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The Creator Writings

Your Earth is being immersed in the next wave of energy.  This means the release of any faking or hiding of emotions.  You will no longer have to ‘fake it until

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Something Big and unstoppable ~ Marion Floetotto


Gaia Sophia Tara is being blasted with the energies of the most high from within and without. And you are being pushed up with her. Stuff is coming to the surface and cleansing mists are rolling over this surface and work it away thousand times quicker and stronger than ever before.

We are in the center of the most powerful purging of the disgusting and filthy mess that has been created through the many thousand years of a suppression of the invaders that most will only grasp in its horrible vastness and cruelty when it will already be over through hard liberation work of few who hardly did it to the finishing line.

We are digging into the deepest wounds and pits and holes, without hesitation, without rest.

Everything is coming to light from ancient times, our preparations from former lifetimes (lemuria, atlantis, Tara, Celtic, cathar, druidic, Essenes, Viking, indigenes of all continents) are coming to fruition, the machines are running, energies are being released, bubbles of very intense high frequency energies are rising from the 24 secret hidden places within Gaia Sophia Tara. Her system pumps the healing “gold” through her veins and lines and the gold cleanses the infection up fast and thoroughly.

Those energies have already partly been opened and connected with the streams of energy influx from the Galactic central sun and of Gaia Sophia Taras Planetary or solar starsiblings who contribute their higher dimensional very diverse, beautiful and very nice energy streams to this uplifting.
This is truly historical because she’s literally surrounded by all her planetary family who created and saved the most beautiful energy streams of all qualities: gold, platinum, diamond, indigo, magenta, all rainbow frequencies and colors of purest highest loving and healing frequencies.
At the same time they are, each one in his pace, rising and healing as well, connected, together with her. On each level, in each dimension, each density:
The planets, the angels, the souls (spells, timebubbles, splits, (karmic) patterns, trauma released and millions of traumatized children and female and male victimized parts healing and integrating in the main souls, a stream of trauma split parts who waited for this in isolation again big time yesterday), the incarnated avatars, it’s all so guided, powerful, orchestrated and balanced: cooperation and fusion of healing and rising, like in an orchestral finish when all the former single instruments, choirs, join in the last moments to one heavenly carried sound that brings tears and chills of deep humanly unexpressable joy: the sacred divine crescendo.

This process is so harmonious, beautiful, I could go on cherishing each wonderful picture and experience for hours and hours.

We are witnessing a strong cleanse of deepest and also partly oldest emotional traumata, the collective release of the dissolving of victimhood (thanks aug for giving me the second observer perspective on myself and therewith sparking the planetary/angelic healing process) and all the dominoes of detangeling the intermengeled (oh, see, there is Mengele inside) are falling into place so we can see the most high effortlessly working miracles.

Enjoy the next approx 20 days, the daily shifts up to the 21st-23rd of March (depending on your location) showing that we haven’t endured, worked, waited and hoped for nothing.

The ones who endured and worked so much truly have reached more than anyone could have imagined or expected.

Thank you for being with Gaia Sophia Tara (Isis/Mary/Magdalene) thank you for joining and merging in this liberation. Enjoy these unique days, they won’t come back, the are actually very historical, very precious.

We love you endlessly and we are so happy you are here and now.

This is a long loving hug to the ones who suffer while healing and purging from Gaia Sophia Tara.


Mari on

Marion Floetotto

Speaking YOUR Truth ~ Judith Kusel


This is the time for higher communication – for speaking the truth, and allowing the truth to be spoken.
Yet, know that each one will find their truth, and their truth may not be what you would like to hear. Refrain from judgement, and criticism, and open up the inner hearing, seeing, knowing.
Live your truth and walk it.
Unconditional love is the Key, for the New Golden Age is that of unconditional love.
It is the highest path in Soul Mastery.
As long as you love conditionally, you are not in the highest state of love.
Loving unconditionally, does not meant that one does not put healthy boundaries down – indeed it means that you clearly define those boundaries in a loving manner. Respect is gained when one puts those boundaries down, for it will mean that you have a clearly defined inner knowing of who and what you are.
Inner knowing has to do with self-love and self-worth. Worthiness. For your inner knowing and truth is worthy of being well defined and expressed. Indeed, clearly communicated.
If someone truly loves you they will respect you and value you.
Unconditional love, allow the other to be, to stand fully in their own light, without trying to overshadow them and shrink them down to the size you are comfortable with! No, it allows them to be who and what they are.
Judith Kusel

