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New Wave in November ~ Pars Kutay


There will be a NEW Wave of Energy coming in November. . . And this Wave of Energy will Feel quite Refreshing and Uplifting.

For those specially who have been doing their shadow work, their inner work, healing and transmuting will feel this very deeply.

They will feel this Wave as Uplifting and very Supportive. . . And while change will continue to happen very rapidly, this NEW Wave of Energy will be of a Great Assistance to have us feel Hopeful and have us feel Rejuvenated and Refreshed despite the tumultuous changes each of us going through.

So, for those of you who have been through quite a lot in the past several months, this Wave will help you feel revived perhaps even younger.

This Wave will help you feel more Energetic, a renewed Confidence, a renewed desire and ability to execute your Creations.

This Wave may also feel challenging to those who are Not in complete Alignment with their SOUL purpose and Serving the LIGHT for may dismantle things that Do Not serve you.

So, you are invited to stay Open and Flexible as whatever is dismantled in your life was Not meant for you to move forward with anyway.

You may be releasing situations, circumstances perhaps even people from your life that are Not meant to move forward with you in this NEW Energy.

NOW is the Time to set our Intentions to BE ALIGNED to our SOUL Purpose and Surrender to our SOUL Purpose. . . And this will Greatly will Assist us moving forward with more Ease.

And this is a very Good News for those of us who are taking on large scale of Projects or who have already taken on large Projects to help Humanity and planet Earth.

For this Wave will give you extra Boost, it will give you more momentum, it will give you more Greater and more Deeper Support.

💜🌀💜 ~

Pars Kutay

Photo: Walking the Forest can be stunning like this, Norway by Aurora Borealis Observatory

 Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – October 31, 2019

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Having finished performing in a show for six weeks, I then became sick, hence my absence. All good now!

Well, Hello! People are wondering where we have got to! The funniest one being, have I Ascended to New Earth and do they not have Wi-Fi? It’s been a long while, my friends. So happy to be back in touch and see how the land lies?

Greetings of/from the Highest Order to you Blossom and Each One upon the Earth plane, shining their Glorious Light in the direction of Home.

Woah! A wave of heat, Energy and Love has just swamped me. HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!

In the distance of when last communicating we would express the upgrade of your Planet has fallen nicely into place. By this we mean that these Higher Energies that continue to flow into your atmosphere and directly into your Beings are allowing the ‘spaces’ in-between to be filled.

Eh … Meaning what exactly?

Exactly? We cannot say. Yet, from appearance on what you would consider to be a radar, the Energy of Light-Love that is being emitted by those who chose to … BLAST THE PLANET WITH THEIR LOVE … is off the scale.

There has been a significant upliftment in Energies on many levels. Many can feel it throughout their Being. Can you Blossom?

Well, I have been sick, so I haven’t been bouncing around shouting ‘Hallelujah’! Yet, I have to say that the ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM’ Blessing, which I say a lot, seems to be taking on a much stronger feeling/significance.

In what way?

Visualising myself as a column of Light and Love when I say it, seems to FEEL it is ‘getting somewhere’.

Where is somewhere?

Into the Hearts of Souls … Into the Heart of Gaia … Into the KNOWING.

Ahha! That’s where we were driving to. ‘Into the KNOWING’. Top of the class!

With your help, I feel!



The more you continue on with reinforcing this KNOWLEDGE … into /out of … your Being, the stronger you are becoming in LIGHT, LOVE AND TRUTH.

Keep up this splendid work, Dearest ones. You are on top of things. You are overcoming weaknesses.


Stop and think for a moment the difference you are making. For BY/THROUGH this KNOWING and FEELING this KNOWING you are leaving a trail of shimmering hope to those who walk behind you.

You ARE Lighting the way. Just by FEELING THIS TRUTH.

Think back, as we always say … think back to just a few short years ago … how much more now are you convinced of this TRUTH?



Yes, we are! Very slowly! Yet so much around us is happening. It is all leading up to ‘something’.

It is all leading up to ‘The Switch’.

The Switch?

The point when the tables turn.

And what happens then … dare I ask?

Everything changes.

So would you call ‘The Switch’ …’The Event’?

Yes. We use this new term as to put new Light … new Energy … on to/in to … The Happening/The Event that is to occur.


Because we are aware that the ENERGY around that word ‘Event’ has mixed emotion.

Mmm! I wonder why! Actually, someone wrote in suggesting that instead of asking ‘When’ will this take place, what if instead, we asked “How much work remains?’, or “What tasks are left to complete?”.

