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Just One

The Creator Writings

Another gentle reminder;

In your everyday efforts to change your world, it can be challenging to look around and noticed things do not seem to be changing.  You absolutely need

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Schumann resonances ~ 11-24-18


SOULSPEAKS 5D: Todd Medina & Rick Jewers

Dark Attacks in the past are they relevant, is it programming??????

Perhaps in a Dream

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

This is normally when I’d write a poem. The vast expansiveness of whoa-ness lends itself best to poetry. But, I don’t have one handy and I usually do so… we’ll go another route.

I’ll try to speak in all the languages so no one feels left out. But those who like all things spelled out will feel left out because that is just not the way of the Great Mystery. The Great Mystery speaks only when no one is listening, appears only when no one is looking, moves only when everyone is sleeping. But some of us know anyways, we know, we feel, we tune in, we remember.

We remember ten thousand oracles and twenty thousand nights and four hundred hopeful ones and bride’s who give away their rights. And words that do not make sense to any but those who’ve sat in the lap and the labyrinth and the…

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The Creator Writings

Releasing and allowing The Universe to provide exactly what you need at exactly the right time and

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The Great White Dragon Energy ~ Rick Jewers


The Great White Dragon Energy (GWDE) 

The GWDE is a NEW OMNI POTENT ENERGY. This essence was Created for DIRECT interjection and assistance when dealing with unnatural injustices imposed upon Humanity. Those sufficiently pure of fear aspects may connect and utilize this Prowess in assisting alleviating unjust impositions and situations. This Prowess has the ability, if required, to even erase unjustified system records from existence. “Unjustified” means; where an individual was falsely accused, targeted, suppressed and purposely guilt-ladened, in the least.

Upon the surface and distributed through Cultures, there were/are many Dragon Energies that were brought into existence, for various use and utilization, some GOOD, some, let’s say, less desirable with ill intent, ranging from greed to actual physical harm upon another. Any Dragon Energies NOT of PURE VIRTUOUS INTENT FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, have begun to implode.

The GWDE is an attribute of the Collective Christ Consciousness NOW. It is accessible by ALL OF YOU. It is most powerful and extreme discipline is to be integrated upon its use and application, to assure this discipline, Your INTENT must be for the GOOD OF ALL. You may be fighting an individual injustice against You, but upon You stamping out that injustice, it IS FOR THE GOOD FOR ALL, so that very INTENT is ALL the discipline required for its use.

Some confirmations and signs individually for You may be seeing Dragon synchronicities popping up (NOT including the recent Puff The Magic Dragon I put out here) and more, like visual connections, and perhaps even noticing a NEW aspect to YOUR OWN EYES. 

Your individual Dragons ARE ALSO connected to this extra power source, making YOUR DRAGONS OF GOODWILL, more powerful than before. Enjoy!!!!!!

Love and Light

Rick Jewers

Schumann resonances ~ 11-23-18

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