The Fifth Dimensional Throat Chakra – Speaking Your Truth! ~ Tim Whild

Crow’s Nest: Creation updates, awakening starseeds, and equinox next steps ~ Katie IndiCrow

You can choose ~ Judith Kusel


You can choose to live a mediocre life – or choose to live an extraordinary life.
You can choose the be stuck and never venture forth – or you see all of life as an adventure and have a questing mind, an adventurous spirit.
You can complain that life is dull and dreary. Yet, you create your own dullness and your own dreariness.
At this time when immense shifts are streaming in, we are being reminded that our thoughts manifest into form almost instantly.
If you constantly think fearful thoughts, and are fear-driven you will attract what you are fearing most into your life.
If you cannot wait to get up in the morning, and do what you love and love what you do, you will project that enthusiasm and the joy, the love into your work, into your relationship, into all that you are. Other people will be energetically attracted to you and your work, because of its high vibration.
We all can live extraordinary lives in our own unique and special way. We may not always hit the headlines, but what does it matter?
To have lived at all – is indeed a blessing!
More than this, to have lived, and to haven given it your all is indeed an awe-inspiring accomplishment!
It does not matter if you have a high position in life, or whether you are a humble street sweeper – if you do whatever you are called to do and become, with great love and inspiration you are fulfilling you soul purpose and mission to a high degree.
When I go shopping there is someone who always runs to help me with my shopping and helps me to put the packets into my car. There is not one single day, when he is not cheerful and grateful and he consciously blesses all who contribute towards his day. To me he is an example of a man, onto whom so many would look down upon – yet he is bringing good cheer and blessings to everyone in his own way.
“I cannot wait in the morning to get to work – for I know that for this day, I can be a blessing to someone and someone can be a blessing to me!’ He says that over and over again.
What a motto to live by!
Judith Kusel

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 125 – Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN ~ Ganapatiananda

Feb 27, 2019


Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 125 – Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN.

After Channeling and Organically Balancing the Resonant Tone of Attunement, we are invited to acquire and maintain the Galactic Tone of Integrity.

Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN guides and teaches us to tap into the Primal Lifeforce that energizes and enlivens our senses through focusing on listening to the intrinsic instinctual wisdom of our human body in order to achieve and maintain integrity. Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN encourages us to model our integrity so that it reaches others, helping to catalyze even greater levels of harmony. Integrity means to harmonize our thoughts, beliefs, and actions with what we know to be the highest truths. Integrity requires unwavering courage, crystal clear clarity, and indominable resolve. When we stand firm in our integrity, we are protected and provided for. Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN reminds us to slither into the simplicity of our sensuality by honoring the perfection of our physical temple through receiving and transmitting the instinctual wisdom of Kundalini. Through the intelligent, vibrational energies of Red Galactic Serpent – VAXAX CHICCHAN, the Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to elevate the quality of our existence, embodying a willingness to accept and integrate truth. By being true to our own inner fire illumination, we ignite metaphysical flames of intelligent consciousness that spread and offer warmth and guidance to ourselves and our brothers at large. The Cauldron of Creation is ever reminding us that we are all vessels of consciousness, exploring, and expressing Itself. It is our divine gift to be able to venture beyond our comfort points to travel both mentally and physically, uniting the unseen with the seen, and find unlimited peace in the unknown. Through this discernment and understanding, we awaken to the remembrance of the truth that we are each messengers to each other, moving and evolving while stably anchored in the dream of this existence.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,