Its time to go Home


June 20, 2019


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Elohim Energy, I see these Beings as very high dimensional light bodies. They have little form or shape. They are simply pillars of Light. They are directly connected to Source Energy, and secondarily the Lyran energy, which is first-Creator energy. I simply connect to that frequency to receive the message. Their energy is of pure Source Love, without judgment, an all-knowing, all-being state of ancient wisdom and grace. I have often seen them as Tree Beings. It is like having a grandfather or grandmother who is always there for you, who holds you in their lap, sharing the wisdom of creation and transferring that love energy to us. If you wish to connect to that, take a breath in and out, intend to receive the frequency, and so it shall be as you read this message.

“Walk in Love, Dear Ones, walk in Love.

For when you exist in the constant state of Love, there is no worry, there is no fear, there is fight, and there is no need for justice. Do you not see? When you are in this constant state of Love, there is nothing to ‘work out,’ nothing that needs to be striven for, nothing that needs to be fixed. For your automatic response is that of Love. There is no analyzing, no game-playing, and no fighting.

Imagine yourself now in a group of people, and there is noise around you, and everyone seems to be talking at once. Yet one person in particular stands out to you. And that person begins to annoy you with their gestures, and with their mannerisms, and with the volume with which they are speaking. Now you can shift that to become The Observer, and to see that person as a part of you — that person that just wants to be loved and seen and acknowledged. And by you silently acknowledging them, you are acknowledging that part within you that reflects them.

So you see why there is no need to strive or be, and when you are in a state of Love, there is no right or wrong. Love just IS. Love does not have to conjure anything up. Love does not have to play games, Love does not manipulate, Love does not vie for power. Love just IS.

Now we know you have been hearing this message for a long time, but it remains eternally true. And if you cannot be in a state of Love toward everyone, then practice that state of neutrality and watch that transform into Love.

We know you are going through an important time with the Solstice Gateway, and it is wide open, Beloveds. All you have to do is set your intention to choose to step through. There is no specific timing or place or way you have to do this. Just hold the intention in your heart that you want to continue on your journey to Oneness with Creator and to Oneness with Love, and to Harmony with your fellow humans.

Do not look outside yourself for messages of hope, messages of prediction, or messages of guidance. Look within. You could be the only soul incarnated on the planet, and you could do this all by yourself. Now it is very important to be here together, and to share together, and do things together, but KNOW that YOU are everything. You are all things, and you are Love.

So set your intention to be that in every moment. And if you can’t, then in the next moment, set your intention to be that in every moment. You are not on trial, you are not being judged, and you are not being cast aside — if you feel that you aren’t doing something right.

Love yourselves exactly where you are, with all your ups and down, with all your idiosyncrasies, and with the very beautiful, complex YOU — the whole of you. Be authentically you. And therein lies your path.

There is no need to plan or to worry. For by you being authentically you, everything will automatically unfold if you are in alignment to Love, and if you do everything — every action, every word, every thought of Love, will automatically create and transform and unfold and reveal the path before you.

Walk in Love, Dear Ones, walk in Love.

That is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
New Earth Wands

If any of these channeled messages resonate with you, consider a love donation to Gratitude and Love.

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