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Wayshower Update 11/28/19 ~ Amanda Lorence


Please discard anything here that doesn’t resonate. I honour. 💙🙏💙

Everyone awakened and unawakened are each intentionally at a unique, individual stage of their own journey back to SELF REALISATION…that each are God in human form.

Key is to recognise your own unique journey, own unique syncronisties gifted again and again into your dream TO YOU, BY YOU, to assist your awakening, and your empowerment. The journey of Self Realisation is a STAGE at a time. As we dismantle, dissolve, the previous layer of our own perception we rise to another stage, and another energetic level of Hertz. YOU are the master of this life experience, you present everything to you, you dissolve your own distortions by the WILLINGNESS to search inside of yourself. By your own desire to know yourself more, be your true Self more. And this does involve a step by step dismantling of the ego mind that overan the human mind, perfectly, in order to have this experience we rise out of. Ego overrides, then quietens one step at a time. Love is chosen, and we dive between mind and heart, until…LOVE is chosen in ALL moments. Until LOVE becomes you in ALL moments. To be LOVE in ALL moments may seem at various awakening stages impossible. But it is the journey THROUGH the various stages that makes it INEVITABLE. Because LOVE, is the pure SOURCE energy of God, of certain EMBODIED Hertz, certain awareness stages, we become IT…we return to our BEING. In all our bodies, in accumulated balance of our energy.

The journey and stages we go through, are a series of balancings, of the energies of positive and negative charges. It starts to occur in our brain on our initial ‘awakening’, via electrical pulses, vibrations, which we can call LIGHT CODING and is felt increasingly as we go. The physical feelings grow, become stronger as we awaken more and more. This process is beyond the human lower mind ability to control, and yet it is via our human thoughts, words, actions, intentions, our absolute WILL (power), that actually works in a parallel to the INNER energetic processes occurring to our four bodies during each’s ascension stages.

For those that don’t understand the term Galactic Timeline, this is the overall spiral and movement of the created Cosmos, that Gaia, and we traverse. We move through this, the whole cosmos is susceptible to this overall timeline, and energies that present. In other words, we ALL traverse, in energetic motion, the Grand Design of the Source Creator. The Mayans understood, studied and documented their knowing of this motion and energetic influence; that we traverse a grander, bigger spiral, and there are many many smaller spirals within this BIGGER spiral. The Galactic Timeline is not associated with the distorted linear idea of ‘time’ known as the Gregorian Calendar, that unawakened humanity created and still uses today. All of creation, created by Original Source, traverses the greater Design, the Galactic Timeline, in a designed energetic motion. We together, as a collective, traverse our section of it, as we are ALL energetically influenced by our collective reference ‘point’, that is relative to where we are within the Galactic Timeline. Every single creation, physical, non physical, is influenced by it, responds to it, based on their frequency…their LIGHT reference point on the Galactic Timeline. The Galactic Timeline has nothing to do with ‘Galactic Beings’, or Star Nations, which we also are, YET, all Galactic beings, and star nations are ALSO moving with their own energetic REFERENCE POINT, within the Grand Spiral which in turn moves around a Grand Central Sun (Energetic Light node influence) that affects all energy.

The Forerunners are those that experience (embody), pretty much in parallel to the presentation of Galactic Timeline, as the timeline presents to the Cosmos. In other words, they experience roughly (give or take approx 6 months) around the same time as ENERGY PRESENTS from the Galactic Timeline. Others follow suit, at their own pace, chosen by them, before this incarnation. All the energy we all embody accrues. Adding, heightening the Hertz, to the overall collective energy of humanity, Gaia, the Cosmos. By choosing to be one of the Forerunners, we have no reference point to turn to WITHIN the dream/illusion. No one to learn from. All the journey is UNDERSTOOD from our OWN internal experience, data, energy FIRST. The outer serves as confirmation of HIGHEST PATH or is a gift, a lesson to see through and rise from. And so if you are a Forerunner, it can feel isolating. Yet, for any to absolutely rely on their own Self, WITHIN, for their raise in frequency and consciousness, IS the most empowering thing ANYONE can do. In Service to the whole of God’s CREATION, Forerunners assist in many ways, quietly behind the scenes or in public. They embody first, and assist other people, animals, plants, elementals, Gaia, light grid systems, open portals and more etc. As others empower more and more, they to go into their Service to Serving the Whole, in they’re unique way they came to Serve. YOU decide your Service, no other. You ARE IT. Therefore, the term Forerunners, Wayshowers etc, is ONLY a temporary term, used during this MASS Ascension and era of great energetic change, where there is no greater than or lesser than any other form in creation.

Forerunners NOW (or will) experience a newly remembered, further embodiment stage. If not NOW, and in the coming weeks/months, in perfect alignment with the overall Galactic Timeline. They move/will move into the embodiment of God Consciousness. This ‘stage’, is our EARLY stage of this higher frequency layer unfolding a bit at a time. This Realisation State unfolds within. And with that REALISATION, the energy within you that you already know as God’s, and ALREADY CONSCIOUSLY interact with, you will REALISE FAR MORE. You will NATURALLY interact with that energy within you, knowing not only that it is God’s energy, but YOU ARE GOD’s ENERGY Self REALISED. You will naturally then begin to interact with that EMBODIMENT REALISATION and PHYSICAL ABILITY, in a KNOWING, as you interact with all things, inside and outside of your dream. It is an energy, experience within you, that is known and realised, activated to a higher ability to experience, allowing you to interact with all things, as that energy. God’s energy. I will write more in depth data or maybe do a Facebook Live, to explain more fully the experience and embodiment of God Energy Awareness or early stage God Consciousness. I’ll do this when I am able to and feels right to. It’s so, so simple to experience, yet to put this stage into human words will take many many words to explain what IS a natural progression for each of us to experience.

