Its time to go Home

Two types of Exhaustion ~ Debbie Lynn


“There are two types of exhaustion, one where we need rest, the other is where we just need some peace “….

Maybe it’s age, maybe I am tired, maybe my journey has untangled so many knots that an internal liberation had no choice but to find a comfortable seat and settle in. And I know that there are no guarantees in life, and promises can break under pressure but I have to tell you, I have no interest in drama that wants to tear me apart – I just don’t care anymore about what people think.
What I do have an interest in is, a quieter, more peaceful and simpler presence. This (for me) means cutting toxic thoughts, people and places out of my space.
I don’t have it in me anymore to defend anything that really doesn’t need defending because I know, I/we have a higher purpose; it’s our duty to claim it without judgment and keep it close.
I also know that no one can tell us how, or why, or when – we will just know it. The feeling happens when you avow you are done, and done feels like love coursing through your veins and the pulse of your heart.
Steady. Strong. Lucid.
Now go get some peace; it looks good on everyone.

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