Its time to go Home

New Moon message from Rebecca Barfoot


New Moon today!! Despite the quickened pace of Thanksgiving week in the US, the embracing, yin energies of the dark moon invite us to turn our gaze inward.

This particular New Moon – in Sagittarius – couples the blaze of fire along with the watery dark-womb mysteries of the subtle realm. Whatever you focus your intent on to birth – as we head deeper into winter and its deep gestational energy – has some fiery light to assist the ignition of your dreams & visions.

Don’t know what you want to manifest? Don’t know exactly what is keeping you stuck? Turn off the phone and tune in, your higher self and the subtle realm are waiting to speak with you!!

“The astronomy of the heart delivers you to greatness. The stars of your birth shine on in your name. Carry the flame, bring the torch, let it burn. Your life is as you envision. Love is your mission.”

So look to the truth of your feelings then up into the dark sky tonight. This will take you deeper into the pleasure and passion of co/creation.

I support you! In Unity,


Rebecca Barfoot – Energy Intuitive, Seer and Channel

Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

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