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If someone says something that upsets you, what’s your next step?

1. Block them?
2. Lash out at them?
3. Mutter unkind words under your breath?
4. Gossip about them?
5. Sulk and stew because you think it’s directed at you?
6. Analyze every word until you think you’ve got their motive all figured out?

Those options above are the long road to freedom, because the Universe is just going to serve you that same bitter dish over and over until you surrender to the truth (truth: we are all one: ‘I AM THAT’) no matter how caustic their words may have been.

The truth is: you’ve created that reality to come into your life and that soul is a guide and teacher to shine the light on those parts of you that desire to be free of all judgement and beliefs that aren’t aligned to your own truth.

Try this option next time:

7. Gratitude & Neutrality & Love – thank the source of the words (internally or externally) for being an important teacher who came into your life at exactly the right time to show you your own reflection in their eyes.

If what they said doesn’t resonate, leave it behind. If there’s a shred of truth in what they expressed, then integrate that truth, but leave behind the energy of the hurt, betrayal, or angst. EVERYTHING is an opportunity for expansion.

You are MASTERS of your own Universe!! Acting like a petulant child will only delay your own growth.

It takes practice to do this, so be kind to yourself and others. But option #7 is well worth it!!

Much love,
Kalia 💗

PS.. I’ve resisted #7 more often than not, but the more I choose #7, the easier it gets!

Try it in rush-hour traffic next time. You are that jerk who you see cutting people off in front of you (I AM THAT I AM), and being neutral towards them means you’re loving YOU. Not convinced yet? Do it next time the Universe gives you the opportunity. 💗

(Photo by me – Calgary, AB)

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner

Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – May 26, 2019

blog Gr's

Good luck with this one, folks!

Hello once again. A few weeks ago at the end of our conversation, this was said by me. ‘Now and then we have had momentary ‘sparks’ of understanding all of this. Yet ‘The Game’ when one knows how to play it, can now continue in this much Lighter fashion and for much longer periods of time. Until, as you say … It simply BECOMES US … IS US … WE ARE THE GAME.’ To which you replied ‘NOT OF IT’. I said ‘Woah! Hold on. That’s quite HUGE!’ And you said ‘Not when you KNOW IT.’ Can we look into that, please?

Firstly, welcome to you Blossom and Each One who enjoys these conversations as much as we do. The statement is not as profound or ‘huge’ as you read into it. For when you say ‘We are The Game’ … yes, you are … for you as individual selves are not just the participants of The Game, you are also the rules and the players and all that The Game can possibly be. Therefore, yes … YOU ARE THE GAME.

When we say ‘NOT OF IT’, it is coming from the point of view that you are outside of it. In a sense, although it IS YOU … you FEEL as though you are in it /of it etc. you are not. You are, would we say … an outsider looking in. If we put it in terms of the video games one plays upon your Earth plane. One ‘Plays’ the game by using the controls on a remote. You are manipulating the ‘players’ … what they do … where they go … how they behave, yet you are not actually them. You are working them from behind the scenes, would we say.

Yet WR (with respect), when one is playing a video game the detachment from the player and the manipulator is so obvious. Here in THIS GAME OF LIFE … we ARE attached to that which takes place in our lives. We ARE involved because our feelings respond to that which is going on.

And we would then take you back Blossom to a time when we expressed in a few conversations that ‘Nothing Matters’.

Yes, I have never forgotten that. I couldn’t get my head around it then. Maybe a little more now, as I have expanded my Truth. Carry on … or … maybe don’t. LOL!

You are ‘conducting’ your lives. Whether you agree with that or not.

Personally, I do.

Some have not come into that awareness … yet. For those that CAN come from this perspective, we would say that therefore, you understand that you are actually MASTERS OF THE GAME. When you accept this … you have understood its entire ‘layout’.

I am clearly not a master yet, although I would say I understand that I conduct my life. I just have many ‘understandings’ within that understanding to work through. Due to … my feelings. I am working on mastering them.


Therefore, WR, I AM IN The Game, not outside of it, because if my feelings are who I am, I navigate this board game by them (feelings).

