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Resurrection of Mother and Son



The Resurrection Begins…

The Reversal Process has been put into action…. the lies, the manipulation, the sabotage….Purification by Fire, Transcendence to the Original TRUTH to be reached by the Reversal….The Resurrection Begins…Divine Mother Blazes forth…. Divine SON to Resurrect…

And this comes in the Wave of the Divine Mother Energies which have been in evidence since 4:4 ( Mary Magdalene Portal) with the New Moon providing a Powerfull Turn of the Wheel as it also happened to open the Holy 9 Nights portal of the Goddess ,Navratri . And as this wave inches towards  a climax with the approaching Full Moon  and  Resurrection Easter….

Resurrection NOT ONLY   of  the Divine Mother as a Powerful Force of New Creation as The Portal between Worlds ( New Consciousness,Awakening) BUT ALSO of the lesser known SON relegated to the shadows…ANUBIS…the  Gatekeeper To the Original Truth / Thoth ( of the Akashik Records/ Truth/…

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