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The Creator Writings

Your Earth is being immersed in the next wave of energy.  This means the release of any faking or hiding of emotions.  You will no longer have to ‘fake it until

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Something Big and unstoppable ~ Marion Floetotto


Gaia Sophia Tara is being blasted with the energies of the most high from within and without. And you are being pushed up with her. Stuff is coming to the surface and cleansing mists are rolling over this surface and work it away thousand times quicker and stronger than ever before.

We are in the center of the most powerful purging of the disgusting and filthy mess that has been created through the many thousand years of a suppression of the invaders that most will only grasp in its horrible vastness and cruelty when it will already be over through hard liberation work of few who hardly did it to the finishing line.

We are digging into the deepest wounds and pits and holes, without hesitation, without rest.

Everything is coming to light from ancient times, our preparations from former lifetimes (lemuria, atlantis, Tara, Celtic, cathar, druidic, Essenes, Viking, indigenes of all continents) are coming to fruition, the machines are running, energies are being released, bubbles of very intense high frequency energies are rising from the 24 secret hidden places within Gaia Sophia Tara. Her system pumps the healing “gold” through her veins and lines and the gold cleanses the infection up fast and thoroughly.

Those energies have already partly been opened and connected with the streams of energy influx from the Galactic central sun and of Gaia Sophia Taras Planetary or solar starsiblings who contribute their higher dimensional very diverse, beautiful and very nice energy streams to this uplifting.
This is truly historical because she’s literally surrounded by all her planetary family who created and saved the most beautiful energy streams of all qualities: gold, platinum, diamond, indigo, magenta, all rainbow frequencies and colors of purest highest loving and healing frequencies.
At the same time they are, each one in his pace, rising and healing as well, connected, together with her. On each level, in each dimension, each density:
The planets, the angels, the souls (spells, timebubbles, splits, (karmic) patterns, trauma released and millions of traumatized children and female and male victimized parts healing and integrating in the main souls, a stream of trauma split parts who waited for this in isolation again big time yesterday), the incarnated avatars, it’s all so guided, powerful, orchestrated and balanced: cooperation and fusion of healing and rising, like in an orchestral finish when all the former single instruments, choirs, join in the last moments to one heavenly carried sound that brings tears and chills of deep humanly unexpressable joy: the sacred divine crescendo.

This process is so harmonious, beautiful, I could go on cherishing each wonderful picture and experience for hours and hours.

We are witnessing a strong cleanse of deepest and also partly oldest emotional traumata, the collective release of the dissolving of victimhood (thanks aug for giving me the second observer perspective on myself and therewith sparking the planetary/angelic healing process) and all the dominoes of detangeling the intermengeled (oh, see, there is Mengele inside) are falling into place so we can see the most high effortlessly working miracles.

Enjoy the next approx 20 days, the daily shifts up to the 21st-23rd of March (depending on your location) showing that we haven’t endured, worked, waited and hoped for nothing.

The ones who endured and worked so much truly have reached more than anyone could have imagined or expected.

Thank you for being with Gaia Sophia Tara (Isis/Mary/Magdalene) thank you for joining and merging in this liberation. Enjoy these unique days, they won’t come back, the are actually very historical, very precious.

We love you endlessly and we are so happy you are here and now.

This is a long loving hug to the ones who suffer while healing and purging from Gaia Sophia Tara.


Mari on

Marion Floetotto

Speaking YOUR Truth ~ Judith Kusel


This is the time for higher communication – for speaking the truth, and allowing the truth to be spoken.
Yet, know that each one will find their truth, and their truth may not be what you would like to hear. Refrain from judgement, and criticism, and open up the inner hearing, seeing, knowing.
Live your truth and walk it.
Unconditional love is the Key, for the New Golden Age is that of unconditional love.
It is the highest path in Soul Mastery.
As long as you love conditionally, you are not in the highest state of love.
Loving unconditionally, does not meant that one does not put healthy boundaries down – indeed it means that you clearly define those boundaries in a loving manner. Respect is gained when one puts those boundaries down, for it will mean that you have a clearly defined inner knowing of who and what you are.
Inner knowing has to do with self-love and self-worth. Worthiness. For your inner knowing and truth is worthy of being well defined and expressed. Indeed, clearly communicated.
If someone truly loves you they will respect you and value you.
Unconditional love, allow the other to be, to stand fully in their own light, without trying to overshadow them and shrink them down to the size you are comfortable with! No, it allows them to be who and what they are.
Judith Kusel

