Its time to go Home


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The body is hard wired to survive. We have innate processes going on 24/7 to keep this sucka running. As a back-up we have mental and emotional bodies which makes us even more apt to survive. We’re so wired to survive we grew an extra portion of brain that can imagine future scenarios and counteract things that haven’t even happened yet, may not ever happen. Truly amazing and beautiful creatures these vessels are. We miss the intelligence of what we get to walk around and explore this version of paradise in.

Our body itself can be paradise. Ever been in love? I mean really. Deeply felt love that is also returned? Priceless. Especially the first time. People toil endlessly for one savorable, unquenchable memory, emotions that can be recalled through imagery in our mindscape. We have such a unique ability to relive moments, just thinking deeply enough can release chemicals…

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