Yet, who is in control of them?

Me. Although, I am working on that one too! Isn’t it more a matter of controlling my thoughts in order to ‘change’ my feelings about something?

Ultimately ALL FEELINGS derive from Love. So, it is about changing the Vibrational pattern of them … into a Higher one, if they are operating on a lower one. In this way, as you know … life works for you.

I am not sure how far we are going to get with this. I am confused already. A) If I am my feelings, how can I not be of it? And B) If nothing matters, then my feelings don’t matter and therefore, if I am my feelings … I then … don’t matter! Oh, far out! Am I really in the mood for all this today?

If not we can resume another time. Or, if you FEEL you are not ready for this in-depth understanding, we can leave it until you feel you are. And yet, we know you are … we would suggest not to ‘think’ it too much.

All well and good for you to say. Yet, in order for the conversation to flow, I need to think it. I’ll try … that’s the best any of us can do!

Dearest Blossom, yes, you are your feelings. Your feelings are your Spirit Essence. If you could not feel, you could not Be … you could not express. What if we said that you are not of The Game … that your feelings were also outside of it … yet, you ‘think’ they are inside. You have to ‘use’ your feelings to move on up the board to steer your way around it yet, they do not have to be OF IT.

IT IS A GAME. YOU are not.

Yet, I said ‘We are The Game’ and you said ‘Not of it’.

YOU ARE OF LOVE. That is what you are of. That is why nothing in The Game matters. Because you are not of it. YOU cannot be of it, for YOU are of LOVE.

Is The Game not all about Love?

Yes. Yet, The Game is the teacher, would we say. It expands your KNOWING OF SELF.

And yet, you say it doesn’t matter? How can the learning of ‘knowing of self’ not matter?


Let us say you were sitting ‘there’ one day in the ALL KNOWINGNESS OF WHO YOU ARE. Yet, for the want of explanation … you were bored … you wanted more … because in that KNOWINGNESS there is never an end. LOVE is ever expanding … in/of/through/as … itself. That is its design … to LOVE MORE.

So, there you were … bored … and therefore, decided to expand into a game. An experiment called ‘Earth and all it can be’. The thought was created and became alive and therefore, manifested with an infinite number of possibilities of what it could be … what it could do … how it could be played. Did you pick up on that part, WR? An INFINITE number of possibilities. So, The Game, in a sense, is designing itself as it expands … into/of … itself. Because to design itself, is what it was designed to do.

So, there you are … no longer bored … watching (from afar, yet up close and personal at the same time) … as to how this Game is continuing on/playing out. Your feelings are the mechanism whilst ‘thinking’ you are in The Game, that allows you to move from one square to another, depending on your understanding of how it works.

Yet, in Truth, your feelings are YOU whilst in The Game yet, YOU … who are not of it … have feelings only of the Highest Truest, Purist LOVE.

Lost the plot way back … I have no idea if any of this makes sense. We are our feelings, right?


Yet, you are saying our feelings are the things that make us move through The Game. So … how can we not be of it? Brain explosion in 5… 4… 3… 2…

Because your feelings whilst ‘thinking’ you are of The Game … are there to guide you through it … as The Game develops by design.

Yet, it is because you ‘think’ you are IN IT … that you ‘think’ you are OF IT.

When a soul is in agreement and alignment to re-enter into Planet Earth via the nine-month gestation period … it can come and go as it pleases into that embryo … until such time when it has to ‘enter fully’ and remain, which can sometimes not happen until the physical body is entering into the birth canal. Other souls feel comfortable enough and choose to stay in the growing miracle for the full term. It is up to the individual at the time and depending on what the mother’s emotions and physicality are experiencing at the time also. It is not that your soul in the physical understanding of where it is, leaves the body fully. Yet … the soul/your feelings … are so much more than where it believes it to be … in The Game.