That indeed, would be more of an appropriate question from our perspective. Bravo!

And the answer would be?

The change that is taking place is happening NOW. You are in the midst of it.




There are uprisings. There are rebellions. There are Truths coming out that are only just beginning to unravel a very large ball of string.

The younger souls of your Planet are making a stand … as they came in to do.

People of your Planet … most of them … are seeing through the lies.


Yet, it is being done by/through yourselves. The stirring inside of ‘something not being right’ is causing so many to look deeper into that which they are being fed and discovering it is laden with poison.


This is more than evident on the ‘Energy of Light’ scale, as we view and estimate.


Indeed. Exactly as you asked. Estimate how things are moving along due to the human soul preparing themselves, most of them unknowingly, for THE CHANGE to be activated.

You see Dearest Souls … so much is shifting within the Energy of your Planet … YOU CAN FEEL THIS.

It can appear to be topsy-turvy, as we have said. Yet, IT HAS TO BE SO.

Your world needs a good shake up wouldn’t you say? And it is getting one.

Let us offer you this if we may?

A salt and pepper shaker … both ingredients in the same jar. The dampness has been absorbed and therefore, the granules have become stuck … set in their ways. A mixture of both … almost melted on to one another.

Then someone (Each one of you) comes along and decides something needs to be done about this. You pick it up and begin to shake it. Not a lot happens … too stuck in its ways. One gives it a little tap on the edge of the counter … gentle yet, meaningful … another shake … a little breaks loose. This continues, and as one does so, they FEEL their way through. They are testing the waters and KNOW how hard the next tap can be and how rigorous the shaking can become.

This continues on until … one has the hang of it. One can now shake so hard with such conviction from within that eventually … the lid blows off and the contents are set free. Scattering the salt and the pepper everywhere. Out in the open.

The lid has not blown off … and there is certainly a lot more shaking to be done.

This Energy is heating me up to the point of human combustion right now!!

We would say you are over half way. Remembering that the second half is so much quicker, as so much has been dislodged. The momentum and keenness to see ‘this thing through’ is what drives one on.

So, really, quite a long way to go still? Humph!!


Eh? Confused?

Something is going to be revealed that will blow the lid off far sooner than expected.

It will not be able to be kept under wraps and when it is forced out into the open … there will be no stopping its journey … leaving in its wake, untold devastation.

Can you reveal more of what we should be looking for?

There is no need. For its enormity in capturing the world’s intrigue will be obvious.

Does it involve a particular person, or many?

It involves the disclosure of secrets that one cannot possibly imagine.

What … like things worse than we are already aware of? Things that have already leaked out?


Yet, how will this/can this come about?

A slip.

I feel you want to say ‘of the tongue’? Is that right?

Yes, along with exposure of discoveries that simply can no longer be hidden.

When this takes place … your media will be in a state of such disarray.

This is when that of which we speak of, will be apparent. The topsy turvy world will not only be topsy turvy, yet, spinning to what will seem to be out of control …

Then …

… I know what you are about to say!

Then say it for us, Blossom

The ‘Switch’ will occur.


Your world will be in such a place of turmoil due to discoveries that ‘have to be seen to be believed’ … and they will be … that THE ULTIMATE MOVE INTO POSITIONING OF LIGHT HAS TO OCCUR … AT EXACTLY THE PRECISE TIME … IN ORDER FOR THAT SWITCH TO SAIL SMOOTHLY THROUGH.

I am getting a metaphorical image (I assume ) of a Light ship travelling through space with such turbulence and rocks and boulders being dodged at High speed … hanging on for dear life and then suddenly … through! PEACE, TRANQUILLITY … floating in a beautiful starlit sky … AHHH!

This Dearest Souls is HOW IT SHALL BE.

Keep this in mind. Keep this in Heart.

When you are so confused and bewildered by all that is going on/taking place …





Thank you. The thing is, that which I have some to realise over many a year, hanging on for the knowing of ‘when’ … makes no difference at all.

Shining our Light from within … out, AS we hang on … makes all the difference … in the/to the … world. So I KNOW … we shall simply carry on doing that … until IT IS SO. And SO BE IT! Many thanks Guys.

Blossom, before we go … there is one more thing we would like to offer …

By all means …

No words came through. So, I sat waiting with my eyes closed. I found myself saying in my mind I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM. I said it three times and saw an image of myself with my Light sword (‘sabre’ for those who prefer) raised to the skies. A wave of such PEACE, CONFIDENCE, WARMTH AND LOVE was received. I imagine you will get the same.