I say this to assist your own journey to Self Realisation, because I am aware of so much within this reality that hinders an innocents progress:

It’s YOUR dream. No others. In other words, you have created your whole life experience, every person and interaction, every circumstance, in order to SEE through. No one can do this for you. As Creator, it is all your responsibility.
3D and parts of 4D seeks their guidance outside of itself. It’s lower energetic human self. That lower energetic human self is DISEMPOWERED when it replies on others in their dream. That, WAS OUR disempowerment and experience of disempowerment. That which we rise above, seeing we had it WITHIN US all along. Seeing that what we searched for, was US all along. We were searching for our Higher Energetic SELF, but began that search in forgetfulness, and thus looked outside of ourselves. We can only find that, and every answer we truly desire, IF we go within, and empower, grow, our own lower energetic self. So in turn, we become, our Higher energetic Self.

So to rely on another to empower you, give you advice, activate you, in YOUR SELF created dream, is you (lower self) disempowering you.
To give unsolicited advice to another, is also forgetfulness. For it keeps that person we give advice to, disempowered. This can be an innocent act of ignorance/forgetfulness, to try and assist another by giving them the answers answers they are seeking. But know also, it can be an ego mind seeking to retain power OVER another.

Harmony, balance, love, peace, are all qualities, like lenses, that SEE EACH as their EQUAL. Where wisdom points another to find their own answers within them, for then, so they too will be empowered. And we do this, ultimately, because they ARE a part of US. They are already God, in forgetfulness, in a human form, wanting also, to remember. So to know, that all the human questions that come ONLY from the mind in forgetfulness, during our own awakening, are not always necessarily, answered by our Higher Self. Your Higher Self is steering your awakening, and some questions of the human mind are only, solely, mind distraction that take one down a rabbit whole, when the Higher Mind is wanting you to awaken MORE and KNOWS exactly how you will empower and become IT. Many mind questions, and forms of outer world enquiry (journeys) distract from an awakening stage. We awaken ONLY by dissolving the distorted patterns of human behaviour, that takes us then, more and more, step by step, into HEART. Into LOVE, the frequency of God’s energy. We master our mind, by becoming the observer of our own thoughts, words and actions. Then, making choice as to what to focus on.

To empower YOURSELF, seek not the advice of another who only knows from THEIR own awakening perspective, of their dream. Seek within, your own guidance, and as you practice removing yourself from any initial experience, observing your own emotion, and mental thoughts, and JUST simply, observe yourself, you will receive YOUR own greatest INNER wisdom, and THAT is tailor made for YOUR growth by Higher Self. As you practice this, you empower yourself, and your own ENERGY increases. And so, you leap another step along this infinite experience.

A gateway will open, as per the Galactic Timeline. Some will enter this Gateway instantly, and others will follow at their most perfect timing. Any Galactic Gateway that opens, stays open, to traverse through when a human frequency matches that particular Gateway frequency. It is the most significant Gateway yet, for our collective energetic raise. Yet that too, once entered, will allow another layer/level of energetic experience to then unfold, rather quickly for the individual. Just to say, the Gateway, whenever we each enter it, will be the greatest, and most significant energetic marker point, yet.

I hope some of this helps, regardless of our stages. And I love you all so deeply, as my very own aspect, knowing we are One.

With love sent, keep going…

Amanda Lorence
28 November 2019

Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Elders of the Dawn,

Stepping into the White Grove, the boughs of the trees all around ~ the rustling of leaves in the night wind ~ allow yourself to be in the Grove of Arianrhod, the Grove of the Silver Wheel. And as you stand in the centre ~ all around you descends the golden radiance. It is the Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars, its galactic frequencies arriving with this moon, the Tenth Glyph and Elder Code of the Silver Wheel of Lights. Awakening this code from dormancy deep within, summoning the golden crown of your sovereignty to descend upon your brow, and the cloak to whirl around your shoulders. Remember yourself thus ~ your majesty as a sovereign, shining soul. No matter what you have travelled through, what echoes of passage, the remnants of an old enslavement that have echoed around your heart, this majestic Light is ever yours; ever pure; ever returning. Feel the mystic, softest light and the warrior, noble light, that are One ~ a many layered depth and brilliance. Your gentleness and your power are One. Your service and your sovereignty. The Star Elders of Rigel, noble star warriors of Orion, stand with us in this golden light ~ arriving to call us beyond self-judgment, calling us to choose our New Cosmic Archetype, our crystalline, christed timeline, over and again ~ no moment is too small, no deferral of power is inconsequent, as we weave the integral boundary of true presence with every choice. Thus we become that echoing golden depth of a moment, and we deepen into the place beyond what might appear to be ‘external interferences’, and are in fact simply the sum of our own submissions to something other than what we always knew ~ the knowledge, the knowing, that exists before and before and before. Always, you have the power to respond to your own deep knowing and direct connection to the true nature of reality. Always, always, in every moment this matters, as you reweave the miracle of the One who you are in this dimension, this world.

With Shining Love, Elen Elenna

Coming Home to Your Divinity ~ Nicky Hamid


The culture we have all been exposed to has taught us some very “heady” things. It has forced us to question, doubt, and seek answers for absolutely everything we have experienced.
We learned that as children we did not know anything much at all and that someone else out there does. You were taught that if you wanted to get on in the world you had better find out what you needed to know and then convince others in some way that you knew and that they needed you for what you knew. And if you could not do this then you learned the next best thing and that was how to fake it and at least partially convince yourself that you were not a fake.
Our schools, our community, our government, our law, our businesses, religion, and our science required of us to be a “genuine” fake. And we learned that as long as we had a “good” reason for thinking what we did and how things worked then we might have some semblance of happiness.
“If I know why, and can explain to others then I will get from others the approval of myself that I so crave. I may even feel worthy and loved”
We became analytical monsters who could cleverly justify anything logically “rationally”. And we all know what happened.
The monster began to devour us. In our way of analysing everything (mind games) we made everything profane. We extracted the life out of the sacred and thus allowed our connection to All That Is to fade almost to oblivion.
In an ultimate fit of madness we set an implicit rule and made it politically incorrect to speak of anything that was fantastic, feminine, mystical, godlike, Divine, or even subjective. God was dead and the only things left were a feeling of numbness, the reality of biological determinism, and a myth that we had some ultimate control over life even though we felt helpless.
So as we are rising to the truth of the game we have played, we are having to take back the essence of everything we are “within”. And the difficulty has been the monkey mind that has, for each of us, continually raised the thousand and one doubts behind everything we have experienced. It has even duped us into believing that in order for us to make a transformation then we need to know and mentally understand what we are doing.
Another gesture which is tempting you into more profane making games.
The so called “spiritual” community is littered with fake games and fraud claims that are so cleverly camouflaged (hidden in the self deception of desperation) that only those who truly listen to their inner prompting (their Hearmind) can discern their own profanity.
But we are in the process of the transformation coming to a close through putting back the life (Light) into everything, Putting back our truth feeling into what we have allowed in ourselves to be sucked dry, through analysis and the onesided point of view it maintains.
So in order for us make a full claim to our authentic being the simple answer we have realised is to put back the Love we hid from ourselves and from the world.
To reveal the profane as sacred again. To know what will continue and what will fade into the nothingness from which it came.
This to me is why a strong sense of “walking in a sacred manner” is at the core of my Knowing, my Love. It is as a marker and a guide to my own truth. It is both a part of and consequence of finding our authenticity and connection to everything in this world. It is the reclaiming of our own Divinity and the recognition and ownership of the Divinity of All That It Is (Source, God…..I AM THAT I AM).
It is in the personal choice to reclaim, through Love, the Absolute Divinity of every blade of grass. Everything, but everything becomes precious.
It is in the conscious and fully embraced acceptance that with every breath, we are taking into ourselves and from within ourselves the Divine Power and Truth of Creation and Creating.
How Truly Precious You Are.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid



Channeled November 26, 2019
Posted November 27, 2019

I always love sitting with Anna when she brings a message. She is so wise, and so humble. So kind and so powerful. She spent many hundreds of years incarnated on this planet to learn sacred knowledge and energetic practices taught by Mystery Schools. She went on to mastery and began to teach others, including Yeshua/Jesus. Her energy is warm and loving. She always likes to use visualization practices, and often has a sacred key object in her hand. Today it was the silver chalice.

Enjoy her lovely message to you as you sit with her now.


‘The Sacred Realms of the Heart’

“Dearly Beloved,

I AM in joy to be in this moment together with you. I invite you, as always, to come sit with me in this quiet place, and to open your hearts, and to feel the love that is given to you not only in this now moment, but in all moments.

For we are, indeed, together in a special place. And this special place supersedes all time and space, and it is an actual place in a higher dimension. Feel that for a moment, and sit with that. Sit with that feeling of love and comfort, harmony and safety. Sit with me now, Beloveds, in this place, and open your hearts to receive. For it is yours to receive without restrictions, conditions, or any other thing that would keep you in separation from Creator and from the love of Creator.

Every moment is sacred. Every experience is sacred. Every soul is sacred. And all of Creation is sacred, both the light and the dark, within and without, above and below, and beyond all time and space. All is sacred.

I would like you to take a look at yourself now. You may do this physically or energetically with your imagination. But imagine yourself sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. And look at yourself as though you were a bird observing a human sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. That bird would have no judgment of you. That bird would look upon you as another version of itself. That bird would see your energy fields, your heart fields, your aura, and the intention that you are emanating, the frequency that you are emitting.

Can you look upon yourselves now, Beloveds, with this simplicity? Can you see past all the things that you would call faults or hang-ups, or negativity? I would love for you to be able to see yourself right now as you are seen, in the light of pure source love, completely unconditional.

Now as you are energetically sitting under this tree, focus on your heart. Feel your heart. What is it telling you? Is there any emotion there? Is there sadness or grief, pain or sorrow, anger or resentment? Accept it all. See it all. Feel it all. For if you look and feel and see, you will also see the unconditional love that you are created with. And that can never be taken from you. That unconditional love can emanate and emit a powerful frequency – so powerful that you cannot even conceive of it.

Now I want you to visualize the pain and sorrow, the sadness and grief, the anger and resentment dissipating into Pure Source Diamond White Light. Imagine it being transformed as it goes up to Source to be re-created, and sent back down into your heart as unconditional love, as Pure Source Love. And as you visualize this, it is happening! This is the reality of what we taught when we were humans incarnate upon this earth. Many of these ancient mysteries are not so complex, are they? It is being as child, sitting in the wonder of it all, that allows it to be created and manifested and transformed, and to become a reality.

The sacred realm of your heart is so precious. This sacred realm of your heart wants to be free of all the things that would weigh it down and keep it closed, and keep it dimmed.
As you are sitting under this tree now, I am beside you. Allow ALL the things to flow out of your heart into the stream before you to be carried away, never to be seen again. For you do not have to chastise yourself, or go over and over and over the same story, Beloved. You do not. Once you are aware of it, look at it and feel it and hear it. And then allow it to flow into that stream. That stream is unconditional love. It has no judgment, just as the bird who is observing you as yourself.

The sacred realm of your heart holds the keys to all portals, to all timelines, to all realities, but most of all, it holds the keys to your highest timeline, your highest purpose, your highest self, your Higher Self, in fact. And (it holds the keys) to your Almight I AM presence.

You have lack of no thing when you are in the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. If you can begin to see the beauty of this, it will transform your life. If you can sit within this sacred realm of your heart, you will see that all is well.

These words are not meant to placate you or to distress you. These words are words of truth that all is well when you are within the sacred realm of your heart. And the beauty of this sacred realm, and the beauty of your visualization of sitting under a tree beside a stream observing yourself is that, in fact, it is always present and available to you. This time and space will never go away. It is always there beside you, ever manifesting as unconditional love.

This is the gift of life – for you to remember how to use and create with, and to transform all within the sacred realm of your heart. Take a moment and breathe, and allow this to settle in. And you can sit here in this space with me for as long as you need, or come back again multiple times.

I invite you now to take the silver chalice in my hand, and fill it with the water of the stream of life before you. Visualize yourself drinking this pure, crystalline water now. Can you feel it light up your DNA? Can you feel it empower your heart center? Can you feel it from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet? This sacred chalice is an activation as well as a comfort. It is yours to take. It is yours to receive, and yours to embody.

It is my desire, and the desire of all those loving beings around you, for YOU to see yourself as you truly are, without judgment, without expectation, and without the constraints of time. For you were made perfect. And why would you question that? For that is, indeed, a mockery of the Pure One I AM Creator’s creation. Creator made all things perfect: the dark and light, the polarity, the duality, the separation. That was created all for an experience.

