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New Moon Energies & why it’s so important for Empaths to clear their Energy🌙✨ ~Dahlia LaRose

Published on Aug 31, 2019

I felt guided to post this message today. The energies have been intense, especially surrounding this New Moon. Remember every Full Moon & New Moon it’s resonance is felt up to 3 days before and after. There are those that feel the energy the most, especifially Empaths. Here I speak why it’s so important to clear your energy daily and why. This is my first YouTube video, I am sorry for the quality image of the video beforehand, I did this all from my iPhone 6🤣 The importance is I felt guided that someone needed to hear this message and if it helps one person well one by one we all help each other. Paying it forward because so many helped me and I am eternally thankful grateful for their guidance. My heart to yours💖 The Divine in Me Sees the Divine in You💖 Namaste💖

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Beauty… ~ The Creator Writings


There is beauty in growth, even if that growth is knock-down, drag-out challenging.  There is joy in change, even if that change is momentarily painful.  There is peace in learning, even if that learning means stepping through a minefield of your own thoughts and feelings.  The Universe wants you to know that, through it all, your beauty outshines everything!  And when you have reached the other side, life begins again, better than it ever was. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Divine Compliments ~ Ostarel Kumara

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"In the Enlightenment Journey when you begun to discern that at your very Soul Core Essence is intertwined with the Divine Complement Alchemical Fusion, where only Wholeness and Peace exist, all distortions become insignificant. The Heart Space is the Sacred Garden that’s both shared by the Beloveds; as be assured that you two are connected at all-times, and whether you are aware of this or not doesn’t make it any less true. Through the coming together in Union, both Beloveds experiences the Depth of the Sacredness within Intimacy to such degrees that words fail to describe the Blissfulness of such encounter.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ They Merge in Wonder while Igniting the Kundalini which risen through the Synergetic Energy Exchange which is experienced when all Levels of Body, Spirit and Mind are aligned together. The Sexual Energy has never been limited to just the physical form as it goes beyond what we have been taught to hold as a belief, for there are no boundaries in True Love; the vessel is only but one channel of the many expressions that exist. It is a Ceremonial Dance for the Souls to Fuse within its Oneness, in order to reach this intense, explosive spiritual climax. At that point, they reached the Highest Octaves of Light, as both Souls in Unison are Singing their own Complementary Soul Song.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Divine Complements share one unique Blueprint; which composed of a tonal sound, a color, a frequency, that when both hearts align as ONE Heart, One Mind, Oneness; the Harmonic they emit is a song like none other; it is through sound that they create. In this Highest State of Being; the individuality of expression through gender polarization completely dissolves itself, as we reach that state of perfection, as you take fully into realization, that you never needed labels to define the Sacred Divineness that you are.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ You are LOVE in all its flamboyant aspects as you embody your Divine Signature Frequency; which are all Unique to each pair of Divine Complements."⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ © Ostarel✨

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Ostarel Kumara

Hearts Away ~ Daniel Nielsen


A true King, who has done the soul work, knows the value of his own heart. In giving it away to his Queen, he is giving her his greatest treasure. And conversely, a Queen who has done the inner work, in giving her heart away to her King, is offering him a priceless gift.

Two awakened souls, surrendered to selfless love, attract the attention of the divine. Doors of blessing open up for them. Their souls prosper. And despite days when evil rises up against them, their light within vanquishes the darkness.

~ Daniel Nielsen

Dragonfae Guidance for the Black-Super New Moon

For those who see and resonate…


Queen Mab Speaks:

Now is the time to make the difference, NOW is the time to take back the power the Mother, the Earth Goddess from whom we all are birthed, gave to you to safeguard and keep wisely – the precious gift of being on this planet. You are energy, and can use more than the old aggressive ways. Use your energy and your mind, breathwork and heart space, the magick within you, to speak and allow your voice to reach others. You are more powerful than you know. The Dragonfae are with you, and will help you transmit your messages around the world. You are a part of this worlds rescue team. Be strong, be wise and change the world.