You know, there is some part of me, somewhere out there /in there, that sort of knows what you are trying to explain. Yet, it just seems impossible to put it into words … for both you and me. Some topics we ‘touch upon’ just never make it through and maybe that is the way MY mind works … who knows? Or maybe, it just cannot be understood when involved too deeply in The Game. Even though we are not of it and nothing matters! So, this is going to be one of those that I leave well alone … for now. Many may feel frustrated with me. I have learned not to apologize, having done nothing wrong. I tried my best yet, the end result was rather disappointing, I feel. Hey Ho! Such is Life. Such is The Game. You win some, you lose some! Either way, thanks to you … for trying also.

We are of the understanding that this is unable to be understood … or perhaps we need to find a better way to explain it.

When that happens … I’d be more than happy for you to pop into somebody else’s head to do so! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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Website: Blossom Goodchild 

See you through Me ~ Redwolf


Take a step back for a moment, and close your eyes

Quiet all the thoughts and pause what you feel inside.

Now, change your focus, change your sight

See through my eyes, letting in the unfiltered, un-distorted light

Tell me now what do you see

As you are seeing you through me

Without the pain, without the trauma

All judgments of the past long gone

Tell me now what do you see

As you are seeing you through me

Without the programming others had you believe

A stranger standing before you, of exquisite Beauty

Now, take a step forward, and open your eyes

Looking in the mirror with your new sight

After seeing through my eyes

This Beautiful stranger, that was taken from you

Finally found and finally home, where you are meant to be.

See you through YOU now

The Beauty inside and out

That has always been there waiting for you

Feeling it to the core, welcoming her home

Never to be lost or taken away from you again.



Go Play! ~ The Creator Writings


here is a world that exists beyond your physical world. A world where magic happens, where manifestations appear at a moment’s notice and your creations are as real as what you are looking at now. You have been given the tools to access it so, go play! (Laughing) Have fun! Run toward it like a child chasing the ice cream truck, roll around in it like you have found your first big mud puddle and there are no adults watching, dance with it like it is playing your favorite song! You have the power, the drive and skill to do it. The only thing stopping you is, of course, you. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

She is LOVE ~ Judith Kusel


She is expanding….awakening….
She is blossoming in the vastness of Becoming,
She is revelling in her own heart-voice, soul-voice, and inner guidance and she is following the intuitive knowing within.
She is unique, special, and is true to the deepest core of her own soul.
She is powerful as she is true to herself, her highest soul calling and purpose and she does not shrink away from whatever her soul is calling her to be and to become.
She is honest.
She has long lost the need to pretend, to try and fit in, and to become what others’ want her to be.
She is blazing her own trails and she is following her soul call and living it, from the depths of heart, mind, soul and Being.
She is changing the world in her own way.
She is learning to embrace all of herself, and all that she is, without limitations, knowing that in truth there is so much depth within her, which is still unexplored.
She spans dimensions, and she is not afraid to talk about it, to speak up anymore.
She has found her voice, her expression, and she is fearlessly following the call of her soul and living her soul mission and purpose with all that she is.
She opens her heart to ever greater levels of love and being loved, without restrictions, boundless, infinite.
She understands that love gives the Beloved the freedom to be, without needing to bind, nor restrict, nor to conform.
She loves without limits for she has finally learnt to embrace and love herself, and in doing so finally is open to love her Beloved, ever expressing the deepest yearning of her heart, mind and soul for she understands that true intimacy, speaks, voices, and is not afraid to lay bare the heart and soul.
She builds trust and respect with her Beloved, and in doing so, true love is blossoming in ever higher degrees.
She is willing to do the inner work, to release the woundedness of this life and others, to truly forgive and to find the highest states of pure Grace. “Thank you! I love you!” becomes a way of life, and it sets her heart and soul free to love even deeper and greater than ever before. For the world and all in it is but a mirror, and she understands that every encounter brings and the blessing and opportunity to love herself to the highest degrees and to allow this to overflow from her, like an infinite fountain of unconditional love.
.She loves her sexuality and joy it brings to her without wanting, without needing, just marvelling in the bliss and ecstasy it brings, and in the ultimate of Union. For in truth there are hidden miracles everywhere and perhaps the greatest of all miracles is the merging of two souls’ energy as one.
She is purity.
She is innocence.
She lives truth and integrity.
She is JOY!
She is wise!
Her greatest power lies in her beautiful heart, the love which is has to share, and more than this, in her inquisitive nature, in rendering highest service with great love and devotion, and in always being ready to listen deep within for guidance and following it to the tee, even if she does not always understand.
She believes in miracles.
She sprinkles stardust of love and light and inspiration wherever she goes.
She understands that she is here on this planet not to follow the norm – but to break the norm and to create a new and much higher way of life.
She is indeed, the Love which changes the world.
She is LOVE.
Judith Kusel
27 May 2019
Copyright Applies

