Its time to go Home

Your Solstice Dragon Oracle Card

For those Who are Meant to See…


Forth-Dimensional Earth Dragons are brown, the colour of the soil. They love the planet and the land itself. It was these sturdy dragons who helped to build the original dragon lines that we now call ley lines. Part of their Service work is to travel along them to clear them when asked to do so. When we send instruction to the Earth Dragons to work with the Ley Lines, they can power away under the surface to clear any blockages. This impacts hugely on people and situations in the vicinity. They can also ground us and our mission in this life.

Earth Dragons are telling you it is time to clear unwanted energies that are preventing your life from moving forward. Some of these may be in the earth under your home or office or where you travel. Call on them and ask them to remove all that is not in accordance with divine light. Then sense the frequency rising within the land and on your path.

This card also suggests you may also be called on to do planetary service work with the help of the Earth Dragons to cleanse ley lines that you focus on. Take a moment to direct them to clear the planetary grid and visualize the grid glowing and shimmering.

When you walk, think of the Earth Dragons, and connect with them through the earth. Ask them to ground you and your vision, Your spiritual journey is being boosted, you are ready to fly. Notice the progress you make.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

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