Its time to go Home


November 30, 2018


Today I channeled the Archangels and Elementals, and the frequencies were so high my body was vibrating and while channeling, I was completely transported to their energetic space. It must have been a very high level dimension because I lost all sense of time and space and I felt some of the highest frequencies I have ever experienced since reincarnating here.

I saw from their perspective how they view Gaia and all of us. And when they were describing our souls as light and rainbows, I saw how brilliant the light was. When your light is as bright as the souls I saw while in their dimension, there is no doubt that anything of a lower vibration cannot even come near your space. Anything of a lower frequency would be literally blinded.

And when they spoke of Beings in other dimensions being able to follow the Light back to Source, I was shown that the Light within All has created new cosmic, new quantum pathways for any being to follow, where before those pathways were not connected even though they are and always have been graphed into the Divine Cosmic Blueprint. Think of it as a new divine infrastructure, for that is exactly what it is. The love has compounded and it is like a sacred geometric symbol that just keeps growing and multiplying into something so vast and so beautiful it is astounding. It is also likened neuropathways being reconnected in a giant Cosmic Consciousness, which looked similar to our physical brains. The Cosmic Consciousness was already there, but the love has made new reconnections, new creations.

Every single word they spoke is coded, and while the words may sound familiar, they are activations in themselves. Read them slowly and allow the Love to come in to your soul.

I cannot put into words the purity of the Archangels and the Elementals and their incredibly high energy. It was amazing for me to experience this. I don’t always preface a channeling with my own experience; however, this energy, this love, is meant to be shared.

I am urged to share this song with you as well:

Much love,
Kalia Diya


“Greetings, Children of Light and HUmans.

We come in great joy to you today, and bring with us a powerful wave of love, of clarity and of truth.

We would like to thank you for remembering Who you are, for remembering your I AM presence, and for BEing the Godselves you came here to be. Because of you and many others in other realms and dimensions, and because we all work together in the spirit of Unity and Oneness, we are here in great joy to tell you how much your planet has lit up since you awakened.

We are here to tell you that we see great sparkles of a myriad of colors of Light, and we see each soul as an immense beacon of Light. We see each soul as a rainbow. We see each soul as a star, and it is stunningly beautiful.

For all of you who come together as One create such an incredible, beautiful show of Light, that it beams across the Universe into the next and the next and the next. And many beings from other places are coming to the Light because of your bright souls. They can follow the path of Light back to Source now. None are lost and all are given the opportunity to come into the Light.

We are creating our magic from where we are, and you are creating the magic from where you are, and TOGETHER the magic is so immense and powerful that it cannot be stopped, nor shall it ever be. For the Great Act has begun and the Great Act continues. And the Great Act shall reach its climax of infinite bliss and beauty, and then continue infinitely. And this is why we are so delighted to be reunited with you once again, and to be creating this incredible, this powerful, and this divine Lightshow that can be seen.

We ask each of you to continue to let go of all fear. For when you let go of fear, you come into your I AM presence, you come into your prowess, you come into your Sovereignty more fully than you have ever known before.

And this is why you came here, and this is why we are with you now: to re-create something so incredibly beautiful, so infinitely vast, and so amazingly brilliant that NOW new eons are being formed, new timelines have been secured, and new realities are set in place, and new universes are being born. And within those universes, there are planets, new plant types, new beings of all kinds, new crystals, new frequencies and new everything.

And we bow our heads in honor to you for you have done it. And it is only beginning, dear Children, dear HUmans. It is only just begun. And it will get ever more glorious and ever more beautiful and ever more infinite.

For all of you have been born with the Gift of Knowing, the Gift of Creatorship, and the Gift of the Divine that you carry within your very bodies. We as well have been created with all these Divine Gifts, and we are here to unite with you once again, and to say “thank you.” You cannot fathom how deep our joy is to be creating with you once again.

And so we leave you now with that magical thought, with that limitless reality, and with that brilliant explosion of Love from Source.

That is all.”

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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