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If you haven’t read any of Melissa’s work, please do, She is Extraordinary! Check out her book “The Lightworker’s Guide to Homelessness”!

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

What is truth? What is truth with a capital T? Truth, as far as I can tell, is a signal. A beacon. That which all else bounces back to. Once you sit in quiet meditation long enough, you start to see that all the stories are the same. Once you sit quietly long enough and listen, you hear those deeper frequencies, those higher pitches, you get a sense and a knowing for colors, thoughts, perspectives, possibilities and most of all – hearts.

My heart is hurting at the moment. I’ve been in the habit lately of trying to squash this. Have an opposite reaction. Ignore. Pretend. See the Silver lining. I know the science, I know the aspect of Faith, I know it all … how I should see if I want to be really happy. But… I don’t understand how to apply it. In certain scenarios.

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