The Fifth Dimensional Throat Chakra – Speaking Your Truth! ~ Tim Whild

Crow’s Nest: Creation updates, awakening starseeds, and equinox next steps ~ Katie IndiCrow

You can choose ~ Judith Kusel


You can choose to live a mediocre life – or choose to live an extraordinary life.
You can choose the be stuck and never venture forth – or you see all of life as an adventure and have a questing mind, an adventurous spirit.
You can complain that life is dull and dreary. Yet, you create your own dullness and your own dreariness.
At this time when immense shifts are streaming in, we are being reminded that our thoughts manifest into form almost instantly.
If you constantly think fearful thoughts, and are fear-driven you will attract what you are fearing most into your life.
If you cannot wait to get up in the morning, and do what you love and love what you do, you will project that enthusiasm and the joy, the love into your work, into your relationship, into all that you are. Other people will be energetically attracted to you and your work, because of its high vibration.
We all can live extraordinary lives in our own unique and special way. We may not always hit the headlines, but what does it matter?
To have lived at all – is indeed a blessing!
More than this, to have lived, and to haven given it your all is indeed an awe-inspiring accomplishment!
It does not matter if you have a high position in life, or whether you are a humble street sweeper – if you do whatever you are called to do and become, with great love and inspiration you are fulfilling you soul purpose and mission to a high degree.
When I go shopping there is someone who always runs to help me with my shopping and helps me to put the packets into my car. There is not one single day, when he is not cheerful and grateful and he consciously blesses all who contribute towards his day. To me he is an example of a man, onto whom so many would look down upon – yet he is bringing good cheer and blessings to everyone in his own way.
“I cannot wait in the morning to get to work – for I know that for this day, I can be a blessing to someone and someone can be a blessing to me!’ He says that over and over again.
What a motto to live by!
Judith Kusel

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 125 – Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN ~ Ganapatiananda

Feb 27, 2019


Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 125 – Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN.

After Channeling and Organically Balancing the Resonant Tone of Attunement, we are invited to acquire and maintain the Galactic Tone of Integrity.

Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN guides and teaches us to tap into the Primal Lifeforce that energizes and enlivens our senses through focusing on listening to the intrinsic instinctual wisdom of our human body in order to achieve and maintain integrity. Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN encourages us to model our integrity so that it reaches others, helping to catalyze even greater levels of harmony. Integrity means to harmonize our thoughts, beliefs, and actions with what we know to be the highest truths. Integrity requires unwavering courage, crystal clear clarity, and indominable resolve. When we stand firm in our integrity, we are protected and provided for. Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN reminds us to slither into the simplicity of our sensuality by honoring the perfection of our physical temple through receiving and transmitting the instinctual wisdom of Kundalini. Through the intelligent, vibrational energies of Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN, the Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to elevate the quality of our existence, embodying a willingness to accept and integrate truth. By being true to our own inner fire illumination, we ignite metaphysical flames of intelligent consciousness that spread and offer warmth and guidance to ourselves and our brothers at large. The Cauldron of Creation is ever reminding us that we are all vessels of consciousness, exploring, and expressing Itself. It is our divine gift to be able to venture beyond our comfort points to travel both mentally and physically, uniting the unseen with the seen, and find unlimited peace in the unknown. Through this discernment and understanding, we awaken to the remembrance of the truth that we are each messengers to each other, moving and evolving while stably anchored in the dream of this existence.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,


February 27, 2019


Greetings, Dear Children of Gaia!

We are ecstatic to be here with you today! And we are so delighted to be able to communicate with you again. For we have always been here, but now we are able to fully connect with you after eons of time because you have awakened once again to the knowing and the reality that we are not just a fantasy or a myth, but that we are real.

