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It is always a joy to connect with the frequency of Jesus, although this time it felt as though Rick Jewers was triangulating the transmission with us. 😀

Feel the love, no matter where you are.

January 31, 2019


“Dear Ones,

I AM with you in love and compassion as always.

You as humanity are on the cusp of many Universal changes. I would wish to comfort those of you who feel you are struggling. Be HEARTful of the words with which you speak, for those words carry energy, and those words create. So replace the word ‘struggle’ with ‘transformation.’

You may wish to speak this aloud:

‘I AM now experiencing transformation on many levels. I release all the things which I used to think were important, and now I innerstand that I have the power to choose everything good and wonderful in my life. I now KNOW that I AM fully supported. I now know that I AM perfect and whole. I now see the power of my words, thoughts, and intentions. And I will from now on create in that space of Pure Love.’

Dear Ones, if you can hold yourself in that space, in every moment you will see your life truly transform. I see many of you holding onto things which no longer benefit you. And I would urge you to take a step aside from your circumstances and have a fresh look at it. And innerstand that you are the master of your reality and you can create that which you wish.

Now be aware that if you choose arguments and fear, and that which does not vibrate at a high frequency, then that is what you will create. But if you choose to innerstand and know and believe that all is being taken care all the time, everywhere in the Universe, then you would be able to be as a child, and step fully in your knowing, one step at a time, that all is well, and indeed all is beautiful. I AM here now to gently remind you of this.

I AM here now to shine the Light on those places of darkness within that wish to come to the Light. For if you cannot face your own darkness, you cannot proceed. There is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. You acknowledge it, you address it, and you bring it into the Light until you have completely transformed into the pure Light BEing that you are.

All have come here with specific missions, life paths and experiences that would allow you to become fully ONE, fully and truly you, a beautiful BEing of Light. See every opportunity as an experience to come more fully into the Light. Let go of judgment, anger, malice, greed and fear and anything that does not fit within the new paradigm of Light that has now been anchored on your planet.

This is not complicated, and this has been the plan from the beginning; the plan always was and it is the plan that leads you home. Home is within you. Love is within you. Light is within you. Oneness is within you. Togetherness is within you. Creation is within you. Empowerment is within you. Look within.

As always, I AM here holding you in love, and will help guide you should any have need of that. We are all here together, so trust and know that the ONE, the ONE of All That Is, is within. Create from that place.

I love you.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

New Earth Wands – new wand package offering demo! ~ Kalia Diya

Amazing Wands by Kalia! Makes a great gift for self and all!

Opening your Portal/s ~ Rick Jewers



Each of You have an active portal, You always did. Your portal is unseen by the naked eye and is Your connection to Your Higher Self and High Realm/Source. You mostly have an anchored portal where You reside that You subconsciously/Soul level draw upon for upgrades and conscious travel. There is a flow between You and this Portal always and You have another portal attached to You that goes where You go. Upon raising Higher in vibration, You connect the two portals into one and they are with You everywhere You go, with the big one that was stationary, being able to be temporarily opened by You anywhere. Your portal provides access to ALL Your Gifts and Divine Knowledge as well as Your Akashic Record. When One is ready, they are introduced to their portal. These portals are also boosters for Your Divine Energy work.

The most efficient and powerful way to open Your Portal, (and this will not work if You are not pure enough of heart yet, follow the simple instructions to get to this level) is by this exercise. Locate on Your property where Your portal may be if You do not already KNOW. Do this by following intuition and the senses, or what other method You may choose(perhaps point and ask Your messaging system what direction). Go to what is the center and relax standing up, palms outstretched somewhat upward. Breath in and out regularly, slowing down the breathing. Take a deep breath inward and then exhale, when You have exhaled all the air that You thought was in Your lungs, exhale a bit more, because there is stagnant air left in the bottom of the lungs, that needs to come out, creating a full fresh intake of air for the next steps. It is important to get as much of this stagnant air out because its CHARGE has been reduced by being inside of You and is exhausted of its energy potential.