But now you have this golden opportunity in this new era to let go of the old ways of doing things, the old paradigms, and the old experiences that would keep you entrapped within a field that no longer serves you.

No longer do you have to feel separate or apart from anything, for you are a part of everything. And everything is a part of you. And all is one, and one is all. And all is love, and God is love, and you are a part of that. So honor yourself in every moment, and remember: just to simply let it go. Whatever emotion you are feeling in that moment, acknowledge it, love it, forgive it, let it pass through your system. Do not allow it to stay within your field, and then realign yourself in that sacred realm of your heart. For all is well there in every single moment, and this never changes.

Now expand your heart center even more, and allow it to fill up. That silver chalice is your heart, and the sacred water is unconditional love. Allow the silver chalice of your heart to fill and to FEEL simultaneously. Does it not feel wonderful? Can you feel the sparkles of pure diamond Source Light within?
And so, my beloved children, doesn’t that feel wonderful? Remember this moment, remember this message. And whether you do or whether you do not, that frequency now is always there for you because you have connected with it.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not fret about anything. Come back to the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. For your heart is infinite.

I am so pleased to have shared this moment with you. And I embrace you with the arms of the Mother and the Father of the Almighty I AM Creator now. Receive the blessing and feel it. It is like a warm hug.

We love you and we see you. And it is a wondrous thing. And that is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

@kaliadiya_visionary – Instagram

Link to live audio recording:

Kwan Yin Invocation


Beloved Kwan Yin, I invoke Thy sovereign Light,
The Divine Jewel of the Sacred Lotus,
Dwell in my Heart, Divine Goddess of Love.

Shine Thy Divine light on my way,
Illumine my steps, oh Beloved Mother of Mercy.

Mother, Holy Messenger of Divine Compassion,
Awaken Your Divine Light in my heart,
Transform my world with your Divine Blessings.

Have mercy on me Divine Mother, Jewel of the Divine Lotus,
Make me an instrument of Thy Compassion.
May your Divine Mercy enlighten in my heart today and always.

Divine Mother Kwan Yin, I revere Thy Divine Compassion,
That flows in my heart as your Heavenly and Eternal Song:


A Discerning Eye & Open Mind ~ The Creator Writings


The current energy may present you with challenging feelings and experiences.  What you think and feel in this moment may not necessarily be the whole truth. There is a much larger picture to be seen…take a step back and look with a discerning eye and an open mind.  You will be surprised. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner



New Moon message from Rebecca Barfoot


New Moon today!! Despite the quickened pace of Thanksgiving week in the US, the embracing, yin energies of the dark moon invite us to turn our gaze inward.

This particular New Moon – in Sagittarius – couples the blaze of fire along with the watery dark-womb mysteries of the subtle realm. Whatever you focus your intent on to birth – as we head deeper into winter and its deep gestational energy – has some fiery light to assist the ignition of your dreams & visions.

Don’t know what you want to manifest? Don’t know exactly what is keeping you stuck? Turn off the phone and tune in, your higher self and the subtle realm are waiting to speak with you!!

“The astronomy of the heart delivers you to greatness. The stars of your birth shine on in your name. Carry the flame, bring the torch, let it burn. Your life is as you envision. Love is your mission.”

So look to the truth of your feelings then up into the dark sky tonight. This will take you deeper into the pleasure and passion of co/creation.

I support you! In Unity,


Rebecca Barfoot – Energy Intuitive, Seer and Channel

Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

Mastery requires Courage ~ Nicky Hamid


Mastery requires Courage.
As you are creating in your 5D experiencing of yourself you drop the old things you tolerated because you were afraid to take your own Knowing for fear of reprisal, rejection, ‘put downs”.
To Love Fearlessly.
No longer are you prepared to allow, nor give any energy to that which does not align with who you are.
Sometimes you have to say “No”, and/or share how you see with your eyes of Love, or simply move away.
A must is to cut all your attachments to others no matter who they are, and any “hooks” they have on you or you have placed on them. No more giving away of your chi. WE psychologically move away and sometimes it has to be a physical withdrawal. But WE never stop loving them. In fact our honouring of them just grows.
It is all about You being true to yourself. There can be no compromise when choosing unconditional Love (LOVE with NO conditions), and the dropping of all thoughts of “less than” of ourselves and all others.
Sometimes we have to honour another person so much that we are prepared for them to feel hurt if they so choose and learn to master it in there own time and manner. That is about them not you.
It is time for us to move into our Shine, and for that it is choosing the “High Road” every step of the way.
Shine On

I So Love You
PS. And the “High Road” is a continual welcoming of your “Higher Self” , your “Higher LIGHT” to come closer and be the guide and navigator of your journey. For SELF to be in charge and for the “individual self” to dance, sing, to delight in and enjoy every bit of what it is to be Human. Set Yourself Free to choose.
And your “New Life” will manifest from making these Free Loving choices daily, moment by moment.

Nicky Hamid

Return WITHIN…to BE ~ Amanda Lorence


There is only ONE ENERGY FREQUENCY that expands our Consciousness in order to become, return to, a higher frequency state of being.

It is not (ultimately) through any thought, any words spoken, any words exchanged, any acts taken…for all are a lessor frequency translation of the mind. A part of the journey within separation. It is not through temporary journeys reached via some meditation types or any ingested substances, that only add more story, within separation, albeit alternative and fascinating, at a non solid state. Yes they all carry an energetic vibration, but ultimately it is not enough…it is only a lessor frequency to the higher frequency we grow into, through our INTERNAL BEINGNESS, that is FELT and experienced within us.

It is through choosing to BE the ONE accessible INTERNAL energetic frequency (we call it Love), that we expand into the ever present conscious awareness that is always present. The ‘awakened journey’ allows us to grow into becoming that FREQUENCY in ALL moments, one step at a time, via our own choices made.