Some of you have carried the dream of us in your hearts from the moment you opened your eyes in this incarnation. And others of you may have never felt any sort of pull to us. But we do not care. We are simply happy to be here, sharing this message with you.

Regardless if you know us or not, feel us or not, see us or not, we are here. We have always been creating and we have never left. We have simply been in another dimension. But now your frequency is high enough that we can talk together once again. And so here we are!|

We would like you to know that if you wish to connect with us, you can at any time, for we are all around you. And we have been “brought back” fairly recently. And as you know, we helped create this beautiful planet. So when we call you ‘Children of Gaia’, we are actually not only addressing ourselves, but also you, for we are all One. We are here together to spread the play, and the fun and the laughter, and the music and the magic of creation once again.

No matter where you are on your journey, and no matter how dark or how light it may seem, know that the childhood fantasies that you once had were always a reality. And we are here to confirm that.

Our main role here in assisting you is to bring you back to that playful wonder and that knowing that the dewdrops on the leaves, and the orbs that you see, and the feeling that you feel when you walk through the forest — that is us indeed! We are here to bring you back to that place of childlike wonder. We sit in the leaves of the forest, and the moss of the ground, and the clouds of the air, and the drops of the water, for we are everywhere. And our essence is one of lightheartedness and joy, and of deep, powerful creation. We invite you to find that part of you again, and to aid that part of you to wake up to the knowledge and the wonder of All That Is.

And again, if any of you would like to connect to us, then just begin by speaking aloud to us. And we love when you leave us little offerings, and we love when we hear your voices. Our frequency is very high, but that does not mean you cannot connect with us. And even if you pass through this lifetime without one glimpse of us, or one sighting, or one high purely toned musical frequency, we are still here with you. So we would like you to trust and believe, and to feel that deep in your hearts.

Our Mother Gaia is here with us. She sends her love, and her compassion and support for each one of you, wherever you may be. And she holds you in her comforting arms, and she wraps you in beauty and grace every single day. We thank her for that, and we urge you to thank her for that as well. For the reflection of the Universe is within her and upon her. And the reflection of the Universe is within you and upon you. Allow that glow to emanate from your BEing and connect with that energy. And know that you are walking around being a reflection of the beauty of this planet and all of Creation.

We are here to bring you back to joy and laughter, wonderment and magic. And our specific tones and frequencies can be found throughout this planet and throughout the Universe. So if you seek that, you shall find that.

We love everything to be ornate and ceremonial. Now that may not be your “thing”, but we want you to know that we celebrate every time that one of you — souls incarnated as humans — connect to that beautiful, simple child-like wonder. Those of you who connect to the darkness or the drama, we would like to remind you that while many things are happening on many levels, we would like you to trust and know that this is an epic time that you find yourselves in.

And we would like you to know that you are allowed to be human and you are allowed to feel. And you are allowed to become disgusted, and you are allowed to be angry, and you are allowed to cry. There is nothing wrong with this. We are also very passionately emotional. We would like to encourage you to honor everything that you feel as a human and to stop striving so hard to do what you think you should do, be what you think you should be, and just allow the child within to come out and play.

And we know our friend, this channel, has recently experienced this on a deep and personal level. And we take joy in that, and we take joy in every one of you who honors your own experience no matter how you judge it. So drop the judgment of yourself and honor YOU. And love YOU. For we love you, too, and we are here to create with you once again, and we are very excited about this! It is unlimited what we can create together, and with our other amazing friends of the Universe!

We leave you now with this lighthearted message of joy and wonder. And we invite you to embrace your imagination, and to embrace the play and the joy and the fun in your life. And if you don’t know how to connect to that place anymore, then open yourself up to that and you will remember once again. It is not an arduous task — it is an easy process because you KNOW within. You know how to do this and you will remember with every moment that you connect to this energy.

And we leave you now with dancing and laughter and sparkles and music. And know that we love you, and our Mother Gaia loves you, too.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

Schumann resonances ~ 02-27-19

shm (5).jpg

An Act Of Love

The Creator Writings

Treat every breathe you take, every thought, action, wish, dream and desire

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Keep Moving Forward…

The Creator Writings

Today, you are being asked to look back and remember yourself ten years ago.  Where were you, what were you doing, who were your friends,

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Thank You Mr. Hawking

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Integrating is not going so well Mr. Stark.