Grounding ~ Tim Whild



One of the most important things we can do for ourselves as Lightworkers is ground our energy. As the frequencies rise on Earth on a daily basis we receive everything from the Cosmos via our Stellar Gateway chakra. We are essentially human lightning rods.
Feeling ungrounded can be a difficult experience in todays climes as we choose our vibrational state the minute we wake up and connect into our physical reality.
The Earth Star chakra beneath the soles of our feet determines the energy that we stay in during the course of our day.

This is a very simple exercise that you can do when you wake up or whenever you want to ‘re-set’ and bring yourself back into full alignment.

1. Stand with both feet firmly on the floor. Barefoot/outside is the best but not always convenient so anywhere will do!

2. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the Earth Star chakra below the soles of your feet. See it as a beautiful hematite grey/silver.

3. Ask your Earth Star to hold you at your perfect fifth-dimensional frequency all day (we all shift vibration due to our circumstances and surroundings…balance is key)

4. Feel yourself setting firmly at a high vibration and ask your Earth Star to regulate your vibration during the course of your day.

5. Imagine beautiful silver roots flowing from your Earth Star into the higher magnetics of the planet, into the 5D Ley Systems and merging within the Christ Consciousness of the waters.

6. Hold this for a few breaths and then allow your Earth Star to surround you in a silver bubble of protective light.

7. You are now ready for your day!

Love Tim 🌸

Tim Whild – Practical Ascension

The greatest of all lessons, came from the Eagles ~ Judith Kusel 


Mother Earth and all of nature, reflect the Omniverse and all the Divine Laws which govern the cosmos perfectly!
It is us, who tend to ignore the inherent lessons contained in Mother Earth and the Divine Laws which are operational within, on her and above her and govern all life and life forms.
I have always been interested in Falconry, as I love reading Medieval History, and have had past life recalls of mastering this in some degree. So last week, when the opportunity presented itself to visit a Raptor centre where they work with saving and rehabilitating injured Birds of Prey, I took the opportunity to watch expert Falconers at work.
The greatest of all lessons, came from the Eagles, as usual! Eagles in truth do not need to flap their wings all the time, once they are airborne. They tend to use their amazing eyesight and abilities, to spot a natural warm air bubble and they will fly into it and stay within it with their wings spread. The spiraling air current will pull them up, faster and faster, higher and higher, until they reach amazing heights!
I was reminded of how in my writing I constantly refer to the spiraling and vortex energy fields, which are there, naturally all over the planet. The Ancients knew how to tap into these massive energy fields, and that emitted by the pyramids and pyramid grids, and utilize this energy, without the need to plunder Mother Earths resources. Indeed, such energy fields are becoming reactivated and once we start understanding this, we can start to use these energy fields in holistic ways, which enhance all of life on this planet, and work with the energy fields, and expand them and can do so without limitations!
Nicola Tesla understood this in some measure.
The eagles are teaching us that when when you work with the Cosmic forces and become as one with them, you will be elevated to much higher degrees.
The same spiraling air vortex they use, is there present within our own bodies, and cosmically, within the natural energy fields. Within the different dimensions.
When we start working WITH the cosmic and earthly energy fields, instead of always trying to go against the natural laws, we will start working in harmony with mother earth and the rest of the cosmos.
This is the lesson the eagles bring.
Judith Kusel

GaiaPortal: Effulvance of planetary elixirs presents to all

Effulvance of planetary elixirs presents to all.