At each’s perfect ‘time’, we put down all distraction of the illusion, and that perfect, individualised storyline, and we return WITHIN…to BE, that specific ENERGETIC frequency in all moments. Knowing it IS the ONLY key, gift, answer, way, that EACH DO possess. We BE that energy internally. It becomes us in all moments. Because we can be that, at right stage. It becomes the ONLY truth. To be that ENERGY, for no human reason. To be that, because it is the ONLY energy FREQUENCY that creates each step of our return to God conscious awareness. That awareness, only resides in that FREQUENCY, by BEING that ENERGY. All else, is of the mind, and each one’s story, path, journey. The story, the journey is finally seen as a distraction of the mind. The ‘jewel’, the ‘key’, is BEING a certain specific energetic frequency INTERNALLY first, that expands each, if they choose.

The mind allows us to play, to whatever degree we choose, where there is no right or wrong, just many experiences. Our heart allows a specific ENERGY FREQUENCY to be felt WITHIN; it heightens, expanding layers upon layers of degrees of knowing it’s energetic, as Hertz, that eventually becomes our full internal focus, that allows our return to ALL THAT IS, being known as the ever present experience.

The mind allows temporary experiences. Internal energy, of certain specific energetic frequency, allows the INFINITE to expand within us, and become us. So that we may know, be, and SERVE…the whole, knowing it’s all ONE.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
26 November 2019

Sagittarius New Moon ~ Alex Myles


~ Happy New Moon ~

The New Moon on Tuesday Nov 26th in Sagittarius is the exact frequency to gives us a cosmic push so we start seriously focusing on manifesting dramatic transformation and long-awaited change.

We will all be feeling the positive charged of this lunar energy, regardless of our zodiac sign, but those born under Sagittarius, as well as Aries and Leo, the two other fire signs, will be more impacted.

We might have noticed we have been feeling slightly more temperamental, hot-headed and overall emotional than normal, as the heat from this celestial energy has been rising within.

Sagittarius’ powerful vibration has been building over this past week and many of us will have felt the fire, feistiness, strength, and intensity emanating from it, which may have caused anxiety or excitement, as though something major is about to happen—and it is.

If we have been hoping and praying for opportunities and miracles to come our way, Sagittarius’ empowering manifesting energy is the optimum time to magnetise them and to have absolute faith that the intentions we set will manifest in perfect order.

Now is the time to send a concise and clear message out to the universe that we are open and ready to receive exactly what is destined and waiting for us. It is important to remember that if we don’t receive exactly what we ask for, it is likely for very good reason, as the universe shifts things around and organises people, situations and events that are in alignment with what our soul is prepared for and needs.

During a New Moon, a powerful portal opens, creating a window of opportunity that allows us great transformation. Old energy clears and fresh, positive, new beginnings begin to arrive. This is why we often feel extra intense during this period, as over the past two weeks we have undergone emotional unearthing and cleansing and new energy begins to enter that space.

Sagittarius is fire energy and is an optimistic, wild, rebellious and adventurous sign, which pushes us toward new experiences, achieving goals and reaching dreams.

For those attuned and highly sensitive to cosmic activity, the new moon will bring desperately needed and radical personal transformation, which could feel uncomfortable and challenging at times.

The new moon’s energy is focused on Sagittarius’ symbol, the archer, with its arrow pointing upward showing that it’s essential to keep moving onward like a warrior, regardless of the everyday trials and challenges that could pull us under.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker and reminds us to step away from false narratives and destructive nostalgia, as we painfully learn that not everything is how it first seemed. It boldly tells us to open our eyes and see people for who they are rather than wallowing in illusions, wistfully hoping people are who we want them to be, or wishing for them to they to the character they played when they first appeared.

While we may feel the temptation to return to old frayed ties, we will also have the wisdom to recognise unhealthy and one-sided attachments, and find the strength to close the door on anything that drains our vital energy.

Old doors will be closing and new ones opening and we could find we unexpectedly and deeply connect with someone new, or our current relationship may suddenly be passionately refuelled. It is also possible that a career opportunity opens new possibilities, we begin plans to travel to a distant country, or we are overcome with the desire to relocate, perhaps starting over in a new country or the other side of the world.

This daring New Moon will literally force us far out of our comfort zone and directly toward whatever ignites our fire, without the over-cautious and destructive over-thinking or fear-based excuses that normally arise whenever incredible energy and life-changing opportunities come our way.

Where we’d normally be taking time to ponder major decisions, we will intuitively know that what opens during this moon phase is exactly what we have been waiting for, and we won’t hesitate to make up our minds when offers arrive. Our psychic sensitivities will be enhanced, giving insight into our future so we understand what we need to do to alter our circumstances and how vital it is to eliminate anything toxic to our energy and that weighs us down.

This is an intense phase that will eliminate any toxicity in our lives, including bad habits, unhealthy patterns, reactive behaviours, outdated beliefs, and irrational fear-based thoughts and feelings that drain our energy and leave us feeling anxious and burnt out. Ties that energetically bind us to people or situations that are detrimental to us or that limit us in any way will easily be severed during this period, and we will feel free to walk away in peace.

To align with this rare Sagittarius energy, it is vital we remain consciously aware and evaluate, empty, release, and cleanse. This allows us to to shake off whatever (or whoever) has held us back, so we can move onward on our evolutionary soul journey with the best chance of attaining happiness, harmony and genuine heart-centred connections.

This is a time for believing we are capable of things far beyond anything we have previously imagined, as during this lunar phase we will feel limitless, as though nothing is out of our grasp.

This is a pivotal time to repeat positive affirmations, as what occurs now can take us to an important and incredible phase in our lives—and the only way to reach it is by letting go of the limiting thoughts, feelings, and unhealthy attachments that subconsciously keep us anchored to things we no longer want or need.

This new moon shows us we can choose to aim in a new direction, draw back Sagittarius’ bow, release the arrow, alter our focus and courageously start over, in every area of life.

~ Alex Myles

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~ White Diamond Fire of purifications and wisdom ~

On this New Moon let’s plant seeds of liquid light, encoded with our deepest desires, and then surrender it to the Divine order and Divine timing within the Divine Plan of Perfection..


I say YES to being showered with this powerful light blessings of White Diamond Fire of purifications and wisdom daily!

I (your name) see myself in this miracle light shower daily while I unblock old dense energy – This daily light blessing will support me and attracting even more blessings into my life as I go through these

As I (your name) step into the New Moon Portal, I release all lower vibrational energies from my energy field.