Do you know how to program a 4th dimensional quantumfield?

Well, yes, but…

A few days ago, Mr. Hawking had an occasion to cross my mind. I get stuck in these traps of feeling not good enough fairly often. When I was younger, I was so horribly perfectionist, God, to know then what I know now. I did a lot of damage because of perfectionism, caused myself a lot of pain and on top of some already shaky ground. Also and many times, I used my already ruined life as carte blanche for fucking up as much as I wanted.

And then I’d try again really, really hard, make some progress, get burnt out, end up making some or other mistake and give up on life again. Over and over. I did it so much it became a pattern. A…

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Schumann resonances ~ 02-26-19


Ode to Timeline Muckery

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

My world is bouncing from the weight of your ego

Up down up there down




Let me clear

Let part the seas

Of your inconvenience

Your incessant neediness

That would swallow multi-Universes hole

And there are those

I see

I hear

I feel

That enjoyed being swallowed whole

In total

Oh whoa Jonah

Not talkin shit babe

It just is what it is

But not I

And you know it

Not I

Sunken ships loosen the lips of

A thousand pounds and too many trips

Between this heart and that

Take your foot off the gas

Cut my line

It’s just time

For your ego

Your ego

Space junk and another mojito

As we watch the worlds float by

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GaiaPortal: Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete

Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete.

Partnerships in Spirit form on a planetary scale.

Elements of Light infuse the hu-being.

Hue-manity clears the way

Update from Rick Jewers ~ 2-22-19



The overall vibration/frequency at this time, requires an adjustment period, whereas a ceiling has once again, been met. As a result, the One’s currently exiting the current upgrade process, must wait for the Others to complete Their process. Those of You experiencing and feeling the NEW Higher Level, embrace it dearly and flow with it fully, exploring all of the open timelines.

More of You are recognizing an energetic contact above that of before, with Your Crystals and Stones. Those of You given the “special” Crystals and Stones are to note that these are Sigils/Keys, that WILL become activated Higher as You continue Your Trek. There are currently, more of these precious keys being delivered to Others, in preparation for what is YET to come. There are, important amulets, rings and other pieces of jewelry and cutlery that are held in possession by Guardians. The further activation of all above is increased marginally in accordance with Individual and overall Planetary Vibration. The more You participate in increasing the overall vibration, the more active Your pets/keys will become.

Several forms of financial relief and revitalization are coming to fruition, ALL forms are vibration dependent, the Highest VIBRATION allows for Planetary integration and access to these TIMELINES. There is also a 5D overlay which will be accessed by those ready in the near futures. At this time, You actually control everything upon the surface, upon Your belief that it is so and through energetic constructs. The tide has turned in Your favor and You will learn more of how to steer it properly and fully efficient. Old patterns are for old timelines, You have NEW choices.

Again We remind You of Benevolent Negativity still utilized to steer events in the lower timelines, the 4D, WHEN REQUIRED. Your full innerstanding of this is required and accepted, with TRUST. Nothing really is Negative when You see it for what it really is, a Divine Guiding Mechanism. We need You in specific places at certain times WITHOUT You given the full reason/s, You are Divinely Mature enough at this time, to follow the path set out for You, the path of least resistance and harmony.

You are currently at another level where You must reiterate collecting aspects/fragments of Yourself from other TIMELINES. These outstanding essences are required to further empower Your Light Body to the next level. Merely request out loud that the appropriate essences of You may become one with You NOW, that You are open to receive/collect them.

Side effects of recent Higher Upgrades for some, resulted in vibrating, bubbling sensations within, energy surges, electrical discharge, tingling and more. Another DNA strand has been connected within some and with this, comes Higher Prowess. You are reminded once again that the Light Body Process is a transitional process and is also vibrational dependent, the highest vibration Individually, expedites the Individual Process AS WELL AS THE COLLECTIVE PROCESS/PROGRESS.

