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Soul Groups ~ Judith Kusel


Not one soul will be called in the same way, for every soul’s calling, purpose and mission is unique.
Souls from the same Soul Groups will often agree to incarnate together to complete work begun in other lifetimes, or to resolve old negative karmic patterns, or like now, to do specific work. These souls will normally belong to a SOUL GROUP CLUSTER, where more than one Soul Group merges to form such a cluster in order to do intense work together.
Each Soul Group has been created by the Divine to fulfill a specific task and they specialize in that specific field e.g. an chemical engineer will focus on that particular field of engineering, and none other. Yet, some soul group incorporate more than one single field of expertise and often act as the forerunners, the pioneers, the explorers of the cosmos.
Souls within soul groups will recognize each other, via the sacred geometries which are held in the invisible planes on the forehead of the soul entity (every soul has a lightbody and the form of the face and lightbody will never change.). When incarnated on this planet you will retain more or less the same type of forehead, and eyes, as you have in the inner planes, and thus souls from your own soul group will recognize you.
Before you incarnate you will meet with the souls who have agreed to work with you in this lifetime, or who will be your family members, friends, challengers, etc. You will agree to meet each other at specific times in life. The meeting could be fleeting, it could be for a few months, for a few years, or for the whole incarnation.
The longer I do soul readings, the more impressed I become with the perfect Divine Order of All of Creation – specifically souls. Nothing is ever just at random. It may seem so – yet in truth is not. All is perfect orchestrated. Yet, within this perfect field there is room for free will and choice, and room for manouvering. If you are destined to meet a soul, you will meet them. It may just come later in life, when both of your first did what you needed to do and become, before you could finally link up.
With limited human understanding, and because of the veils of amnesia, we tend to forget all of this. Yet, once insight and understanding comes, we tend to not take life so seriously anymore. For in truth, long after we have left this planet, the soul bonds carry on, specifically with soul mates and Twin Flames. One can never be separated from them nor from the Divine. All is ONE.
To me the new science to emerge, will be the science of the SOUL. It is a science by itself, and is studied Universally. Human beings are lagging behind.
Judith Kusel

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