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Conscious Talk Live Interview with Kalia Diya, Hosted by Linda Summers ~ 3-16-19

Linda Summers interview with Kalia Diya, A Powerful Divine Being of Truth Compassion and Love, on Saturday 3-16-19 at 6:00 pm PST and 7:00 pm MST. The topic is “Empowerment.” Kalia will be sharing with us a channeled message from Anna, Grandmother of Jesus on how we are not separate from Source, how changing your vocabulary opens you up to messages from Source, how to know your own truth and not be reliant on others to lead you, how to do “The Work,” how to be in the moment and not fixate on a final destination and the Universe is a ‘Yes’ Universe. Kalia carries powerful frequencies of Truth, Compassion and Love. She is a truthteller and compassionate healer and activator! Be sure to join us for the show!

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