Its time to go Home

7 principles bring about harmony and healing ~ Judith Kusel


Remember that your soul is here for one purpose only: to fulfil your soul purpose and mission. You are here on special assignment. Thus, do the work you have been called to do, even if others do not understand.
The Ancient Kahunas of Hawaii, summed it up in this way:
To tap into the any secret teaching is to find the truth behind the illusion as this reality fades to black and out of existence as SOUL RETURNS TO THE LIGHT.
These 7 principles bring about harmony and healing when applied:
IKE = The world is what you think it is. You create your own world through your thoughts and thinking.
KALA = There are no limits, everything is possible.
MAKIA = Now is the moment of power. Live in the here and now.
ALOHA = To love is to be happy with all that is, as it is.
MANA = All power comes from within.
PONO = Effectiveness is the measure of Truth. Walk your talk!

(Excerpt from my weekend webinar: “How to thrive through the dimensional shifts and raise your consciousness levels.” )
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Judith Kusel

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