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Dragon Oracle Card ~ 4-30-19

For those who are Meant to see…


Emerald Dragons are wise healers who prepare us to align with our true fifth dimensional Blueprint. They work with the Mighty Archangel Raphael, the emerald Angel in charge of the development of the third eye. They clear out emotional body to leave us free to love, forgive and open our hearts.

These magnificent Dragons also retune our mental body so that our thoughts support our divine perfection. This allows Archangel Raphael to pour emerald light through our spiritual body, so that our physical body aligns with all we can be.

They also open us up for cosmic abundance. Working with Archangel Raphael, they link us, through our third eye, to Jupiter and it ascended aspect, Jumbay. This is the planet of good fortune and beneficial rewards. The blessings that fall upon us may be financial, but not necessarily, and they are always fortuitous for our ascension pathway.

The Emerald Dragons invite you to fill your aura with emerald light, so that they can enter your energy fields easily and consume all that no longer serves you.

Breathe gently in and out of your third eye so that the Emerald Dragons can touch and open it. They will start to pull back your veils of illusion.

This card indicates you are ready to receive healing, love and a cornucopia wonderful things, so relax at a deep core level and invite these magnificent Dragons to bring good fortune into your life.

Remember to be grateful for all the good that comes your way.

Dragon Oracle Cards

Diana Cooper

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