In Gratitude … In Loving Service. I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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Website: Blossom Goodchild

GaiaPortal: Seperances define and Illuminate the pathways


Seperances define and Illuminate the pathways.

Selectives are created from the dregs.

Harmonics converge as past levels are released.

Clarifiers enter.

You Have Been Waiting… ~ The Creator Writings


Dear one, it would seem a bit redundant if you were asked to fasten your seat belts again because the incoming energy has been coming in so quickly, there has scarcely been enough time to draw breath between waves. (Smiling) This is about to change!

Some of you that have noticed an ‘uptick’ in the past few days that feels different.  Your Earth plane is poised on the brink of great upward movement; the compassion and understanding you have been so diligently practicing will be embraced by more humans than ever before.  Kindness will become a more common occurrence and those that have been half-awake will suddenly begin to see what you have been talking about for so long.  Just as you are guided by The Universe, you will be called on as a guide to help others.  Embrace this new calling, it is what you have been waiting for. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Jumping onto higher timelines ~ Julie Wade Lambe

Im.seeing many level up at the moment jumping onto higher and higher timelines as they release all that no longer serves them such an amazing thing to see in so many.

Im.also witnessing many been pulled back to old timelines or loops, revisiting old wounds, old energy that was not quiet healed.
This can be a very positive thing, if u can see it for what it is an opportunity to really heal and do your very core shadow work. it can be painful but u can really help yourself by being kind and loving towards yourself recognising how far you have already come. this will pass forgiveness self love are key, just letting everything go. We are in very exciting times energwise the light waves are getting stronger by the day all not of truth and integrity will be seen to be healed.
Lots of love
Julie 💚🙏💚

Shifting Frequencies ~ @moonchildmomentsxx


Gaia has been subtly shifting frequency into a higher bandwidth which has created a quantum ripple.

This ripple has been felt as density shifting as the energetic magnetic field of Gaia has decreased to enable the dissolution of old grids connected and anchored Gaia at an energetic level which held the old earthen programmes and frequencies, as Gaia flows into a new rotational vibratory frequency the purple rays are clearing the attachment to old grids in order to anchor the platinum geometric grid and recalibrate the grid points upon Gaia.

Dragon guardians from the 12th Dimension are heavily assisting this recalibration process as they weave fiery light codes into the energetic meridians of Gaia, laying the cornerstones of the sacred geometric grids which hold the upgraded data templates & blueprint activations for the collective awakening and continuing ascension journey.
On an energetic level we are responding to the shifts occurring within Gaia by accessing data which is held within our physical cellular network as wounding or limiting patterns from present and past life experiences, the data presented is becoming accessible through an enhanced receptivity and awareness of our empathic & intuitive abilities.

We are shedding the limitations of our own creation, releasing low density costumes we have inhabited within incarnational cycles and clearing trauma at a deep cellular and energetic level.
Higher heart integration is accelerating as the old chakra system is upgrading in alignment with Gaia’s current energetic recalibration, the solar plexus is oscillating at a slightly accelerated rate in order to fully anchor the golden rays & establish a protective presence within the energy field whilst we transit into a higher dimensional bandwidth.

Shedding of the old energetic vessel will continue as we experience a new energetic magnetic upgrade which acts as an enhanced sensory system much like a nervous system, the upgrade is plugged into the higher heart frequency as a primary operating system with the left and right hemispheres of the energy brain or cortex stem being more integrated to create a synaptic bridge.

By @moonchildmomentsxx ~ Instagram

via: Ascension Energies


The Purity of Giving ~ Amanda Lorence




In the old paradigm there is ‘Giving’ from the heart, from an unawakened purity of being, and there is also, giving with conditions attached. One is a purity of LOVE, the latter is pre-meditated giving that comes of the mind (the processor).

Step by step, experience after experience, we come into our hearts, and give out, unconditionally. We GIVE, with no pre-mediated expectation of outcome. We give, because our heart energetically HAS to express Love, in a variety of forms and actions that are of EACH’s unique expression. There is no thought of outcome, therefore the ‘giving’ is PURE. This is Love (an energy that has a frequency of Hz) felt within, expressed out, and is witnessed in 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional fields via our conscious perception.

