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Valkyries, Freya, Swan Maidens and Shield Maidens

Rainbow Light of the Goddess

Valkyries are female spirits or demi goddesses who bring the fallen warriors to Valhalla. They are goddesses of destiny and decide victory or death. They serve Odin. They can also be referred to as death angels, flying in the sky on white horses and wearing a shiny armor. They are beautiful warrior women fighting for love and their loved ones.

Freya, the goddess of love is the leader of the valkyries. She is wearing the Brisingame, which enables the rainbow bridge between the gods and humans. Freya is a powerful sorceress and magician and has great knowledge. She has a falcon robe and with this robe she can fly in and around all the worlds and see everything. On the ground she moves in a chariot which is pulled by wild cats.

A Swan Maiden can turn into a Swan. They are Valkyries or sometimes fairies. She is free…

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