I (your name) Invoke the highest light, the Platinum, Gold and Diamond rays to pass through every
atoms, cells, electrons,
within this form of mine
Flowing through, filling and renewing
every cell of my mind and body, right now – only leaving my true essens.

Millions of new light blessings embraces every part of my being

And so it is !!!
Pass it on.

~ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

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In Universal Service ◊ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes

Light Encoded Picture By : Ulrikke Aagaard

The End? ~ The Creator Writings

download-1 (1).jpg

What you perceive as the ending of a dream is, in fact, the beginning of a new one. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Dragon Oracle Guidance for the New Moon in Sagittarius

For those who are Meant to See….


The Pleiades is a Star Cluster of Healing. Between Source and the Pleiades there is a blue etheric rose. It has 33 petals, for 33 is the vibration of the Christ Light.

This Rose is a transformer through which pure Source Healing is downloaded to the Masters of the Pleiades. They pass it at an appropriate frequency to the Angels and the Dragons, who in turn shower it on those who are ready.

These Incredible Seventh-Dimensional Blue Dragons from the Pleiades hold the rose in their hearts and radiate Source Healing. They whirl around us, pouring this blue heart healing into us as soon as they see we are ready. They activate and light up a high frequency blue rose in each of our 12 chakras, preparing our field for the Angels of the Pleiades to connect with us. Even then they will remain with us so that we can easily hold the healing vibration of the blue rose and pass it on to others.

The Blue Dragons from the Pleiades have come to you today to offer you healing by lighting up a blue rose in each of your chakras. Relax and invite them to touch you and accept any energy they bring.

Alternatively, they may have sought YOU to suggest you give beautiful blue Pleiadean healing under the Law of Grace to others. If you wish to do this, tell them that you are ready and they will activate a huge energetic blue rose in your heart so you can direct Source healing to a person or situation.

Dragon Oracle Cards ~ Diana Cooper

 Blossom Goodchild – Channeling The Federation of Light – November 25, 2019


Hi there, fellow Light Beams. Each time I connect I wonder how our conversation will turn out. Still the fear mongering continues. Still folk are concerned regarding things they have read or heard. Still we carry on doing our best to shine our Light. Still more Light is being shed regarding matters that have been hidden away. What avenue shall we embark upon today, my friends?

Welcome, One and All. Firstly, let us remove all doubts regarding that which you may feel is to be feared in future days. If you allow yourselves to concentrate only on WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE, you will not be feeding into the Energetical Vibration that doubt and fear bring upon you. It is the design of those who wish your world to continue on in the same vein as it has for thousands of years, that leads you to these pitfalls.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about something … STOP IT! Stop that uncomfortable feeling by changing your thought pattern. This is now kindergarten material for you. You are way ahead on the path of Knowledge. It was many a year ago that we may have said … STOP! STOP! STOP what you are reading/listening to, if it does not feel good.


Let us put your minds at ease if we may?

That which is to occur in your future days and more specifically we speak of the new year that is to come … much shall be revealed. This is not new news!

We have explained to you the ideal approach in order to shine through all that is to come your way.

You have choices. Fall apart? Or create a Newer Brighter World … BECAUSE of all that is being revealed.

Someone expressed their concern of how our media of YOUTUBE shall put in place much discrimination and remove certain video channels for political and repressive reasons in order to take control and hold power over what is allowed to be expressed. Is this so and what would you say about it?

We cannot say if it shall ‘come into play’ or not, even though it may be a possibility. If this is the case … what will you/can you do?

I would imagine, not very much.

Then, with respect … your imagination is a little under par!

We shall therefore, assist you in this matter. You do what we have been guiding you towards doing … IN ALL THINGS. Throughout ALL that is presented to you or removed from you … it makes no difference … BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT … NO MATTER WHAT.

Do you think your Light only … works/has … an effect … on certain circumstances? Do you think THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE picks and chooses where it shall or shall not shine? Yes, you can direct your LIGHT ENERGY to a particular place or soul, or circumstance … to send Love and Light to it. Yet, do you think that if you were to shine your Light on a matter that you hear about, that your Light would say ‘No thanks. I don’t want to go there?’

Your Light is your Light is your Light … IT IS!



It hasn’t appeared that way for a long, long time.

Light never lost Blossom, it simply was overshadowed for ‘a time’.

This is why we continue to express the necessity to repeat and build upon …





And I am not going to say ‘So you have said’ … because I am so aware of the CHANGE THIS IS MAKING by doing so. So you can repeat this to us for as long as necessary.

And Dearest Blossom … YOU and all who are on board, can repeat this over and over for as long as necessary.

The difference that this is making Energetically upon your Planet is mind boggling. How we wish you could experience from ‘Off Planet’ the magical effect this is having ‘On Planet’.

The fact is, Dearest souls, the more you say it … the more you feel it … the more you become it.

The more you become it … the more it finds itself in all others that are doing the same … and the more it unites AS ONE … then THE STRONGEST ENERGY OF LIGHT IS CREATING THE GREATEST CHANGES … in order for THIS ENERGY CREATED BY YOU ALL … to be PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

Do you remember many years ago we spoke of ‘collecting bottles of Love’ in a ‘space’ to be used in future days?

Many moons ago, yes … and sadly/ashamedly, like SO many suggestions you have made to us over the years, I had forgotten all about it.

Yet, it was done by many for a while.

How can we express this? Love … that you ‘consciously store’ … is a perfect ‘exercise’ in preparation for what is to come.

In that, it is a little like a storage system. A little like the supply cupboard. When you are feeling depleted of all strength and Love … and you will feel this way …

Will? I am doing at times!

Then tap into this supply of endless Giving Energy of Light. It will never deplete. It can never deplete.

You may FEEL ‘empty’ … as if your engines are shutting down and when this occurs, tap into the never ending supply by saying …




And instantaneously the flood gates open and the LOVE ENERGY pours into your Being.

There is never a ‘Closed for lunch’ sign on these gates. Do you see? Draw on this Energy from within, that is coming to you FROM WITHIN… because YOU ARE WITHIN this LOVE LIGHT ENERGY


You walk into a darkened room and switch on a Light … Instantly there is Light.

Turn yourselves on!

