Its time to go Home

Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars ~ Elen Elenna

Beloved Elders of the Dawn,

Stepping into the White Grove, the boughs of the trees all around ~ the rustling of leaves in the night wind ~ allow yourself to be in the Grove of Arianrhod, the Grove of the Silver Wheel. And as you stand in the centre ~ all around you descends the golden radiance. It is the Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars, its galactic frequencies arriving with this moon, the Tenth Glyph and Elder Code of the Silver Wheel of Lights. Awakening this code from dormancy deep within, summoning the golden crown of your sovereignty to descend upon your brow, and the cloak to whirl around your shoulders. Remember yourself thus ~ your majesty as a sovereign, shining soul. No matter what you have travelled through, what echoes of passage, the remnants of an old enslavement that have echoed around your heart, this majestic Light is ever yours; ever pure; ever returning. Feel the mystic, softest light and the warrior, noble light, that are One ~ a many layered depth and brilliance. Your gentleness and your power are One. Your service and your sovereignty. The Star Elders of Rigel, noble star warriors of Orion, stand with us in this golden light ~ arriving to call us beyond self-judgment, calling us to choose our New Cosmic Archetype, our crystalline, christed timeline, over and again ~ no moment is too small, no deferral of power is inconsequent, as we weave the integral boundary of true presence with every choice. Thus we become that echoing golden depth of a moment, and we deepen into the place beyond what might appear to be ‘external interferences’, and are in fact simply the sum of our own submissions to something other than what we always knew ~ the knowledge, the knowing, that exists before and before and before. Always, you have the power to respond to your own deep knowing and direct connection to the true nature of reality. Always, always, in every moment this matters, as you reweave the miracle of the One who you are in this dimension, this world.

With Shining Love, Elen Elenna

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