So, relax again and get the breathing normal, inhaling and exhaling a little more air than what was normal before. NOW You are ready. While standing with arms outstretched from Your sides with palms upward, take a deep breath inward while at the same time imagining energy being taken in through every pore of Your body. Imagine at the same time that the air You are bringing in is going to Your Heart center. Push this air up to the RIGHT side of Your brain and imagine this air turning into Light Energy, then bring it back down to heart center as You exhale energizing the exhale with Love from Your heart, and blow towards the ground. Repeat this complete breathing exercise 3 times if You can, then rest. If You were successful in this attempt, You will notice a difference in the sky directly above You, like if some sort of portal is there. It is best for You to initially attempt this on a cloudy day/night, for if successful, You will see the clouds open up to clear sky. You may also see unexpected guests like animals, Angels or Light Beings. It is not limited to what You may see in good things connected to You opening Your Divine Portal. Again, You can blatantly see how this Divine mechanism cannot be utilized by the Dark, for again, its success depends upon the purity of the heart.


YOU HAVE THE DIRECT DIVINE ABILITY TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IN THE NEAR FUTURES IN LINE WITH UNIVERSAL LAW AND THE DIVINE PLAN upon GAIA. You do this with Your minds and the more Uniting under one intent, the more powerful the force to bring the intent into fruition and accuracy. You do not waste Energy on confronting things in the NOW, You direct Your Energy on initiating the good change for All, what You wish to see, for example; do not wish a tax system will disappear, but rather initiate/ plant a seed, that excludes any type of taxation. This way, You are energizing an already Divinely supported stream of equality for All, freedom and even the non-requirement for money on the planet. When You energize things like this from the positive side, You will be more effective, rather than fighting (which is fear based) something already in existence. By fighting something negative in existence, You are actually feeding it and keeping Yourself within the endless loop, the confines it will hold You in. It is easier to open a box from the outside.

In the “OPENING YOUR PORTAL/S” section above, I shared with You the breathing technique to open Your Portal. This same technique is also used to energize Your Divine ABILITIES. You can begin each day by charging Yourself up like this, or just use it before a mission/group effort like above. It raises Your vibration so that any Divine Work You are doing, is amplified by it, resulting in a stronger satisfactory result. Any breathing exercise of fresh air draws in charged particles in the air which connect to Your energetic fields, making Your fields more powerful and highly POSITIVELY charged.

Another way to use Your prowess is to pulse from the root chakra. Let us say that You want to put in motion that Your next door neighbor receives flowers again. What You do is, with Your mind, go to Your root chakra near the bottom of Your spine, power up the area by feeling it, then feel it swirl there, then imagine and feel the energy being spiraled up in a clockwise motion, grabbing the good intent from the heart, spiraling upward to the right side of the brain and attaching the good thought, then project that energy right out in the air in front of You from the right frontal lobe, allowing that pulse to go free. With each Divine act You set off, You may add (I strongly suggest), the extra push by saying; “and so it is”.

Thank You
Love and Light

Schumann resonances ~ 1-29-19

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Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude


Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude.

Portions of mesmer are refused.

Philanthropics are engaged for hu-manity.

Stardust engaged.

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Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild ~ January 27, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This channeling By Blossom Goodchild drills home a very important point that many in the spiritual community don’t quite get…that ALL are included in the “Game of Life”.

You see, the “dark” on Earth are indeed VERY dark. Yet, each dark player chose to come to Earth as a sort of teacher, as in…who of us can truly know and appreciate Light unless they have experience with the Dark?

Actions taken by the Dark do not need to “approved of”, but do need to be accepted as part of the game of life. This is a very challenging concept, so please read this article, know that Love brings us both Light and Dark as teaching tools, because we are loved, humans have advice on how to avoid the Dark, might be time to research vibrational knowledge, and be…



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Hello, Chaps! Chocks away…

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Schumann resonances ~ 1-25-19

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