectly Nurtured from Within..know in your hearts that the Sacred Soul will Reign..We Will be Walking this Planet with incredible Confidence..our hearts will indeed be singing..our Chakras are spinning rapidly as our Energy Fields continue to Expand..we are reaching into the Cosmos Dear Souls, picture this and hold the Vision, it is indeed Miraculous..our most sacred Chakras have finally entered the Realm of Knowing All..Life will never be the same..precious Love and Light Will Feed our Souls until it is our Choice to return to The Great Central Sun for our next Love and Truth in all that you desire to Express to Mankind..Kings and Queens are among us and they will be listening intently to all Expressions for Life to Raise our Consciousness..Cellular Expansions in our cells will have us Aligned with Source..WE WILL CONTINUE TO RISE..WE WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE DEEP TRUTH IN OUR MINDSETS..our physical appearance will also be affected, this is down the track but It Will Come To Be..Breathe Easy Brothers and SiStars as The Light Penetrates our beautiful Hearts and Souls..The Truth Will Set Us Free..Finally..

I am Aware of fierce Determination to be Successful in my Process, this is what it takes to Succeed..only the Strong and the Brave have what it takes to be Successful so make it your Priority above all else in your Life..the heart knows the Sacrifice but Dear Hearts this Sacrifice will bring the Greatest Rewards you could ever Imagine..IN GOD WE TRUST..Soul and Source are Reuniting..there is no Mortal Event that Compares..Know this in your hearts and Respond accordingly..You Will Never Look Back..Truth Will Be Our most Treasured Commodity as we walk our Path of Enlightenment..Trust and Faith that all is Unfolding as it should be..Blessings to you all on your Journey..know you are deeply Loved and Supported from Afar..We’ve Got This..Nothing Can Stop Us Now..Peace Be With You All ❤️ Artist Thanked ❤️

Debbie Dixon

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