Its time to go Home

Soul Tribe ~ RedWolf


Such a long journey… Lifetime after Lifetime

Forgetting each one, other than the breadcrumbs left behind

Walking through lives, little bits of recognition

Flashes of familiarity that resonate to my core of my mind

Yet I walk, feeling blind to the path

Many times not sure what direction to go, feeling empty inside

And then you show up, a mirror to myself

A trigger that sparks a knowing deep inside

I know you, I know you

But not quite know who you are

We’ve been down this road before

Yet not able to place where or how far

My sight becomes a little clearer

My thoughts and knowing a little bit nearer

To the road I am meant to travel

The journey to my inner knowing

Of who I’m suppose to be.

And here you are, A beautiful light

Filling my being with love and hope

I don’t’ feel so lost and lonely

For the journey that is ahead of me.

A journey into my heart

A place to live from, and to stay.

So thank you, for sharing these lifetimes with me

Without you, I would not feel love or support

Or a glimpse of knowing, Of the real me.



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