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Channeled November 26, 2019
Posted November 27, 2019

I always love sitting with Anna when she brings a message. She is so wise, and so humble. So kind and so powerful. She spent many hundreds of years incarnated on this planet to learn sacred knowledge and energetic practices taught by Mystery Schools. She went on to mastery and began to teach others, including Yeshua/Jesus. Her energy is warm and loving. She always likes to use visualization practices, and often has a sacred key object in her hand. Today it was the silver chalice.

Enjoy her lovely message to you as you sit with her now.


‘The Sacred Realms of the Heart’

“Dearly Beloved,

I AM in joy to be in this moment together with you. I invite you, as always, to come sit with me in this quiet place, and to open your hearts, and to feel the love that is given to you not only in this now moment, but in all moments.

For we are, indeed, together in a special place. And this special place supersedes all time and space, and it is an actual place in a higher dimension. Feel that for a moment, and sit with that. Sit with that feeling of love and comfort, harmony and safety. Sit with me now, Beloveds, in this place, and open your hearts to receive. For it is yours to receive without restrictions, conditions, or any other thing that would keep you in separation from Creator and from the love of Creator.

Every moment is sacred. Every experience is sacred. Every soul is sacred. And all of Creation is sacred, both the light and the dark, within and without, above and below, and beyond all time and space. All is sacred.

I would like you to take a look at yourself now. You may do this physically or energetically with your imagination. But imagine yourself sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. And look at yourself as though you were a bird observing a human sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. That bird would have no judgment of you. That bird would look upon you as another version of itself. That bird would see your energy fields, your heart fields, your aura, and the intention that you are emanating, the frequency that you are emitting.

Can you look upon yourselves now, Beloveds, with this simplicity? Can you see past all the things that you would call faults or hang-ups, or negativity? I would love for you to be able to see yourself right now as you are seen, in the light of pure source love, completely unconditional.

Now as you are energetically sitting under this tree, focus on your heart. Feel your heart. What is it telling you? Is there any emotion there? Is there sadness or grief, pain or sorrow, anger or resentment? Accept it all. See it all. Feel it all. For if you look and feel and see, you will also see the unconditional love that you are created with. And that can never be taken from you. That unconditional love can emanate and emit a powerful frequency – so powerful that you cannot even conceive of it.

Now I want you to visualize the pain and sorrow, the sadness and grief, the anger and resentment dissipating into Pure Source Diamond White Light. Imagine it being transformed as it goes up to Source to be re-created, and sent back down into your heart as unconditional love, as Pure Source Love. And as you visualize this, it is happening! This is the reality of what we taught when we were humans incarnate upon this earth. Many of these ancient mysteries are not so complex, are they? It is being as child, sitting in the wonder of it all, that allows it to be created and manifested and transformed, and to become a reality.

The sacred realm of your heart is so precious. This sacred realm of your heart wants to be free of all the things that would weigh it down and keep it closed, and keep it dimmed.
As you are sitting under this tree now, I am beside you. Allow ALL the things to flow out of your heart into the stream before you to be carried away, never to be seen again. For you do not have to chastise yourself, or go over and over and over the same story, Beloved. You do not. Once you are aware of it, look at it and feel it and hear it. And then allow it to flow into that stream. That stream is unconditional love. It has no judgment, just as the bird who is observing you as yourself.

The sacred realm of your heart holds the keys to all portals, to all timelines, to all realities, but most of all, it holds the keys to your highest timeline, your highest purpose, your highest self, your Higher Self, in fact. And (it holds the keys) to your Almight I AM presence.

You have lack of no thing when you are in the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. If you can begin to see the beauty of this, it will transform your life. If you can sit within this sacred realm of your heart, you will see that all is well.

These words are not meant to placate you or to distress you. These words are words of truth that all is well when you are within the sacred realm of your heart. And the beauty of this sacred realm, and the beauty of your visualization of sitting under a tree beside a stream observing yourself is that, in fact, it is always present and available to you. This time and space will never go away. It is always there beside you, ever manifesting as unconditional love.

This is the gift of life – for you to remember how to use and create with, and to transform all within the sacred realm of your heart. Take a moment and breathe, and allow this to settle in. And you can sit here in this space with me for as long as you need, or come back again multiple times.

I invite you now to take the silver chalice in my hand, and fill it with the water of the stream of life before you. Visualize yourself drinking this pure, crystalline water now. Can you feel it light up your DNA? Can you feel it empower your heart center? Can you feel it from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet? This sacred chalice is an activation as well as a comfort. It is yours to take. It is yours to receive, and yours to embody.

It is my desire, and the desire of all those loving beings around you, for YOU to see yourself as you truly are, without judgment, without expectation, and without the constraints of time. For you were made perfect. And why would you question that? For that is, indeed, a mockery of the Pure One I AM Creator’s creation. Creator made all things perfect: the dark and light, the polarity, the duality, the separation. That was created all for an experience.

But now you have this golden opportunity in this new era to let go of the old ways of doing things, the old paradigms, and the old experiences that would keep you entrapped within a field that no longer serves you.

No longer do you have to feel separate or apart from anything, for you are a part of everything. And everything is a part of you. And all is one, and one is all. And all is love, and God is love, and you are a part of that. So honor yourself in every moment, and remember: just to simply let it go. Whatever emotion you are feeling in that moment, acknowledge it, love it, forgive it, let it pass through your system. Do not allow it to stay within your field, and then realign yourself in that sacred realm of your heart. For all is well there in every single moment, and this never changes.

Now expand your heart center even more, and allow it to fill up. That silver chalice is your heart, and the sacred water is unconditional love. Allow the silver chalice of your heart to fill and to FEEL simultaneously. Does it not feel wonderful? Can you feel the sparkles of pure diamond Source Light within?
And so, my beloved children, doesn’t that feel wonderful? Remember this moment, remember this message. And whether you do or whether you do not, that frequency now is always there for you because you have connected with it.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not fret about anything. Come back to the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. For your heart is infinite.

I am so pleased to have shared this moment with you. And I embrace you with the arms of the Mother and the Father of the Almighty I AM Creator now. Receive the blessing and feel it. It is like a warm hug.

We love you and we see you. And it is a wondrous thing. And that is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

@kaliadiya_visionary – Instagram

Link to live audio recording:

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