Within ONLY the 3rd and 4th dimensional Realities (not 5th and above), we can witness or participate in ‘Giving’ with ‘attached conditions’ born from the mind. There are two types of conditions that seek to either:
A] Control one’s own dream reality or that of another’s dream, or many others.
B] Give with an attached idea of a pre-mediated outcome. Eg, “I/We will give you ‘THIS’ (eg. love, an object, my/our time, my/our support, energy, activation), if, you give me/us ‘THAT’.

The ‘giving’ in both scenarios A and B, has conditions. It is not given freely and innocently of the heart, but planned in the mind. This type of ‘giving’ is seen in daily living, workplace, business, family life, friendships, intimate relationship. Examples are:
I will give you my love, if you first give me/show me, your love of me.
I will give you help, support, energy, activation, if you first pay me a sum of money or do something for me.
Business industries work this way with conditions of contract including payment terms.

LOVE has no conditions, no terms. It gives and expresses PURELY and unconditionally, FIRST, because it IS a high frequency energy we term as ‘Love’. An eternal, abundant, ever lasting energy. LOVE is NOT of energetic Love FREQUENCY, when it has conditions born from the mind. The mind does not feel or express LOVE, it can only DEFINE it, process and compartmentalise. Energy termed LOVE that has conditions attached born of the mind, IS another energy of an entirely different energetic frequency to the PURE LOVE frequency (Hz).

When we give, ONLY from the absolute purity of the heart, there are no requirements expected of people within our Self created dream. Yet that VERY act, of expressing, IS PURE LOVE. As an energy FELT within a thought, a word and an act, it CARRIES the ENERGY FREQUENCY of our highest capable output of Hz energy. From this, what we term miracles occur. From this pure state energetic, we open portals. From this, we connect direct to Source. From this state, we can see, hear, KNOW more, because we are a higher energetic, being the frequency of Love. From this, we may activate and merge with other energies, via our internal body frequency that has no agenda, and no thoughts attached to the ‘giving’…that come from PURE LOVE. In a sense, we can say that PUREST giving, is a very innocent act of expressing in that NOW moment. We have no idea (due to no pre-mediated thoughts) of any outcome. What occurs will therefore always be a SURPRISE, yet a more glorious and magical unfoldment, than we could ever have imagined.

The act of PURE ‘giving’, is of a pure innocence, of the human being giving from their heart, out. It is requiring NOTHING in return. Yet because of how the Laws of energy work, that human being will receive back, of equal measure…for there is, only an ever lasting abundance of all that we give out, Be that Love, Lack of Love or ‘Love’ with conditions.

LOVE felt, within us, does not belong to us.
LOVE felt, expressed out, does not belong to the person or thing we give to.
LOVE is not ours separately, it is the energy of God/Source, we are capable of FEELING and being AWARE of, within us.

When we recognise, BECOME knowing, that this energy we label as ‘LOVE’ is in fact energy, God’s energy, we step by step reach an embodiment stage of being able to interact within ourselves WITH that energy. It no longer is experienced as separate; my LOVE and God’s LOVE (energy). It becomes merged into ONE KNOWN energy we label as Love, felt, experienced, expressed. A dance and interaction of energy within our awareness. Where from within our bodies, we give LOVE to God WITHIN us, and God responds back as more energy WITHIN us, felt instantly, physically in our bodies. We then in awareness can give OUT Love of this purity of frequency (Hz).

To set limitations born of the mind, is to limit our own perception and therefore limit our self created reality.
To be open to all possibility, is to allow those possibilities IN.
To give of our hearts freely, without expectation of reward or outcome, is US giving that out to ourselves. We receive back of equal measure. In this knowing, we don’t give to receive, for that too would magnetise deception back in to our field.
To place expectation upon another we give to, is to set conditions, and limitation upon our own self and self created reality.
To love thyself fully, in each moment, allows us to love all equally in all moments knowing we are all facets of ONE expression.
To feel yourself as equal, is to SEE all as your equal.
Every thought, word, action whether inwardly experienced or outwardly given, we do unto ourselves.
A pretence to another, is only us, blindly fooling ourselves with our own deception.
All that we choose to hide within, is us, hiding from our true, purest, innocent, loving nature.

LOVE is free.
LOVE is freedom.
LOVE is innocence.
LOVE is energy. God’s energy, we FEEL physically and KNOW within our vessel.

We interact energetically with, the inner physical ENERGY we know to be God’s.
Because we can merge our physical body with that ENERGY.
To become consciously, the Light Body, the non solid body of light energy.