Steady Neddy!

We mean it! Turn yourselves on! Not off!

Dearest compassionate Beings of Light that walk upon the Earth …



So many of you are off balance, sensitive beyond the usual, aware beyond the normal that ‘something is going on’.

You are experiencing shifts and upheavals within your Beings. Your topsy turviness is off the charts. Because you are interpreting within that which is occurring without.

So much turbulence … and you LIGHT workers are doing your very best to ‘adjust’. You are subconsciously, some consciously, trying to bring ‘life’ back into order, when it has been out of order for so long.

It is dishevelling you because you are ‘seeing this through’ without even knowing.

You are transforming the Energies that are so very strong and have ruled for so very long and melting them BACK into the Light Love that they once were … and in doing so, you are coming up against much resistance.

You did not volunteer for the ‘stroll in the park’. You volunteered and were ‘picked’ for the ‘Hurricane of all Hurricanes’ … and you ACCEPTED!

And the storm is gathering momentum.






And everything else will be shown unto you and you shall know which journey to embark upon as you get to it.

Can you elaborate on that?

Indeed. It is as we have spoken of in past sessions, regarding each one having an ‘envelope’ and in Divine timing it shall be opened and you shall have its contents revealed and from there you shall know where to go and what to do.

So, will we sort of know this telepathically?

Yes and signs to reassure each one they are on the right path shall be obvious.

So much strength shall be revisited by codes that are unravelled.

Count me out on that one. Codes are too far out of my understanding.

Yet, they are not, Blossom … for you or any other soul …

Oh deary duck … I just ‘sensed’ your next sentence (where’s that rabbit hole? ) Go for it.


Whaaaaahhhh! Forgive me, my brain just exploded! Although thinking about it, maybe you have told us this before , because I remember trying to make a joke about us being a barcode.

There is nothing to ‘panic’ about. It is really quite simple. Everything upon your Planet is coded. We have spoken about this, also. Codes are moving and changing among themselves … for themselves … by themselves. They are the makeup of the matrix. You do not need to understand them … You could not. They exist and communicate within themselves.


To take note … to keep order.

Who for?

Your Universe.

For what purpose?

Divine Order … IN ORDER for Divinity to flow.

So we, as humans are a code?

Dearest Blossom … YOU ARE LIGHT. Yet within that Light … there is a conformity of Energy and Energy explores itself through the experiments of coding and tracking.


The codes have memory. They can merge and blend ‘what has been’ into what is NOW.


If something is required to be in place NOW and has not been for a while … anything … For example the Energy of a particular Vibration upon a particular surface of your Planet … then ‘Master coding’ can recall unto itself that which it WAS ONCE and re-present it.

Amazingly, I follow you.

It is not as complicated as you think in theory. Yet, AS ITSELF it is beyond that which ANY computer system could comprehend. For it is THE DIVINE MATRIX.

Wow! So amazing all of this, when you take a moment to think about it, instead of taking ‘us’ for granted and plodding on, moaning and groaning. It would do us well to be a little more appreciative of ourselves.

It would do you well to KNOW yourselves more fully.

And we do that by saying I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM?


Thank you. An interesting chat. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

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The Rainbow Tribe via Sacred Dreams


“The sun rose on a magical new day…
Over the whole earth they came,
The people of every colour,
Sister, Brother, Father, Mother
Traveling over many a land
People of the Rainbow
Children of the Way,
with a fresh glow
Finding their way
Star within…
More and more joined,
a song for the soul…
A new way to live,
A new way to see,
It happened this way…
And a new song,
It came from within
If you can find the Star,
Within then you will find…
What is… What was…
And what will be… you see,
It happened this way…
from within,
The people of the Way”

~author unknown

art: Kuba Ambrose

via: Sacred Dreams


Note: A message Kalia shared one year ago, which still holds true in this Now Moment. Enjoy ❤


November 25, 2018


Greetings, Beautiful Children of Creation.

We are with you today, bringing in a loving, peaceful and calm message for your hearts, and we invite you to open that space now and feel the love that is being shared with you now.

Your journey is largely one of trust and faith, but know that in those moments where you see, feel and hear that those moments are real, and those will become more apparent the more that you clear the density and the fears and the programming that you carry within you. And we honor you, Children of Creation, for the constant work that you are doing.

And we want you to know that we and many, many others are always standing beside you. And we speak of faith and trust, and this is important in this moment. For we see there are many who are going through periods of intensity, periods of where you can see more dark than light. But know that this is being revealed by your Self so that YOU can become empowered and so that you can clear everything that is no longer useful for you. And so when we ask you to have faith and trust, know that is a powerful key, a powerful clue, in moving forward.

Even in those moments where you may not feel that there is anything to trust about, know that by putting yourself in that vibration, in that frequency, that you are embodying your GodSelves to move into a different vibration to enable yourselves to become fully One with All That Is.

We urge you to trust and to believe. And if you can’t do that, then simply ask for help in seeing your true Selves, in knowing your true Selves, and embodying your true Selves, which is One with All That Is, which is the Oneness with Creator. For if you would all, each and every one of you, understand how powerful you are, it would change the way you look at everything. It would change the way you feel about everything. It would change the way you do everything. For are you not here to simply be creator, to simply be the embodiment of your pure soul energy?

Let everything melt away, your cares, your worries and your fears. Release them now. Clear them now. And breathe. And KNOW that you are what is needed. Your BEing-ness is Divine. Your BEing-ness is creation. And your BEing-ness is changing the world upon which you walk.

As always, we hold you in love and honor. And trust that what we see is the Truth of All That Is. For Creator has made everything beautiful and perfect from the moment of creation. There is no need to strive, no need to do. You are perfect from the moment you were created. And you are a spark of the Divine, and the Divine is perfect.

And we want you to see how that circle expands, and see the pureness and oneness of it and All That Is.

