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Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 175 – Back Rhythmic Eagle – UAC MEN

April 18, 2019

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 175 – Back Rhythmic Eagle – UAC MEN.

After Empowering our Overtone Tone of Radiance comes the Rhythmic Tone of Equality and Balance.

Black Rhythmic Eagle – UAC MEN guides and teaches us to focus on accessing our connection to the interconnected Planetary Mind, in order to attain and maintain Organic Balance. Organic Balance is the greatest task of the Spiritual Warrior as Organic Balance directly affects all departments of daily existence. Choosing to dwell in balance is a on-going, moment-by-moment commitment because never-ending change is the nature of the dream of this existence. We would be wise to contantly and consistently check in and re-calibrate as needed in order to access and maintain Organic Balance. Through the energies of Black Rhythmic Eagle – UAC MEN, the Cauldron of Creation is summoning us to intentionally imagine seeing the larger plan as through we are flying above like an eagle with keen, clear sight. The Cauldron of Creation is encouraging us to use the power of our minds to create, inspired by our inner vision. Let us collectively focus on maintaining, preserving, and cultivating balance and equality in all of our energetic endeavors, including all of our relationships. A unified global village can result when we collectively see our Mother Earth as One, from an eagle’s point of view from above, as one world.

In Lake’ch!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

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