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1.11 hugely significant, for all at each’s point on their path, awakened or unawakened.

I spoke in recent Facebook video about the TRANSITION STAGE. This being a Stage within the Ascension Path and journey. I’m just adding MORE now to that information on the video.

It’s likened to a ‘Passageway’, that we experience within the illusion of ‘time’. In other words, at ‘Transition Stage’, we experience one step after the other, the Passageway, in the minute detail that ‘time’ allows us to have slowed down experiences in.

In this TRANSITION STAGE, it can be likened to a STEP BY STEP walk, journey, from one world to the next. From one consciousness state to the next. From Earth to New Earth. We do this at our pace, divinely timed. Those that are going through this NOW, are doing so NOW, in order to assist many that transition to the NEW Earth. There are many that will transition over to New Earth, that are not quite ready to, or are consciously asleep. But they will jump. And once there, it will require their adjustment to it. So the ones doing this TRANSITION STAGE NOW, are here to do so, in order to be that support and assistance that MANY will need INITIALLY, when they arrive at the NEW experience/world.

This NOW TRANSITION STAGE is a Passageway. It’s an all encompassing embodiment stage. Experienced by you to you. In ALL truth, it is God experiencing God. But to keep this explanation focused on what the human experiences, it IS like a walk. A solitary walk away of the old consciousness. Where the walk/Passageway itself allows the time to SELF REALISE. SELF REALISATION is the point. It’s not a linear brain teaching. It’s a PERSONAL period of physical, mental, emotionally, and etherical EMBODIMENT. It unfolds for you during this Passageway. We are embodying NOW our new higher frequency consciousness a stage at a time. It’s a step by step TRANSITION STAGE. Where we REALISE, know, embody, physically experience through all senses during this Passageway, that God is everything. That God is all things, all moments, all experiences. That EVERYTHING IS God. That EVERYTHING is ONE. To be clear, it is not a linear MIND teaching or thought or idea. It is an EMBODIMENT stage within, of knowing it, seeing it, realising it…as things play out as their ever changing experience. It is the becoming stage of the higher stage consciousness and all that that entails.

Just to emphasise again, this TRANSITION STAGE, once each are through, does not reverse. In other words, embodiment is embodiment. It is not a temporary state. We do not fluctuate between 3rd consciousness and our Higher Level, ONCE THROUGH. The Higher Level State of consciousness becomes permanent. With what will be, further and further higher abilities and gifts to experience higher and higher states from that NEW State of being, IN SERVICE to the WHOLE. We do not provide a ‘service’ to human beings, we are in SERVICE TO THE WHOLE. Where each act, thought, word involved comes from that Higher Energetic Connection to God, to the ALL. It comes from the energy we call Love. Love IS a MULTI layered and MULTI diluted experience of God’s energy.

This Passageway, allows a gentle process of seeing GOD as everything, in ALL moments. Self REALISATION. We understand why we are seeing and having the experience of EVERYTHING being God, because in that moment and each moment forth, that STAGE has been EMBODIED. This becomes the NEW experience of all moments. The 3 day RE-BIRTH I spoke of in the video, where one experiences God in all moments for three solid days, is, if you like, the pre-cursor to this NOW Stage of human embodiment, where everything is seen, and known to be God. With the heightened and ever changin awareness that is experienced, it feels as if the 3 day RE-BIRTH energies that arrived 21 Dec Solstice, will be experienced EN MASS, as a RE-BIRTH, yet felt per person, at a MASS point. It ties in to much previous data I have received in these last 6 years.

So a Passageway that we are in the midst of experiencing, that is LITERALLY not the old world, and not the New. For it’s the Passage between the two worlds that we are currently enjoying as it unfolds to us.

The roles we perceive people to currently have, change when the New Earth experience, the New higher consciousness is FULLY and permanently embodied. We knew this some time ago, for years maybe, as it was shown on our paths, that our roles shall change…as we do. All is divinely timed.

For the array of facets (humans) and energetic frequencies each hold, over 7 billion on Gaia, awakened and unawakened, their own experience shall keep unfolding. Clearing the untruth within continues if there is something to clear. It’s all so perfect. The ascension itself, picks up pace, in terms of the gifts each are presented with. Whether that gift is seen as a beauty or a challenge, it DOES hold a divine gift to be seen, understood, and integrated.

God just IS…

One Love

Amanda Lorence

11 January 2019

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