We BEcome AWARE of LOVE’s energetic power, and GIVE THAT OUT. In what becomes, all moments.
Just as God does, in that ONE everlasting, present moment of Creation.
We become increasingly aware, we are a microcosm of the Macrocosm.

Giving freely, because we are the energy of LOVE, choosing to express itSelf as that.

Amanda Lorence
27 October 2019

Wayshower Update ~ Amanda Lorence



As very briefly indicated in recent short post, we are in the midst of a type of ‘energetic corridor’. Within the 26,000 year cycle, our galaxy, Solar System, Gaia, and it’s inhabitants have entered a stream that has been present for about a week already, and will continue for some days still. We each experience this period of ‘flowing through’, differently, based on own unique and individual perception of conscious awareness. The point to this ‘energetic corridor’ is VERY subtle to notice, yet it is EXTREMELY significant and powerful to each’s actual journey.

September is always about our own ‘Harvest’. Esoterically meaning we each, at harvest time (equinox), receive the sum total of that which we have put in to ourselves energetically, in the solar year of our existence here. So what we are experiencing NOW, plays out, showing us our own individual ‘harvest’, that we now utilise wisely, with gratitude, for it being received, thus nourishing our selves (empowering ourselves) leading through to the Winter Soltice Gateway. If we choose to.

What are you choosing? This is the significant energetic corridor presenting, underlying your experience right now. It shows/presents for you to make a NEW choice. Or not. You are responsible for you, and your very own self created reality. Each experience this timeline differently based on their visible perspective, based on conscious awareness so far, on their path point.

1] Some see and feel, the NEW life. Are choosing that consciously by the inner highest divine choices they are making.
Choice = Love being the only, and highest answer for them at this point.
Choice = In Service to ONE. These beings are aware of their inner energy accelerating within. Are aware what it is, are merging with it, to at a later timeline, work as ONE energy, yet working directly within.
2] Others awakened, will be experiencing great imbalance within their human, this can be seen or unseen. So there can be a blindness to this from within, or people will be aware of their own imbalance. YOU always held the power to transform this, master your energy, it’s an inside job, you are not at the mercy of your own energetic. It’s just a case of WHEN are you ready to master your inner energy, to bring it into balance in any one moment.
3] Others are presented with the distorted mind patterns we are all, each shown, on our awakened journeying, just to be seen, and choice made: whether to dissolve any patterning that doesn’t serve you or the collective to the highest degree, or ignore it, change the scene, and allow the same pattern to present at another time, for a stronger experience of the same pattern to still be dissolved.
4] Still, ongoing, more awaken. That chose a quicker route through.
5] And others, are in their preparation stages for physical exit of this lifetime’s vehicle. Whilst the Soul itself participates FULLY with love, in this preparation period for a physical transition, it is an energetic light spark from Source that presents to the vessel at perfect timing for the departure. All is of the greatest, most immense Love.

So the above, is roughly an array of humanities experiences within this current corridor. It will last a while more, enough time for each to SEE within their own self, and make their own inner choices and adjustments. Or not. No judgement on any choices made by any being. It’s all storylines within one big storyline. To a human, it can be peaceful, exciting, or adversely challenging. Yet it is all by divine design, all a gift, perfectly timed on our way through this corridor, to the Gateway that presents at Solstice 2019.

For now, to rise above the once most typical physical human eyes, and see with higher eyes (look twice at everything), as all that presents in your own reality has a message, for you.

You are held, and loved, all the way,

Amanda Lorence

27 October 2019

Week Energies (Oct 28–Nov 03) ~ Ostarel Kumara


Week Energies (Oct 28–Nov 03)🌠

Courageous and dedicate light bearers, a phase of darkness and struggle is over, as you open yourself into a new phase of hope, glory, light and triumph. For you have chosen to stay strong and surrender to the divine through it all, instead of giving up. Victory is upon you and through the birth of the Divine Solar Child, a new consciousness within you is born and emerged. Upon journeying into the Ancient Feminine, we often confront her many sides, both pleasant and unpleasant and encounter the difficulties of the birthing process. We may feel alone and yearn for deeper union within, or even whether question our experience is genuine but we will always return to our heart, holding faith that will lead us down the birth canal, into love and the greater expression. No matter how long the birthing and rebirthing process takes, to renew and transform ourselves into a completely new form and being of light, we will emerged as such upon a new reality. These moments are precious and herald the beginning a new level of divinity expressed, often in deeply creative new ways. The birthing of the Divine Solar Child brings new light into your life, reviving new relationships, inspirations, and opportunities in all areas of your life, especially that which you choose to pursue in. You will manifest for yourself more loving and energized spiritual community, better wellbeings and experiences in your body along with creative abilities that you never knew you had. All will come to you with ease and effortlessly, when you finally accept all that had been and all that is, as we allow ourselves to move into the newly birthed version of Self. The sweetness of this new life makes all that came before it so sacred and worthwhile, as we open ourselves to receive the fruits of our inner labour, while enjoying a new day, a new dawn and a breakthrough in all that we wish to achieve. 💗

