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Empaths and Avatars

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Empaths and Avatars

Avatars are interesting, aren’t they? Skins they call ‘em in Fortnite. In other scenarios, other people might even call them egos, personas, characters. They might call em Jesus or Krishna or Mary. It all depends on the language being used to define and the language is going to be based on the goal, where you’re pointing to, which is based largely on where you’re pointing from.

I always find it interesting how many spiritual constructs show up in the computing world and likewise, how much easier it is to explain heretofore extremely difficult spiritual or “supernatural” concepts now that we can use computing language as metaphor. That is speed for ya. If you have to wait a thousand years to hear the punchline of a joke…uh, well, moving on.

An avatar is a representation, the difference being how much of the original force or identity…

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