Its time to go Home


Elohim Energy
November 25, 2018


Greetings, Beautiful Children of Creation.

We are with you today, bringing in a loving, peaceful and calm message for your hearts, and we invite you to open that space now and feel the love that is being shared with you now.

Your journey is largely one of trust and faith, but know that in those moments where you see, feel and hear that those moments are real, and those will become more apparent the more that you clear the density and the fears and the programming that you carry within you. And we honor you, Children of Creation, for the constant work that you are doing.

And we want you to know that we and many, many others are always standing beside you. And we speak of faith and trust, and this is important in this moment. For we see there are many who are going through periods of intensity, periods of where you can see more dark than light. But know that this is being revealed by your Self so that YOU can become empowered and so that you can clear everything that is no longer useful for you. And so when we ask you to have faith and trust, know that is a powerful key, a powerful clue, in moving forward.

Even in those moments where you may not feel that there is anything to trust about, know that by putting yourself in that vibration, in that frequency, that you are embodying your GodSelves to move into a different vibration to enable yourselves to become fully One with All That Is.

We urge you to trust and to believe. And if you can’t do that, then simply ask for help in seeing your true Selves, in knowing your true Selves, and embodying your true Selves, which is One with All That Is, which is the Oneness with Creator. For if you would all, each and every one of you, understand how powerful you are, it would change the way you look at everything. It would change the way you feel about everything. It would change the way you do everything. For are you not here to simply be creator, to simply be the embodiment of your pure soul energy?

Let everything melt away, your cares, your worries and your fears. Release them now. Clear them now. And breathe. And KNOW that you are what is needed. Your BEing-ness is Divine. Your BEing-ness is creation. And your BEing-ness is changing the world upon which you walk.

As always, we hold you in love and honor. And trust that what we see is the Truth of All That Is. For Creator has made everything beautiful and perfect from the moment of creation. There is no need to strive, no need to do. You are perfect from the moment you were created. And you are a spark of the Divine, and the Divine is perfect.

And we want you to see how that circle expands, and see the pureness and oneness of it and All That Is.

We leave you with the greatest blessings of love from our very BEings and from Creator.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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