You are to continue attaching to the Highest New Timelines and Perspective, this assists greatly in Your Manifestation AND Creations. Old beliefs will continue to implode as You come to KNOW more of the REAL YOU. The more You are open to the NEW the more confirmations and experiences You WILL receive. As You transcend Higher and Higher levels beyond WHAT WAS KNOWN, You WILL find that an open book is BEING written, have fun!

Love and Light

Rick Jewers

Ode to Crabby Old Men

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

You can get a lot of information from a lot of different people but there are always and thankfully certain people that have a way of making you believe it. People whose opinion is formed from a perspective you couldn’t destroy with all the sledgehammers in the world.

In other words, they have nothing to gain by saying whatever it is that they say that gives you pause, they have nothing to prove or recognize nothing in you that could help them prove it. What they say rings so true it grants your soul a certain freedom in the hearing. Pure observation. Truth as a separate entity erupting in the space between.

I still breathe memories of those moments. They still ground and provide a sense of wonder for me. They are rare, those gems. And the people they come from, every one, living embodiments of timelessness. Their timeless quality…

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Schumann resonances ~ 2-22-19

shm (4).jpg

ORACLE CARD for the Collective ~ Kalia Diya

February 20, 2019


“Spiritual Union” (2 – Emotion Card)

This card deals with relationships involving an emotional bond. It could be between new lovers, kindred souls, family members, friends, business associates, or partners; it could even relate to a project or specific situation.

This would be the perfect time to realize that all relationships are really about you! Notice when you interact with different people in your life. Are they giving you energy or taking it away? Is there an even exchange? There should be an equal balance between giving and receiving energy.

Relationships are mirror images of your own life: they reflect how you feel and treat yourself, and how you react and respond to various situations and individuals around you. Each and every union is an opportunity for soul growth.

– From ‘The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck’ by John Holland.


Kalia Diya

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner

Tien Talks FB Live ~ 02/19/2019

GaiaPortal: Wings are born on those with freedom of Spirit

Wings are born on those with freedom of Spirit.

Elements of Higher Vibrations are embraced.

Polarities are leveled.

Mediators brought in.

Conclusions are created

“Everyday Magick” wand packages ~ Kalia Diya

My Dear Friend Kalia has a new line of “Everyday Magick” wand packages now available for purchase! Each Everyday Magick Wand Package includes a small, completely hand-crafted pocket-sized wand with one crystal, a set of two hand-painted runes with channeled (by Kalia) Light Language symbols on a six-sided cube, a rune legend booklet, and a high vibe single crystal. There are 10 energetic options for wands in this package: • Dragon • Shaman • Archangel Michael • Goddess • Angel • Lemuria • Faerie • Love • Joy • Galactic Runes come in your choice of: •Gold • Silver • Black These tools can be powerfully used to set a daily intention. You cast the runes and then interpret their meaning with the help of the rune legend, and then carry that intention, along with your wand and crystal, throughout your day. It’s a playful and transformative way to keep your day focused and on track. And it’s a delightful way to reconnect to your inner wizard! Promo: $44 CAD for the Everyday Magick package (does not include postage). Payment accepted via Paypal (or etransfer for Canadian residents). **This wand package is a great gift idea for anyone!**

She created me a wand and it is Amazing!

If you’re interested or wish for a custom wand or other amazing creations she does go to  New Earth Wands on FB or you can contact her at





53066198_338325053445339_7731074147937157120_n.jpg52491591_338324960112015_7192900370492817408_n (1).jpg


 Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – February 19, 2019


Hello. Me here! Anyone home?

Welcome to ALL upon Earth who choose to be in agreement with that which we desire to speak of. In fact, we would say, welcome also, to those who are not in agreement. For we ask that one follows their heart and their FEELINGS and if it be so that the words we bring forth are not in alignment with a soul’s thoughts and feelings, then we would not expect them to continue to read our messages week after week.