We leave you with the greatest blessings of love from our very BEings and from Creator.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

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Good Job! ~ The Creator Writings


Today, The Universe would like you to know that you are doing just fine!  With all the energetic activity, the chaos and the instability going on in this moment it can be challenging to stay centered…but you are doing it and doing it well!  Give yourself a pat on the back, dear one, you are amazing! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Take Care of Yourself right Now ~ Idil Ahmed



You just need to nurture your soul and take care of yourself right now. Let things clear out of your life. Don’t hold onto what needs to exit. Don’t force anything to stay the same. It’s all about change and growth. Release and let go. Reorganise and reprioritise what you value. You have to start taking care of your inner-self. At the end of the day, it’s about you loving yourself. It’s you who has to make sure that you’re okay. It’s you who has to hold yourself together. It’s you who has to decide to keep going.
No matter what’s challenging you or testing you, don’t overthink it or overreact to it. Find a balance somewhere within you where you stop playing these games with yourself where you get so caught up and pulled into something that only leaves you drained. No everything deserves your energy. Remember, your attention is very valuable. Your thoughts are very valuable.
Your emotions are very valuable. Where are you spending your valuable energy? Is it worth it? It it adding onto your life? If it moving you forward? Be real and be honest with yourself. Only you know your inner world and if your inner peace, mental wellness, and evolution is your priority then you’ll just laugh at situations that try to test you or pull you in.
You’re no longer playing that game with yourself or others. You’re moving forward to a new state. A new mindset. A new world within yourself where you finally thrive instead of reacting every second. At the beginning it might feel like you’re getting pulled in but you’re only learning. You’re discovering that you have the power and control of self. You have the choice every minute how you respond. You decide what happens next.
So practice stepping back and observing. Practice seeing things for what they truly are. You’ll realize it’s not even worth it to get mentally and emotionally caught up. We always regret when we expend too much energy into saying things we don’t mean. This is meant to help you refine your inner self so you have more self-awareness to do and be greater as a human. Choose your inner peace every single day.

Idil Ahmed

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Light encoded picture Ulrikke Aagaard

GaiaPortal: “Appearances” are abandoned as the Righteous Guide

“Appearances” are abandoned as the Righteous Guide.

Standards of Illumination are learned and followed.

100th Monkey has been reached.

hu-manity awakens fully.

The Grand Awakening accelerates

May our Hearts Lead the Way ~ Rebecca Barfoot

When we get triggered, there’s usually an underlying need not being met. I coach others to pause in the midst of whatever hot, bright emotion is surfacing for them in the moment and gently ask themselves, “What need of mine is not being met here?”

And I coach myself in the very same way. It is a gateway into deeper compassion for others, but it starts within. When we begin to meet ourselves with tender curiosity in this way – and perhaps learn to accept and nurture the small, vulnerable part of us that is hurting – we can begin to extend that same generosity to others.

The world ignites and the fuel is love.

A teaching for the New Earth, with our own hearts leading the way. Love, R

Let this be a great opportunity to free yourself ~ Elen Elenna


Dwell in this time quietly. Walk the unknown, infinite depth of space with grace and gratitude. Let this be a great opportunity to free yourself of all the old pathways you have been bound to thread. You do not have to choose any of the faded options, the dim offerings that the mind dredges up. Ignore the temptation to chase the shadows that play themselves out around you. This is but a shadow dance of all that fades away and you do not have to choose this. Let them quietly dance, these dimmed lights, and wait for the True Dawn. You will find a deep peace arising within, as the days pass and you hold true to this space. Your inner world will become peaceful and silent, attuned to Spirit.

Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book
~ Elen Elenna

Elen Elenna ‘Deer of the Morningstar’
Author ~ Shamanic healer & teacher
~ Elven Star wisdom of the New DawnWalking the Path of Immortal Starlight here upon Earth

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Have You Seen My Purpose? ~ The Creator Writings


One question that is constantly asked of The Universe is, “What’s my purpose?”.  Those of you traveling the path know there is something you should be doing but, there does not appear to be a clear answer.  It is always there, like a forgotten memory, always nudging, always just out of thought’s reach.  The key to finding your purpose is…just live! (Smiling) Each experience you have, every choice you make, each moment you engage in points you in the direction you are meant to go…until one day, those cumulative life experiences act like a light bulb in a dark room.  My dearest child do not dismay if you have not found yours yet.  It will most certainly be revealed to you in Divine Timing. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Shine your Light ~ Elaine Degiorgio


The brighter you shine, the more others will respond to your Light. You needn’t market or tell others how enlightened you are or how many you help etc.. You don’t have to convince anyone. All you have to do is shine. This is Love in action. No words are needed. Others will feel who you are. This is what Unity Consciousness is about. Who you are naturally flows out in waves of Grace, touching all....

Be Golden 💖💥💖

Love and Blessings

Elaine Degiorgio
Heru’s Medium

Moving forward to a New State of Being ~ Idil Ahmed


You just need to nurture your soul and take care of yourself right now. Let things clear out of your life. Don’t hold onto what needs to exit. Don’t force anything to stay the same. It’s all about change and growth. Release and let go. Reorganise and reprioritise what you value. You have to start taking care of your inner-self. At the end of the day, it’s about you loving yourself. It’s you who has to make sure that you’re okay. It’s you who has to hold yourself together. It’s you who has to decide to keep going.

No matter what’s challenging you or testing you, don’t overthink it or overreact to it. Find a balance somewhere within you where you stop playing these games with yourself where you get so caught up and pulled into something that only leaves you drained. No everything deserves your energy. Remember, your attention is very valuable. Your thoughts are very valuable.

Your emotions are very valuable. Where are you spending your valuable energy? Is it worth it? It it adding onto your life? If it moving you forward? Be real and be honest with yourself. Only you know your inner world and if your inner peace, mental wellness, and evolution is your priority then you’ll just laugh at situations that try to test you or pull you in.

You’re no longer playing that game with yourself or others. You’re moving forward to a new state. A new mindset. A new world within yourself where you finally thrive instead of reacting every second. At the beginning it might feel like you’re getting pulled in but you’re only learning. You’re discovering that you have the power and control of self. You have the choice every minute how you respond. You decide what happens next.

So practice stepping back and observing. Practice seeing things for what they truly are. You’ll realize it’s not even worth it to get mentally and emotionally caught up. We always regret when we expend too much energy into saying things we don’t mean. This is meant to help you refine your inner self so you have more self-awareness to do and be greater as a human. Choose your inner peace every single day.

Idil Ahmed