– Ostariena

Ostarel Kumara

For personal readings please follow this link:

Your Energy ~ The Creator Writings


Everything you touch, every person you meet, every situation and experience you have will reverberate with your energy long after you are gone.  Yes, you truly do have that power!  Now, it is up to you to choose what type of energy that will be and how it will be interpreted. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Keeping the light


Keeping the light

Lightworkers are special beings with a spiritual mission of elevating/uplifting the Earth and humanity through their light and conduct. Whether you feel/know you are a lightworker or not, know that you are keeping the light whenever:

  • You hold a vision of goodness for others
  • You bless other people on your daily interactions
  • You wish all the best for others from your heart
  • Your are a helping hand in whatever you can
  • You listen others souls from the heart
  • You offer your unique, awaken insights/guidance
  • You see the light in others/world
  • You respect all forms of life
  • You embody the truth above all
  • You allow divine light to embrace the Earth
  • You care for others, even in undercover ways
  • You pray for people/situations
  • You send angels and light beings to help others/nature/world
  • You refuse to feed conflict, fear and darkness
  • You choose peace and love in name of the light
  • You…

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I Can’t ~ The Creator Writings



Two of the most destructive words anyone can utter; “I can’t”.

“I can’t” effectively stops the growth/learning process.

“I can’t” denies The Universe the opportunity to give you the gifts you have been asking for.

“I can’t” gives away personal responsibility.

Take every “I can’t” in your life and change it! (Smiling) You have the power, the will and the drive.  You can! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Dragon Guidance for the Scorpio New Moon

For those who are Meant to see….


Glorious Fifth-Dimensional Magenta Dragons accompany us on our eternal soul journey as we experience and learn from all the universes, planes and dimensions. As they travel with us, they remind us that we are immensely wise and learned beings with so much to offer. Because we have gone through the Veils of Amnesia, we have forgotten who we truly are.

As soon as Magenta Dragon connects with us, they prepare us to remember our unique role in this universe. They place us in an extraordinary deep pink flame of love, higher spiritual understanding and wisdom.

They work with Archangel Mariel, who is in charge of the soul star chakras of humanity. The Magenta Dragon prepares the way so that the Archangel can wake us up at a deep soul level. Once we have woken, we can never see ourselves in the same way again. We recognize who we truly are and bring forward our soul wisdom.

This is a card of accelerated ascension. A Magenta Dragon is here to remind you that you are an illumined soul carrying much wisdom. It is helping you to dissolve any remaining veils of illusion and preparing you to becoming an enlightened one. It has come to you now to remind you that all is love, for we are all One. It is time to see all things with the wise inner eyes of truth. Treat everyone as if they were you.

Your guidance is to sit quietly with your Magenta Dragon and allow the door to your vast soul memories to open. When you reveal to yourself who you truly are, you will help bring forward the New Golden Age.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

You Can Change! ~ The Creator Writings


Take a moment to really look at what is around you.  Are you surrounded by those who support you and appreciate your talents?  Do you feel secure and safe in being who you are without fear of judgement?  Is your day filled with positive thoughts regarding the direction you are traveling?  The Universe would like you to know that you are worthy and deserving of these things!  All you have to do is embrace the conscious realization of it and know you can change accordingly. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner


The urgency on this planet to take back our power and live our lives fully ~ Rebecca Barfoot

My Dear Friend Rebecca heard the calling within, followed it, and now….. She is experiencing her dream, deep in the heart of the Himalaya’s. She asks, What do you choose for you!


Borderlands and hinterlands, silence, stone and sky… these are the places I live for, truly, as well as beauty and truth above all things. Image taken recently on the border of India and Tibet. The adventures continue, and I am humbled.


What if you had just one time to be in this body, one time to be in this breath – what would you do?

I came here.

The inner journey remains the most tried and true, aided and abetted by the realm of form and substance.

We are, above all, energy. That which surrounds us externally also informs us internally.

There is an urgency on this planet to take back our power and live our lives fully.

What do you choose just for you?