Actually, you are probably aware that some write in saying that this is the case and I reply with the same sentiment. A few years ago, (perhaps) I asked you about the ‘trumpet’ sounds that were heard coming from the skies or even from within the Earth. Huge groaning’s from within … or strange ‘notes’ seemingly coming from the sky, are being captured on video. To be honest, I cannot remember what you said about them, yet, folk are asking if you can explain as more and more are being heard all over the world … if that is agreeable to you?

We set an intention to reveal that which we are able to discuss about this to be brought forth, in that … these ‘sounds’ are not of Earthly makings. In that … they are not produced ‘from’ anything that is of Human form. The tones that are emitted from ‘the ethers’ come from a much Grander Origin and are ‘preperational signals’ of that which is to come.

Oh! Please do elaborate!

To continue on, we would suggest to you that the areas in which these tones are heard are in fact conditioned to accept the Vibration of these presentations and allow the area and its surroundings to absorb and mellow into that of Earth.

What about the areas that don’t hear them?

It is early days, Blossom. More and more shall these sounds resonate throughout and span further afield … and more consistently, also.

So … who/what … exactly, creates these sounds?

Vibration itself.

Yet … who/what … is asking the Vibration to make them?

Vibration itself. They are created through Vibration. There is not a ‘little man behind a curtain’ pretending to be bigger than he is. These tones are … brought forth /stirred up … would we say, by Energies that are outside of your Earth’s atmosphere and are gathered together and ‘Heralded’ in, so that they can be heard upon your Planet.

When you say, ‘in preparation for what is to come’, from what I have heard of them, they are not exactly going to make a number one hit! They sound rather daunting … almost haunting?

They are not designed to be a number one hit. In a sense, they are ‘not designed.’ They are an embellishment of what is taking place outside of your atmospheres and are moving into a place of recognition by those upon Earth … as we say … in preparation for what is to come.

And … what is that, exactly?



Hello … Here we go again!

Blossom, do you not believe this to be a Truth? Be Truthful with us?

Oh, yes, I believe it to be a Truth. It’s the ‘when’ that gets to us all. As I have said before, in order to keep your ‘street cred’, I wouldn’t bring it up until it is just around the corner.

And yet, you asked us about the sounds and the conversation, therefore, could not help but bring this matter up. For it is part and parcel of the ongoing scenarios that are taking place in all different forms … across/around /and within … your Globe … that are ‘showing the signs’ that THIS EVENT is getting ever closer.

Good point. Yet, let’s keep our feet on the ground in the knowing this still may not take place for another thousand years!

We understand of your jesting around this Sacred subject. We … can only /will only … speak of how it is for US. How it is from our perspective in the ‘No time zone.’

What are the other ongoing scenarios?

So much, Blossom, is arising now. So much more of what was once ‘censored’ is being revealed because there is so much more being captured on camera or written about on your social media, that those who desire to keep it suppressed can no longer keep up with it.

We have spoken to you of THE BATTLE BEING WON. The dark ones HAVE FALLEN. It is only as we spoke of before of ‘feeding their power’ through focus upon them, that allows their remaining energy to continue.

Unfortunately, there are so many souls still asleep in our world that continue to stoke the fire of the darkness without realizing. Another reason why the suggestion for something more solid from you guys would make such a difference. If you popped into the skies for a few days and beamed out Light Energy, millions would open their eyes and feel the Light you give out and Hey Presto!… Boom! Bye Bye bad guys!

If it was as simple as that, it would be done.

Had it been considered then?

Have you not suggested it many times?

Yep! And probably shall continue to do so. For purposes of understanding … wherein lies the complications?

Energy within your skies at this marker in your time would not allow our decloaking to last for such a great length of time …

Best get your engineers onto that one then! And … how come you said this was going to happen on Oct 14th, 2008? How could that work?

Because at that time we were preparing for the Grand Event of THAT SCENARIO to reveal itself and allow such a happening to transpire.

Could you not ‘arrange’ that once again?

It would not be fitting at this time.


Because other conditions that are of greater importance would be affected and in trying to do so, it would rearrange much that is in place.

Much that is in place to do with THE EVENT?

Indeed, Blossom. In past days we have spoken of times ahead when many ships will be commonplace in your skies. Indeed, times when those who are not of your race shall walk among you and be accepted as your brothers and sisters. May we ask you again in your Truth, if you think this is a Truth?

