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Incoming Clarity ~ A Gift From Gaia


It’s getting real now, “things” become clear and yet many could be experiencing the confusion within the clarity, which completely exists, the confusion is the resistance, the non decision, the want to play out in the “old way” and yet something within keeps distorting the line, magnetising us, charging us, to take the path of light.

Many move into refusal because this path appears to hold lack, which of course is only ever a reflection to be Seen and worked through because whilst this path may highlight things to be dissolved or released which to the limited version of self appears as loss, the gain on the other side is magnificent.

The truth is, the only loss, is “weight” that slows everything down, you included, and weight is easy to spot because it’s hard to shift, areas of the reality that just don’t budge, the feeling of restriction within, words being used such as impossible, difficult, stubborn, stuck and a million more, when these are arising within the thoughts and reverberating within the body creating sluggishness then we KNOW we are playing with the old, we know something requires to be data dumped to allow the speed to pick up again, and this is the space so many get confused and chaotic, especially for those new to learning how this all works.

Seekers collect information about spirituality, and in the beginning whilst we still hold the patriarchal programming of valuing knowledge, we like to show off like peacocks with the data we have stored in the files of the mind, the patterns are so simple to see and the inauthenticity is felt, massively, because what is still unbeknown is firstly this data of old, from past frequencies, is exactly that….spent data, required for the times, but this is a process of evolution, we are not devolving into the old ways, which ultimately weren’t aligned because we have been declining ever since, light doesn’t decline by itself, truth cannot be untold, no, we are creating something quite different, we are anchoring the new world, we are now aware of our Quantum existance and as we clear from the old beliefs and stories of spirituality we open as a pure channel, we are ascension pioneers creating something entirely brand new here and yet tried and tested (if you like) from our Ancient Future Race, the race that thrives, in harmony, that cares about its host and has learned that to be at One with the All and to experience the magic that this Earth has to offer then the only space to exist from is the heart, this has never been Seen on this Earth….I digress, and secondly it holds no use just being data in the mind, the whole point to all of this is to BE-COME through discernment and experiencing everything that is being SAID from the store I like to call The Know Bank.

The Know Bank is a super store sized space in which everything collects up, everything is known, we hear it all the time, “I know I should but…” The metaphysics who love to debate and state, they too hold a super sized know bank and it is down to these two specific patterns why the out there feels and reacts so very distorted, this is why folk in the spiritual realms don’t feel understood, it’s a mirror, the confusion is because the knowledge, what is known, is stored in a place, a think tank, it’s like a bucket of ideas that exist on a drawing board and haven’t yet been tried and tested, and yet the owner is trying to flog them to all and sundry, like a market stall owner shouting from the top of his voice, trying to sell his super magical, super sweet, INVISIBLE apples……it doesn’t feel right to most, it’s fake, unbelievable, and what’s more interesting is something doesn’t feel “right” in the Seeker either, most often showing up as a complicated, slow and sluggish reality.

The proof is always in the pudding….

It’s time to cash in on the know bank, it’s time to begin experiencing what IS and what WAS, what creates light transformations, what brings peace, alignment and holds a space for perfection, it’s time to see where there are investments being made into discord, corruption, fear based ideas and beliefs, again these are easy to spot because the physical body will be overloaded with its pain alarm system, despair, regret, attachment hurts, mentally and physically, it creates dis-ease, those stuck in these spaces are so easy to spot, appearing tired, withered and constantly speaking spells into the field, repeating stories of hard times, hard illness, hard pain, words of struggle and these are best to allow to RIP, the living version, which to guide these the most loving therapy is to not allow them into the field, we all know that in order to realise Self we require that alone time, we require our reality to close down those areas that hold avoidance, we all know that our awakening removed people and places that weren’t aligned, well the same goes for those who choose to stick around in these spaces, and as light walkers it’s our duty to flow with the process, which means following the rules, removing frequencies of discord, however they appear, because this is the process of how it clears and to stand in the way, to continue to hold, fix, over support and so on, is working against Divine Order and will only show up as more weight to bear.

The path of light is entirely about experience and now is the most amazing time to start cashing in on those I KNOW tokens you’ve been collecting.

So what do you know? If you are feeling stuck in the reality, and I ask, what does that voice repeat most often…”I know I should do…” Here lays your number One next move, that is your next step, no more I know, and always I Am.
It’s the same pattern of manifestation, don’t hope, KNOW. It’s how we manifest the things we perceived as bad so well, there was old programming that knew it attracted shit and yet hoped sometimes it might attract something amazing….remember those times? When that penny dropped it changed everything.

Same goes for the old spiritual data stored up, do you still hold the programming that someone else can heal you? Of course, healers can pacify, ease, and slow down the dis-ease but now we have evolved we see how those ways never worked, that the dis-ease isn’t just something we get, we pick up, there are no accidents, everything is symbolic and points to the ancestral programming of the lineage, we now know that everything speaks, that we can relearn the language of Self and the only person that can heal Self, is Self, it has to be an experience that clears the energy of the mind and the physical, that we dissolve the programming and reinstall the latest versions that are coded in Unconditional Love, we now know that to heal means we raise our vibration because there is no dis-ease in love frequ2ncies, there is only not stop expansion.

Let me tell you there is no such thing as a healer, there are only guides, those who have trekked the path, who have experienced and found themselves through the entanglement of old, and we don’t heal, we wouldn’t want to take that incredible journey away from anyone, it’s the most magnificent journey you can ever take, why spoil something so magical, we couldn’t even if we tried, it would be like trying to chew cotton wool or scrape our nails down a chalkboard, no way hosay!
Guides guide, we share keys, we assist with support, where support is already being self given, we are here to share the gems that we collected and to pass the keys we picked up for you to try, but we DO nothing other than stay present in our truth and be the example, holding fields aligned to our keys, and through this, some merge with the spectrum and some drop out and begin seeking spectrums according to their frequency requirement.

This is becoming most interesting as we begin to see the sorting, if you like, I joked a few years ago and called them splinter cells, keyholders dotted over our globe, sharing, surfing and expanding groups of awakeners and light pioneers, we can now see the convergence on the horizon, the once fabled Unified Race is manifesting into reality now and the next huge step for humankind will be the mergers of these unions, these splinter cells will join, working together, focusing together singing the same celestial harmonies, living, breathing loving souls that guide more by simply being the example

That’s another gem as we receive more clarity, the belief we needed to DO, everything is showing to be happening as required, Divine Order and Time is highlighting and reflecting back that our only choice we take is the one that holds conscious everything, we release the idea of fixing out there and we know that all changes are made from within, we found the Creator space.

These are super amazing times, and we are now moving into a Neptunian, Saturn and Self trio energy as our Sun dances with the waves that now create the ability to release more, to see more to shift more, the path becomes clear or the distortions that block the path become clear and in order to travel this path it will require cashing in on some of those tokens, making those affirmations real truth, and not words muttered to try and bridge the lack, BEing the most expanded, open, kind, caring, soft, attentive, focused, compassionate frequency you can reach, which we know begins with Self, it’s emanated not given to please.

It is time to experience your chosen path, it’s going to feel new, it is UNKNOWN to anything you have done in this lifetime, there are no wrongs just experience, and if we learn to pay attention, if we have been following the gems and releasing the old beliefs, values, attachments and ways then this clarity is going to be the most finest example of crystalline amazement this Earth has ever Seen.

The entire globe is either focused on construction or deconstruction and neither should be judged, every person is completing their mission, dissolving or evolving and now the path unveils 💙

Connecting with you all deep within the Cosmic Heart, sending pulses of gratitude to All that makes this REALity so incredible.

A Gift From Gaia

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