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Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 187 – Black Overtone Hand – HO MANIK


April 30, 2019

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 187 – Black Overtone Hand – HO MANIK.

After Defining of the Self-Existing Tone of Form comes the Radiant Empowerment of the Overtone Tone of Radiance.

Black Overtone Hand – HO MANIK guides and teaches us to personally and intimately know the energetic powers of completion and closure which allows us to move to higher levels of being, through intentionally and consciously focusing on actively healing and actualizing our inherent ability to craft, in order to become awakened and centered in the heart-center of our Essential Being. All true empowerment comes from dwelling in the heart-center of our Essential Being. Through the energies of Black Overtone Hand – HO MANIK, the Cauldron of Creation is awakening us to the remembrance that when we are centered and balanced in the heart-center of our Essential Being, we naturally radiate outwards in all directions, transmitting intelligent vibrational energy that is felt and perceived in ever-widening, energetic rings. Black Overtone Hand – HO MANIK encourages us to let accomplishment be defined by our own inner knowing. The correct command of our lives and resources is an expression of a centered state of being. The Cauldron of Creation is inviting us to anchor ourselves to the core of our Essential Being, our authentic Self. Through this discernment, we can more harmoniously surrender collectively to the ever-expanding surges of invisible currents of change that endlessly re-arrange, re-direct, and quicken this dream of our existence. Ever-new intelligent, energetic, vibrational energies of wholeness are offering themselves to be claimed and actualized. Let us cast our intelligent, radiant, vibrational energies out into the endlessly vast and unconditionally loving arms of our Unseen Creator and receive back unlimited inspiration, ever new vitalization, and never-ending sacred communications that are always moving through the conduits of our human consciousness.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

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