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Moving without moving

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Multi-dimensional brilliance.

What does that even mean, multi-dimensional? Until you see it, the easiest way to understand it is through metaphor. Why does it matter? Maybe it doesn’t. If it does, it is for the same reason understanding how your car works matters (especially if your car was capable of transversing the heavens, which you are).

People get ideas, they go off on tangents, they poke and prod and threaten to blow your house down and if you don’t understand yourself as more than that being poked and prodded and not in anyway at all in need of your house, it’s horribly uncomfortable, so mulit-dimensional understanding, light, allows you to know that if there is a space there designated for houses, another house will come along if this one gets blown over… in the still and quiet you see that clearly.

No reason to get slapped by your own hand…

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