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Speaking your Truth ~ Kalia Diya


“If I cannot yet speak my truth, I will not dishonor myself with meaningless words spoken in the place of truth. Silence is more useful than inauthenticity.”

~ Kalia Diya ~

PS… In other words, if speaking your truth is difficult for you, keep practicing, keep taking baby steps. Love yourself where you are at. You are releasing deep, old programming with each word of truth that comes out of your heart and through your voice. Every time you practice speaking your truth in love it gets easier and easier. Every time you speak your truth in love, more of your own power returns to you.

Do not fill the silence with “fluff.”

As long as you take responsibility for your actions and words, and do not place blame or judgment upon others, then you can live fearlessly in your truth. How others respond to your truth does not matter. Living, breathing, being your truth is true freedom.

We are here not as slaves to ourselves or others, or even as slaves to our own thought patterns . We are here as sovereign beings, and we are equal to kings and queens.

Own it!! Be the Lion!! Rooooaaarrrr!!

One Love 

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner



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