Far-sighteds view the realm.

Clarification comes to all Hue-Beings.

Clairvoyance comes to all

Your Dragon Oracle Card ~ 5-26-19

For those Who are Meant to See…


These Dragons shimmer with golden sparkles of cosmic wisdom, for they harness the light of the stars, planets and constellations. When we are ready, they touch us with this light, enabling us to embody the illumined energy and wisdom they contain.

While many of us are able to attune to the ninth dimension, it is still an awesome light, filled with joy love and wisdom beyond our current comprehension. Dark blue galactic Dragons can send bursts of this cosmic searchlight through us to ignite the hidden codes of our master blueprint, the seventh dimensional light of our soul, so that we can listen to the voice of the universe.

Your soul journey has taken you to the stars and beyond. The Dark blue galactic Dragons now invite you to communicate with the masters of the universe, the Intergalactic Council, where you can contribute your energy for the smooth ascension of the planet. It is TIME to listen and serve.

Ask the Wondrous Dragons who have come to you to tune in to the Intergalactic Council, where you will be offered the honour of petitioning the Council. Decide whether your petition is for the welfare of the animals or humanity, or to assist the ascension of the planet. Then ask the Dragons to take you to the council to present your petition.

Dark blue galactic Dragons will also instruct you during meditation or sleep. This will enable you to serve in a galactic capacity and will hugely expand your energy fields.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

Another Gentle Reminder… ~ The Creator Writings


Each heart, each soul, each human deserves to be treated as such.  It does not matter what they wear, who their friends/family are, where they are from, what they choose to/not to worship, where they live or where they are choosing to go.  Each and every one of you is living your here and now, walking the path you are meant to take and in a way that works specifically for you!  When you decide within yourself to shame, exclude, harass or abuse another because their views differ from yours, you are choosing to hurt yourself.  Yes, there will be differences of opinion, however, you know…in your gut…when it crosses a line.  Be a bringer of understanding, love, joy and peace.  It is much easier and takes up less ‘brain space’ but, fills so much of your world with good. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley



May 25, 2019


The human experience is not for the faint of heart. No matter what you are feeling right now, it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling. Things may be great, or things may be not so great right now. It is important to honor your feelings and identify them, so you can aptly get to the heart of why you are feeling that particular emotion, then transform it into something of use and something that vibrates of joy. If you’re happy, spread the happiness around. If you’re not happy, do something that makes you happy RIGHT NOW. Celebrate YOU.

We are made of stars.

This is a proven scientific fact called quantum entanglement. What does this mean exactly? It means that we are made up of the very particles that stars are made of. This is the oneness of the Universe we live in. This quantum entanglement gives us proof that we are all things and have access to all things. Do the stars worry about creating enough light to amplify the darkness? NO. They just shine. So don’t you worry about your light. It just shines. Let your soul shine in the particular frequency and vibration that only you carry. All the stars/souls around you may be sparkling a pink light, but your light may be green. Does this make it “right” or “wrong”? NO. There is no right or wrong just being YOU. Just be YOU. Find what makes you happy and shine your light even if you are the only one doing it. Own it. BE it.

We are made of scars.

We get hurt and we have scars to prove it (Sometimes the scars don’t show on our physical bodies, of course). Does this make our lives, our experiences right or wrong? Again, the answer is NO. Our scars simply show that we have had a particular experience, and to remind us to be aware not to attach to any of the trauma associated with the scar. Look at your own transformation! No one else could do it like you do it. You are amazing. You have come through so much. You are learning about yourself, and finding the beauty of your own soul. And you have helped others, knowingly or unknowingly, by coming through that challenge and transforming it into a metamorphic evolution. Own it. BE it. BE YOU.


You can change the “why is this happening?” to “It is happening, and what can create with this experience?” Be the alchemist of your life. YOU get to choose. We are not helpless beings subject to fate, although it may seem like it sometimes. We create our own experiences so we can have soul expansion. Sometimes those experiences are fun, and sometimes they are definitely not fun. But they are all experiences, and aren’t you glad for the person you are today? I know I am. I am grateful. Without my experiences I would’ve had a boring life. Instead, I get to watch the sitcom of my own life, and it’s pretty hilarious sometimes.

If you gotta laugh at life, then laugh at it. Watch what changes come from laughter. It might surprise you.

Find your joy. Do and be what you love.

One Love,

Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

The Road Ahead… ~ The Creator Writings



Today The Universe would like to speak to you about balance.  It can be a challenge to go from a full-on dissemination of information into a rest period and back into full-on.  If you are new to the process, the effects on the human body may be a bit of a shock.  This is where your skills come in. (Smiling)

You have been given the tools to navigate these changes with grace and ease but, sometimes, it is neither graceful nor easy.  The best thing to do in moments like these is to breathe! Being consciously aware of your breath will help you maintain your center.  Keeping your thoughts positive will help you to stay on your best path even though it may be a little rough.  Grounding, in whatever manner you choose, is also of great assistance.  Being fully here, on your Earth plane, may be the last thing you want to do. But it is necessary for the health and well-being of your chosen vessel.  The Universe, of course, is always available for assistance whenever you need it.  As always, you are loved, cherished, admired and respected for the work you are doing now and the work forthcoming. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

Better Timelines for Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Better Timelines for Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have explored several different timelines that you have in front of you, and we are happy to report that the timelines we investigate keep getting better and better for humanity. You are holding a higher frequency as a collective, and you are doing so in large part because of how much you have been able to access in terms of the energies that have been coming in. The fact that so many of you have become bored with the third and fourth dimensional ways actually bodes quite nicely for the evolution of consciousness that is happening there.

If you all were interested in continuing to play the same games you’ve been playing with yourselves for many, many lifetimes, there would be less boredom experienced. Instead you would be chasing something outside of you, something will never ultimately satisfy you. But what we see is a recognition that the third- and fourth-dimensional ways are going to be unsatisfying if you pursue them, and then we see you doing what is necessary to be open to the high frequency energies that continue to come in.

In this way, not knowing what to do with yourselves is serving you and the rest of humanity. Not feeling like you fit in is serving you and the rest of humanity. Not being interested in having the perfect life as it is on planet Earth right now is serving you and the rest of humanity.

You have been able to discern for yourselves that ultimately you will only be satisfied by the expansion of your consciousness. You have been giving in to your lackluster energy, and you have also been willing to go within and access that Divine Feminine aspect of you that is very open to receive all the higher frequency energies that have been coming your way and that will continue to come your way.

So you are helping to put humanity on these much better timelines for ascension, and you are learning how to be patient in spite of the fact that you are seeing predictions all the time about when the shift, or the event, is going to happen. Being able to navigate the fourth dimension in peace and harmony are skills that you need right now, and we see you developing those skills, and we see a brighter future for you all, no matter what the circumstances of your life might be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Schumann resonances ~ 5-25-19

shm (1).jpg

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 212 – Yellow Self-Existing Human – CAN EB


May 25, 2019

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 212 – Yellow Self-Existing Human – CAN EB.

After Activation of the Electric Tone of Service comes the Defining of the Self-Existing Tone of Form.

Yellow Self-Existing Human – CAN EB guides and teaches us to bring our free-will into right alignment through the integrity of unconditional love for all, including ourselves, by utilizing the powers of discernment, measure, and definition, which allows us to bring Form into existence. All Form follows vibration and all vibration follows Form. Since all Forms are self-existing, when we allow ourselves to surrender to the natural intelligence of the Forms that we are manifesting, without control or manipulation, those Forms are birthed gracefully. Yellow Self-Existing Human – CAN EB encourages us to feel the oneness of all humanity through awakening the inherent abilities of our Human Form by choosing to be impregnated and fueled by higher, expansive wisdom. Yellow Self-Existing Human – CAN EB also reminds us that how we define things determines precisely how they form. Including mental definitions, which create thought Forms, or in other words, waveforms, that we experience as moods. Honor the wisdom present in all fellow human journeyers while being self-sustaining, self-existing, and self-maintaining, which is being whole within one’s self. We would be wise to claim our power of intuition by using our ability of discernment and attention to detail as we co-choreograph our experience of this dream of existence, acknowledging the naturally occurring abundance that exists all around us. Let us strengthen the foundational structure of who and what we really are as we enjoy the divine mystery of natural order.