Without question, something inside me says YES. As I said … it is just the waiting that drives us a little bonkers. Believe me, all of us that KNOW OUR LIGHT are doing the best we can under such intense conditions. It is not easy. Not by a long shot. Sometimes I wonder if the LIGHTER we become, the harder it seems to remain within that Light, as so much doesn’t make sense and our sensitivity seems to be affected on a deeper heart level.

Unfortunately, we cannot change that situation. We would only suggest that with such ‘changing Energies’ you align your thoughts and feelings with the HIGHER YOU. Work with thoughts that you own regarding your KNOWING. In that … if/when … you allow yourself to rise up to the Higher understanding of why you are here and what it is you came to do … your understanding will present to you, the answers.

I do understand that which you are saying and I sort of KNOW the answers even though I can’t put them into words. It is more of a matter of tuning into one’s Higher Power, as you say … to rise above it all.

Correct, Blossom. To be detached from that which is being thrown out to you as bait. Take note of that last sentence if you will.

I did!

Your Topsy Turvy world is not only upside down and inside out, it is now about to start spinning and gaining momentum … in a manner of speaking. Again we state, we are speaking metaphorically!

Within all that is presented to you … within each everyday scenario that seems in your heart to be more and more outrageous … TAKE YOUR BEING TO THE HIGHER PLACE.


It has to take its course to a certain point before the ‘break out’ occurs.

Meaning what?

Meaning … the crescendo of this chapter (in Earthly time/terms) is building to its apex. To the peak of where it must be, in order for ‘it all’ to tip over the edge and come tumbling down.

And then what? Actually, I don’t know why I ask … for I feel you are going to say ‘THE EVENT’ arrives.

Not immediately.

I am very aware that the majority of us are not hanging on for it. We KNOW we are here to BE the Light and as I say … we are doing our best. Yet, some days … wow … some days … one just wants someone to ‘Stop the world, I wanna get off!’ (Title of a musical, many moons ago)

And yet … the world doesn’t stop and you do not get off. You continue on and you shall continue to continue on. What are your options?

To opt out? Not up for that. To give up? Not up for that either. Good point. Just quickly though, before you go … sometimes an ‘Energy’ of gloom and doom washes over me and I have to work so hard to shift it. As if something is eating away at me … and I can’t stop it chewing! Seriously, it is most annoying, frustrating and at times debilitating!

With respect, Blossom and all … we would say the Lighter you become the more there shall be energies that either want some of what you’ve got … or … want to stop you from shining your Light. It is a constant, ongoing situation in many cases … and you deal with it correctly, Blossom by visualizing and imagining removing it, in any way you see fit to do so.

Remember as White Cloud often says … Visualization is your most powerful tool. Use it as much as you ‘think’ to. It works wonders and is very effective.

All these ‘scenarios’ are copable. There is nothing that your LIGHT cannot shine through. Yet, it is important TO KNOW your strength and allow YOUR POWER to overpower!


Yet, some times we are tired and are caught off guard. I could go on and on yet, I feel we are done for today. Thank you … In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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Super Moon of Divine Masculine Rising #CosmicEgg #ShivLinga



The Full Moon at Zero degree Virgo (High Priestess) finds buoyancy in the occultation of Sirius to shine it’s light on the misdeeds/ shadows of the Patriachy so that they can finally be put to rest/buried.

In other words a reset for the Path of The Divine Masculine fast tracked via the Forgivness of the Divine Feminine ( High Priestess) to Activate the Cosmic Egg of New Creations. No coincidence that the Wounded Healer Chiron entered Aries at Zero Degrees just a few hours prior. The Leonine / Golden (masculine) energies of Sirius very palpable Now being fully supported via the Silver-Platinum Feline Beings( feminine). Moon further conjuncts Regulus , Heart of Leo, Now part of Virgo constellation.

The Orion Gateways get a fill-up too with these cosmic happenings to clear the pathways of the misaligned Masculine imprint so that the Orion Gateways may begin to operate at their Highest…

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