Its time to go Home

Wayshower Update: 11/11 ~ Amanda Lorence



CONSCIOUSLY or unconsciously, we are CHOOSING and emitting an ever changing, individual, ENERGY frequency. Energy just IS. And IS simple by ultimate design. FLOW, is the NATURAL rhythm of all Creation. The heart portal (love frequency Hz) is THE KEY to our HUMAN involving it’s conscious awareness whilst in form.

We are becoming SENTIENT. We have been growing into this higher Hz energetic sensitivity and subsequent increasing abilities since we each ‘awoke’. One step at a time we each grow.

As we evolve our conscious awareness, we will CREATE, not by the mind, but by our direct ability (awareness) to work DIRECTLY with ENERGETIC VIBRATION of non solid, unmanifested form (white light). Everything is energy, so everything has a vibration, thus a frequency signature.

Since our Higher Consciousness already exists in no time, no space, no gravity, no density, and we are gradually becoming that Higher Consciousness, whilst retaining the human form of matter, working with ENERGETIC VIBRATION to create matter from ‘no form’, will feel natural. Because we become our Higher Consciousness. Our Higher Consciousness has been CREATING this way all along. It is just, that we become the AWARENESS of it. And therefore KNOW how to create directly, working with our own vibrations, consciously.

Keep going…these are truly pivotal timelines to get through. You are perfectly on track. Be kind and patient with your human self in any difficult times arising for the human in forgetfulness. Higher Self is right there, if you switch frequency to meet it, become it. As you dissolve patterns seen, and then rise frequency, more and more data comes online within you. You are your own power, a power shared. As One.

Amanda Lorence

11 November 2019

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