In Lak’ech!

Peace, Love, and Harmony,

For daily Mayan lesson notifications, you may join our Facebook group, Awakening Consciousness Family.
In divine friendship, we lovingly share the Galactic Signature, video excerpt readings of the Mayan Oracle that go more in depth about the day, and a poetic version of the Solar Frequency called The Magical Child. We also share yogic wisdom and updates about our progress and events for our spiritual community. You may join us here at the following link.

Playing Solitaire With the Devil

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

If you can’t make art to stay alive, might as well make art to feel alive…In a world that’s lost it’s way

The following is an excerpt from a longer story you can find HERE

Tomorrow’s Friday. A beautiful weekend awaits. Enjoy.

The beast laughed. He didn’t recall ever having done so. The
laughter changed the inky blackness of the hole ever so slightly. A shimmering
circle the size of a quarter, appeared in the space before his sternum. “Tell
me another joke, mortal man, quickly,” The beast spoke urgently, transfixed by
the shimmer.

The man looked. The man saw. And as he looked at what he
saw, his hands put down the cards he’d been holding. He took in what the beast
was absorbed with.

“A man and a fish walk into a bar,” he said before slowly
reaching for the cards, picking them up and putting them back…

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The Matriarchitect Says Hi

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Time Dilation, An update

I was supposed to write yesterday. But man, the vibe was so nice, the wave gently rolling on top of the beach of life. I knew it would come to an end and we’d have to paddle or teleport or (fly?) our way back out again and that I could make it easier if I wrote, maybe stop a few people who haven’t done this before from experiencing that board hitting the sand effect. Was your body in motion but the tide is changing course and now you don’t know which way is up? Or how to overcome the inertia of dryland? Hm, confusing and uncomfortable to think about, cause that there fantasy was just starting to get good.  

How to build a house on top of water, that is the question.

Oh, Mama Earth, I wish I wish they knew how smart you are.

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REST! ~ The Creator Writings


Take a very deep breath…now, send your consciousness out beyond yourself…and just feel. The changes going on now are so different from anything your Earth plane has experienced thus far, it is challenging to put into words

so, you may need to experience it for yourself. (Smiling)

The Universe wants to you to know that you have done a stellar job with the intense learning presented and the current ‘rest period’ is well-deserved and very needed before the next wave comes arrives. Over the next few days…take some time for intensive self-care, devoting some of it to the integration of what you have already received. This will begin the process of preparation for upcoming events and instructions. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, just ask for help. Assistance, in whatever form, is always available to you! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

The Night

Winter's Spring

I’ve opened the door to the dark
And the dark enlightened me.
I’ve opened the window to the night
And the night illuminated me.

Dark night.

I know her face
And speak her language.
I recognize her sounds
And understand her sayings.

At the peak of a seclusion
A night away from everyone
I’m sharpening my senses.

I’m in the darkness of conclusion.

There’s plenty for me to see, hear, feel and write
On a seldom liked dark night.

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THE PASSAGEWAY ~ Amanda Lorence

I am re-sharing a video dated 19 February. In particular the 18 minute mark sets up context for the 22 minute mark, that explains THE PASSAGEWAY many are in Now.

A vast number of awakened are NOW experiencing what I call the “Passageway Stage”. This is THE Stage, after the ‘Purge’. Where the ‘pack of cards’ (your 4D experience) has collapsed. You have just seen the flimsiness of that dimensional space.I am witnessing widespread many in the Passageway Stage: experiencing inner confusion, a not knowing, a no man’s land, fear of not knowing what next step to take. And Yes, people are kind of playing with ‘straddling the fence’…not wanting to let go of 4D, yet it’s their time…they have. Let go or be dragged is the truth of it. For at Tahiti stage, you are truly between worlds. They see, hold on to the familiarity of 4D, the Ascension Dimension. The old spiritual life they were in (4D) feels kind of safe, yet it grates, no longer resonates to their NOW energetic frequency. So it becomes an internal war, a yo-yo effect of trying to exist in a 4D dimension you have actually just exited. The Passageway is a WALK BETWEEN WORLDS. An experience of not fully letting go of 4D, yet seeing only an unknown path ahead. Each time you turn back to 4D you get BURNT. This is just your Higher Self teaching you, via your repeated experiences of ‘turning back’, that you are no longer there, no longer fitting to that plane of energetic experience. Yet the ‘walk between worlds’ brings forth the vulnerability, it’s an individual FACET experience. Just you, naked, to your own self, not knowing where this Passageway leads. Yet the Passageway teaches YOU many wisdoms, for YOU to receive and integrate. Many are at this stage NOW. The Passageway eventually leads each to the NEW existence in 5D. Where everything is NEW. It is a learning curve on arrival. Where there are no attachments, just love, compassion, trust, presence, ENERGIES, you adjust to. Do not be disheartened by the Passageway, of leaving 3D and 4D. For from the 5D plane of living in your body, you are able to visit 3D and 4D. We can’t live there anymore, but we are STILL able to ‘fly’ back to assist all we are choosing to. Nothing is lost, on the contrary, you are gaining more of who you are, what you are, what you are capable of, which is infinite. So that you are able to assist so many, via your energy, your infinite love and compassion, that comes from having that deep human experience yourself.

GaiaPortal: Tools of Ascension are grasped by those of earnest

Tools of Ascension are grasped by those of earnest.

Flakes fall to the side.

Weak-kneed players remove themselves.

Intentions are key.

Fortunes are granted for those of the Light.

Possibility Space

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

I don’t feel like writing today

But I have so much to say

I’ll paint instead …. It’s hard to argue without words

My thoughts tangible but confusing

I am Manifest, Unmanifest


You don’t get to decide for me. Nor I, you

Doesn’t that feel better, Actually?

No? You’d rather another layer added?

So you don’t have to see, feel, know of that which I manifest, paint, draw, think, perceive… Of which you don’t agree?

How many layers of belief, reality, illusion, allusion …. Shall we add so you feel safe

In your space

Without my vision

And sight

And truth

Individual or otherwise

Adding highlights and shadows where you didn’t intend them…. That’s the sun’s job, I get it.

We do. We get it.

From the great beyond where you’ve placed us …. outcasts, weirdos, charmers, farmers, freaks and geeks

Far and removed from your comfort zone.


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Skills ~ The Creator Writings


As you grow and gain knowledge, the voice of The Universe will become more distinct and understandable.  Just like anything else on your Earth plane, if you choose to practice, that particular skill will become stronger.  Those around you are awakening every day on a scale never seen before and many of the messages received are similar in nature.  This is The Universe’s way of giving you something that resonates until you have developed the means to interpret its messages for yourself.

Today, you are being invited to step into the gifts you were born with and begin using them on a regular basis.  Humankind is heading toward a time when all will work together peacefully and without conflict…and it is coming much sooner than anticipated.  Rest easy in the knowledge of being fully supported during this amazing process! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley

The wings on my back


The wings on my back

The wings I often feel/see on my back, are not necessarily mine. They are the wings of my guardian angels, the ones always nearby. You see, they are my closest ones, so close that sometimes we blend/overlap ourselves (our energy), being difficult to define each other’s limits. I am still in a human form, they are still angels, but because we work as a team, we need to be close/united. Only united teams can fulfill their aim/mission. Sometimes they are just an impression on my back, as if someone is watching over my shoulder. And because they are so close, for instances I may feel that their wings are mine.

Their wings are like the ones they belong to, both soft and powerful, silent and lightful. Sometimes small, others big, but always of divine nature and truth. There are moments when their wings envelop me in a comforting…

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