With love from the borderlands of India and Tibet (China)… R

Rebecca Barfoot – Energy Intuitive, Seer and Channel

Gaiaportal: Flashes of the white sceneries are viewed in awe

Flashes of the white sceneries are viewed in awe.

Castle highlands present and are glorified in the emerald Light.

Fortifications dissolve.

Highest peaks are viewed.

Climbers are engaged.

One Thought… ~ The Creator Writings


As the shifts and energy waves continue, please be sure to give yourself a little space to breathe.  As you weave your way through the triggers, the growth and learning and navigating other’s reactions to this new phase, please know that great care is being taken of you.  If, by chance, you find yourself reacting in a less than light-filled way, remember to forgive and know that one thought can put you back on your path. A seemingly small personal shift can redirect the course for you and those around you. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Broadcasting Live! ~ The Creator Writings


Just a reminder…

Everything you do, every thought, feeling, action, reaction has a vibrational ‘marker’. Each one of those markers, even the inaudible,

are heard by those around you and is transmitted to The Universe and will respond in kind. (Smiling) Take a few moments today to really think about this.

Whatever you choose to broadcast from your own personal station reverberates throughout your existence. It is up to you to decide how to proceed and what you want to be surrounded with. As always, you are supported and loved regardless. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Dragon of Oneness ~ Grethel C. Borrego


Dragon of Oneness 💙

When I connect with this dragon that represents oneness I what it is to be all there, see outside what you are, and experience everything as in effect of those inside. this magic and powerful dragon was shown as water and fire, light and darkness in balance, like love, and peace, being alone and accompanied and feeling it all and not feeling the separation with the whole but feeling that feeling that everything that is coming from you and it’s self-reflection, it’s hard to explain.

I saw myself in the center of the universe, I saw it change color and shape became giant and I was small in comparison and there appreciating its greatness I cause admiration and curiosity to explore that all in me in which I follow my path between separation and feel complete and vast knowing that the infinite and eternal in my everything is.

we would like to clarify something that we are seeing on many of you vibrating at the collective because there are so many people who feel unbalanced, some depressed, confused and purging many energies ne that our body feels affected.

We want to see that you are one with all and you are mirror to each other, and all these symptoms come from many different frequencies from our internet, electronics, energies in the collective and in other cases our own process in which we are connecting with a higher frequency and in order for you to vibrate in this light of being necessary to disengage from old ways from the old patterns.

It would be like buying new shoes and putting them on top of the old ones, wouldn’t it? first we take off our shoes Old and then we adjust to the new ones, which at first will not feel alien and unknown but after the time we will adjust to that new shoe, new forms of being and will feel better and more us than we did before. And it is there that the being sensitive is an advantage, an advantage in which we connect with a higher frequency, in which we are aware of those around us and understand the power of decision that we have.

Stay grounded use your sense on your benefit and take advantage of them, were your clarity and knowing that all is well and all is serving you and supporting your path, were your faith and know what you need to know is already within and stop looking for answers or god outside of you recognizing the god within and the greatest of the soul you embody and embrace, walk your planet knowing your are infinite, glowing radiant human being just changing shoes for a better ones and more suited ones.

if you are setting and intention daily, if you are clearing you energy field, remember it is al within, and sit in this place of gratitude and ask and know you are those being you pray to and you are already connecting to a higher vibrational field. Set you intention daily connect with you soul not form a sense of prayer but form a sense of know you deserve it, all you must do it is claim it as is your birth right.

You are that light, you are already your new Earth, YOU ARE ALREADY ASCENDED.

You must only sit with you intention and redesign them and the Biggest message we what to say today if many of you think this is difficult, and seek for practices as a tool, however there is not specific process that you should follow, the only thing you need to do, is sit with the intention to connect with your higher light, from a place of self love and compassion, surrendering to your moment of now and being aware for the GOD that is in you.


Grethel C. Borrego

The Encoded Frecuency Message

Wayshower Update: 21 October 2019 ~ Amanda Lorence



Unprecedented energies are here. Flooding our bodies. Bright GOLD Ray today. To be integrated, absorbed. Each receive in energy (Hz), as much as their body is capable of managing. Hz attracts Hz.

Bare in mind the three trajectories (streams) each individual is in. So one will not feel anything, whilst another will feel so much energy.

Forerunners will find LINEAR brain function difficult. As FEELING energy will and IS superseding the previous LINEAR thought process, communication system.