Its time to reconnect with the old ways, the ancient wisdom that runs in your blood, as well as in the planet’s heartbeat. The ancient lineage of magick is within you, be still and remember. Messages are sent Telepathically, trust in them. You may also find that Older family members will subtly share your Magickal Lineage. Ask Queen Mab for assistance to bring this forth and to use your magick and wisdom to make a difference and assist the Earth and all during this time.

Art: ‘Queen Mab” by Jimmy Manton

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish



Love Yourself ~ Judith Kusel 


You are not more or less than anyone else.
You are perfect just as you are.
You are worthy.
You are lovable.
There is nothing dreadfully wrong with you – but infinitely right.
The Divine does not create imperfections, but only perfect souls.
Your soul is here in embodiment on planet earth.
It chose to be here at this time.
If you start loving yourself, and your embodiment, just the way you are, shadow and light, nice and mean, kind and cruel, and all in between, then you are embracing ALL of YOU!
You are not trying to pretend to be someone you are not.
You are not putting on a mask to try an hide behind.
You are simply yourself.
Authentic, honest and true.
For if you cannot love yourself, through the shadow and light, and all parts of yourself, then you will simply never believe that anyone else can love you, just the way you are!
Nor can you truly love another, if you cannot love yourself.
Be true to your own highest soul self.
And live that truth.
And you will find that love is not only fully present there INSIDE of you, as you connect ever more deeply with the Divine Love, and integrate it, but now you are ready to attract LOVE in all its expressions and forms OUTSIDE of yourself.
This is one of the greatest Omniversal Truths which has been hidden from humankind for so long.
The more you love yourself, the more you value yourself, you will go and live a soul empowered life, making the most of yourself and your life on earth.
The more you empower yourself in all 7 areas of life, the more you will draw to you much higher caliber souls who are on the same wavelength and pathway as you are.
The 7 areas of life are: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Familial, Social and Physical.
In all areas of life where you are not empowered, you will allow others to overpower you and run your life.
Life always strives for perfection, for balance, for harmony.
And thus your greatest soul lessons in mastery will always come in those areas of life, where you are allowing yourself to be dis-empowered.
In truth, you soul is fully empowered. It has been created perfectly.
It is only when we incarnate on planet earth, that we tend to forget this, because no one teaches us this when we are born, and most certainly the education systems do not, family and society do not either, unless the parents have grasp this concept and are living it and are teaching their children to empower themselves from an early age!
Most of us only understand this later in life, when we have gone through all the trials, and errors, until finally realization dawns, that we need to take full responsibility for our own lives and be fully accountable for it. The victim mode, buys into being dis-empowered, which is not true.
If you constantly give your power away to outside authorities, you are not free.
Yet, there lie our greatest lessons in mastery: to learn to master our own life, take full responsibility for our soul lessons, to be accountable for our free will choices and decisions, and our life, and learn to master our life and empower ourselves.
Judith Kusel

Your Black-Super New Moon Dragon Oracle Card

For those who are Meant to See…


The Pleiades is a Star Cluster of Healing. Between Source and the Pleiades there is a blue etheric rose. It has 33 petals, for 33 is the vibration of the Christ Light.

This Rose is a transformer through which pure Source Healing is downloaded to the Masters of the Pleiades. They pass it at an appropriate frequency to the Angels and the Dragons, who in turn shower it on those who are ready.

These Incredible Seventh-Dimensional Blue Dragons from the Pleiades hold the rose in their hearts and radiate Source Healing. They whirl around us, pouring this blue heart healing into us as soon as they see we are ready. They activate and light up a high frequency blue rose in each of our 12 chakras, preparing our field for the Angels of the Pleiades to connect with us. Even then they will remain with us so that we can easily hold the healing vibration of the blue rose and pass it on to others.

The Blue Dragons from the Pleiades have come to you today to offer you healing by lighting up a blue rose in each of your chakras. Relax and invite them to touch you and accept any energy they bring.

Alternatively, they may have sought YOU to suggest you give beautiful blue Pleiadean healing under the Law of Grace to others. If you wish to do this, tell them that you are ready and they will activate a huge energetic blue rose in your heart so you can direct Source healing to a person or situation.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper