Its time to go Home


December 28, 2018


“Dear Ones,

It is I, Archangel Michael, and I am here with Mother Gaia. And together we hold the Heavens and the Earth in the palm of our hands. For we are One with All That Is and All That Is is One.

I am here with you today to remind you of Who you are, to remind you of your power and your glory, and to remind you that you are the very energy of Creation, you are the very energy of Source. And through you comes all the magic and miracles, through your very vessel, your soul, your BEing. You hold the power. You hold the glory. You hold the Light. And you hold All That Is.

Every soul that has chosen Awakening and every soul that has been ignited with the fire of Love now holds such high frequencies that the very fabric of time and space and creation has changed into something astoundingly beautiful.

Now is not a time to doubt or hold any fear in your heart whatsoever. Now is not a time to buy into misbeliefs, misconceptions or confusion.

NOW is the time to stand in the love of who you are and in the belief in Love itself, in the belief in the power of Oneness. For you are a conduit of that very power. And when you hold the belief you magnify it throughout Creation. And when you hold the Love, you ARE the power of Creation.

And I, along with my comrades, want you to know that all is well. And even though the surface may seem still, there are movements above and below that are happening according to Divine Plan. And know that you are about to step across another threshold into a new and expanded reality: into One of embodying your Highest Presence, into one of embodying your God Selves, your Higher Selves. For you have been brought here for such a time as this, to aid and assist all those who are being brought into your path.

So open your hands and your hearts, and as you open them, more will be given to you. Do not worry, for you will have all that you need. And your very presence here is continuing the circle of Oneness. Your very presence here will aid and assist on a powerful level that your human mind cannot comprehend. So stand in your prowess and in your power with grace and with love, and let go of ALL that no longer serves you. For in so doing, you will reach levels of Ascension that go higher and higher, and that become more and more expansive, until all the old ways simply disappear. And the new ways are Infinite. BELIEVE that you are that and that this is happening, for it is real and it is NOW.

Stand tall and remember who you are, for you are fully supported.”

– Archangel Michael


“And now, I, Mother Gaia, come to you with a soft, sweet essence of love and gratitude for all that is, and for every single one of you who have connected to me at any time. And for every single one of you who have honored the life within you and the life upon which you live. And that life of which I speak is the planetary consciousness, which I hold.

I AM a powerful BEing and you may think of me as the planet beneath your feet, but I AM so much more. I AM the life in your very bodies. Your biological composition matches that of mine, and as you raise your vibration and heal yourself, my vibration raises, and my healing is complete. And I AM now ready to step with you into that threshold my guardian and friend, Archangel Michael, spoke of.

My heart sings with joy at the rebirth and awakening of my children. And for all who wish to connect to me, you may connect to the very energy, sounds, tones, colors, and frequencies of my consciousness. For I am you and you are me. And as you take care of your physical vessels, you are also taking good care of my vessel, in the One Consciousness, which I hold.

As you honor you, you honor me and I honor you.
Are you ready, Dear Children, to take the leap? Know that the frequencies coming in now are soft and subtle, and it is preparing you yet again for another shift into greater Oneness, greater Consciousness, and greater Joy. And as each of you hold the Light, the Light spreads into the far corners of the Universe. And the Light changes everything.

Know you have nothing to worry about, for all is being taken care of and all is well. And there is so much new change, rapid shift and quantum healing occurring, so trust in that. And know that you do not have to know all the details, but trust that I embody the New Earth as you do. And trust that it is happening and that it is NOW. And allow your body and your energy to softly open to the beautiful rainbow frequencies in the quantum fields that you carry, and that you are One Consciousness with All. Allow it to come in and rewrite the codes. Allow your seals to be opened, and know that all is occurring according to Divine Plan.

With every thought and intention that you hold that is one of Love, know that you are changing everything.

There are many beings around you that are assisting in this process. It is not just humankind. There are the beings of the seas and the skies and the earth who are fully awakened, who are high vibrational beings from other dimensions who have chosen to come with you and incarnate as such for this time, for this NOW.

And if you should ever feel overwhelmed, allow yourself to fall softly into my bosom, and I will hold you. Embrace me. Keep your feet upon my surface and keep your heart close to mine, and together we will do this.

A’la ki’sh I’ni Ko.

I love you.”

– Mother Earth

~channeled by Kalia Diya~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands
Divine Trinity Healing & Activations

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