Energy is everything. Thoughts and words being a stepped down manifestation of sine waves that always carry data of higher Hz frequency. We tune into the energy waves first NOW, via FEELING, no thought, to receive the purer (Higher Hz) perspective the previous LINEAR thought system could not perceive as a lower Hz frequency system of operating or navigating the previous human being.

It’s a HUGE timeline we are in. Each having their own story that guided them. Each story is unique, and gets you so far. Then there’s no story, just NOW. And it’s all about energy, FEELING everything. Because you CAN FEEL the energies in everything. The acts of thinking, and talking is just that. It can not feel. It can only communicate the FEELING experienced of any said energy.

We act, we do, we receive, we give…all by energy. Everything carries energy frequency from a low Hz to highest Hz. The most efficient way of giving and receiving is by dropping the LINEAR processes and BEING the energetic ITSelf.

What we were, is NOW changing. We are in a huge process. To become full on, 24/7 energy of our soul/light body. Wearing the human body only as suit or overlay. Knowing that emitting ENERGY in its purest possible form is a conscious act of our ENERGETIC emission. This can’t be done via any LINEAR method that was or still is available. As it just downgrades the highest emission to 3D and 4D frequency.

FEELING energy and emitting it, supersedes the linear mind and linear processes.

Previous incoming energies have altered in recent weeks. As well as the typical yet simple energy patterns and pulses we have been receiving, we have also been receiving far more complex energy light encodement patterns to the brain and body.

DNA upgrades can reach about 5-7 per week, dependent on each’s stage.

Everything is fast now, where ALL energy in all its forms is NO LONGER subtle, as we, the previous human rise to be, interact, be easily attentive to all forms of energy. Energy that was once subtle, became less subtle as we advanced our own awakening path, but NOW we become it and IT becomes us…our foremost navigation system we NOW exist by.

Huge period ahead of us, between now and 21 December when our Solstice presents the greatest Gateway yet.

Our hearts as One with Gaia. One Love.

Amanda Lorence
21 October 2019

Halls of Amenti Visualisation ~ Tim Whild

This is another visualisation that I recorded in Finland on my last visit.
The Halls of Amenti 🙏🏻💖


Week Energies (Oct 21–Oct 27) ~ Ostarel Kumara

Week Energies (Oct 21–Oct 27)🌠- Beautiful empathetic beings of the light, the universe acknowledges that you wish to open a gateway to the divine and while a good portion of the time, the channeling or the connection process seemed to take place without our awareness, it’s now calling you to be open to the conscious process of receiving the divine messages that’s coming through. It opens you up to a different approach from before, where your ultimate trust in the divine is necessary in order for it to work. Since we all have our own ways of connecting to the higher realms, it’s important to remain open to how we received those messages. Choose the way that feels the most natural and simplest to you, as this is the most effortless way to hear the voice and wisdom of your own soul. There would be no initiating a connection necessary but rather, just be the conduit to receiving profound messages that flow through us and as us. This way, we would never fall into the illusion of feeling disconnected, since it doesn’t exist. The only thing that exist is our perception of it when we buy into the idea of separation consciousness. All we have to do is to remain open to receiving and trusting that those insights will come through in all kinds of creative ways. Don’t be fooled by what we seemed to be going through, for it is about taking the risk to walk into the “unknown” even if it doesn’t make any logical sense. It’s about believing that anything is possible and we will always find a way to get through it. The invisible realm will reveal each step along the way, we are meant to experience this regardless of how far we think we’ve reached or how much work we think we’ve done, for the ultimate lesson here is to come to the realization that we are a spiritual being having a human experience! 💗

– Ostarel

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GaiaPortal: The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared

The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared.

Cleansing of all prehistorics occurs in the now moment.

Abundance presents to all who recognize True Values.

Spelorifics present the Guidance.

Snowflakes decorate the horizons.

I dance patterns

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Patterns, like a bee covered in lemon balm only I can breathe

Oh what an efficient means with which to see stuff. But
patterns hide things, sometimes make you forget things that do not easily fit.

I really wanted to write yet another blog about how
ridiculous my current housing scenario is but I don’t want to bore you.

I delved a little deeper within, looking for what was
holding up the energy I can push through that makes weird changes to my
environment. I found the little ancient vibratey bit within that was resonating
something awful. In those resonating awful frequencies, much can be learned. WE
usually don’t learn that stuff cause no one can stand the pockets of yuck you gotta
stand in to access them.

Like a passcodified firewall. But all things are light and
all things are dark and I shall be released and all that…

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