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Happy New Everything! ~ Redwolf


A most Beautiful Soul said to me this evening, Happy New Everything. I felt this strongly in my heart and may it be felt strongly in yours. May each and every moment bring us the Happy New Everything of our most precious dreams and desired to come forth and manifest now, as together we create the New Earth. Thank you to all my Dear Friends, Family and Followers, I am Grateful for each and every one of you and look forward to creating with all of you as we bring in the New Golden Age of the New Earth. May Peace, Love and Joy fill your Hearts!

I love you!

Jason Redwolf

Happy New Year from Kalia Diya


December 31, 2019


About a year ago, someone paid for a short, channeled message for me from Pamela Aralyn. Pamela was on point about everything, including who my guides are. One of my main guides, Anna (grandmother of Jesus/Yeshua), gave a message for me. She said, “You are on the precipice of Universal Change.” Little did I know what that really meant at the time. This year certainly has been one of huge Universal changes!

Feel free to comment below how this year has been for you. What changes have you experienced?

I have been stripped of my identity.

I have lost close friends, and I have gained new ones.

I have lost my illusions.

I have been slashed wide open without anesthetic and without warning, and I have screamed and raged and cried. Every single tear was counted and loved.

I have been asked to surrender and give up everything – people, places, money, career, expectations, and truths that I once held dear.

I have given up everything I thought to be real and everything that I was unconsciously clinging to.

I have been emptied. Stripped bare.

I have experienced far more silence than I have heard answers, and this has empowered me, for the answers always are within if I am quiet enough to listen.

I have learned that my mind, although brilliant (so it says 😊), is not my “engine” but that my heart is the most brilliant power source of anything and everything.

I have conquered what could be a human’s greatest fear, and I have recoded and alchemized that fear into a useful creation energy.

I have learned who is really and truly beside me on this journey, and who truly loves me unconditionally. Thank you.

I have come through incredibly lonely, terrifying and dark times. Yet I AM still here.

I have learned to be very patient and how to truly be in nothingness, in the moment.

I have learned that there is no time other than the moment I am experiencing now, therefore, no fear is necessary. EVER.

I have learned when it is appropriate to be bold and appropriate to be silent.

I have learned the pristine, crystalline beauty of stillness.
I have learned to revel in the glory of each sunset and sunrise, each cloud and each raindrop.

I have learned that I am a most determined and innovative person.

I have learned that my rebel personality can be used to serve me well, and not to hide from that.

I have learned that the medical system, although well-intentioned, is not always “right” and to not give one shred of power to any diagnoses or expected outcomes.

I have learned that honesty and directness is better for everyone, including honesty with myself.

I have learned how to truly love myself, in every sense of the word.

I have learned that I am worthy, that I am enough, and that I always was.

I have learned that my dark side is my teacher, and not to be afraid of it, and to make friends with it, for it is from Source just as my light side is.

I have learned that if I disrespect myself, I am also disrespecting others.

I have learned how to completely nourish my body physically and I have learned an incredible amount of wisdom on how the physical vessel operates at its optimum levels.

I have learned that the greatest challenges and attacks often come from those closest to us.

I have learned that my daily energetic practice is just as important than my daily physical practices.

I have learned that intention is everything. Without intention, creation doesn’t spark into life, no matter the words spoken, invoked or thought.

I have learned how to command any space I walk into and transform it into the Kingdom of Light in accordance with the highest cosmic law allowed.

I have learned to be comfortable with any emotion and how to truly let go of it so not one shred of any low vibration emotion is left in my physical body, and to transform that emotion into creative power.

I have learned that my body listens to everything I say, think, feel and put into it. My body is an extremely intelligent being. I honor it now and always.

I have learned that everything is sacred, even poop – for it is the elimination of what no longer serves me.

I have learned that my intuition and listening to my own body is my greatest “doctor.”

I have learned the incredible shifting power of gratitude and joy.

I have learned that wholly honoring my needs first enables me to honor the needs of others in a balanced and wholesome energy.

I have learned what balance and neutrality really feels like. They make things flow much easier.

I have learned to appreciate the smallest and seemingly most insignificant things, for they often are the most magical things.
I have learned that when you lose something, you appreciate it more, and you also appreciate everything and everyone else a lot more.

I have learned to take nothing for granted, especially the gift of life here.

I have seen my spirit leave my body, and I have felt how that feels to be completely disconnected from my physical body, weightless, without worry, but with full consciousness.

I have experienced the death of everything, and the rebirth of all things new and amazing.

I have seen, felt and known the purpose of walking through hell so that I can truly know what the incredible gift of life is. Creator has experienced all through me, and I have experienced all through Creator.

I have found love inside of me, and have found love reflected in all things, you included, and that this love is the most amazing experience ever to be had. Nothing else matters but love.

I have found that the love given to me, outside of me, is the reflection of love inside of me, for me.

I AM made new.

I AM liberated, free.

I AM more alive than I have ever been.

I AM an alchemist, a creator, a MAGIcian, an angel. I AM all things. I KNOW this now.

I AM empty, yet so full. I lack no thing. I have access to everything I need in every moment, and all of my needs are met right now.

I AM truly abundant now that I have been emptied, for there is more room now for the abundance of the Universe and the Love of Source, instead of lack taking up that space and energy.

I AM ready for my highest purpose NOW.

I stand greatly humbled, in deep gratitude for all my experiences this linear year, my face is lifted to the Light of Source, without expectation, but with a certainty of the higher directive of my mission.

I AM here, now. It has not been easy, nor has it been quick. But it is easy when I allow it to BE, when I let it flow, let it be, without contriving anything, without expecting anything.

I AM standing in my Almighty I AM presence here before you, seeing you in yours.

I AM in service to all and to Love. I proclaim this NOW.


I thank my precious little boy, Liam, for constantly keeping me here when I wanted so badly to leave. I love you eternally, rogue Dragon Warrior of Light. I thank my daughters for being my biggest support and my inspiration to embrace my creative side to balance the pain and sorrow. I love you both eternally.
I love you eternally, oh my own soul, for you are Pure Source Light incarnate.

May the blessing of Creator ever be upon you who are reading this, and may you open wide your heart to that love that surpasses all understanding. May you be held tenderly, and may you hold yourself and others tenderly as you walk through light and darkness. May intention and kindness be the keys that unlock your highest potential as your Source Self.

Nothing but LOVE is possible anymore. Align yourself to that Love NOW, and watch your reality become MAGIcal.

THANK YOU for walking with me on this crazy, unpredictable, rewarding journey back to ourselves and to the fullest and most brilliant connection to the quantum Source experience we call life.

Happy new everything, and Happy New Year! 2020 is already… (insert feelings here, not words)!

Together we are Love. Love are we together.

I AM LOVE, LOVE AM I, and I love you infinitely.

Kalia Diya

“Let your Light Go/Glow”

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner

Dragon Oracle Guidance for the New Year 2020

For those Who are Meant to See….


Within the inner planes of the Star System of Sirius and its ascended aspect, Lakumay, there are renowned universities attended by beings from the entire cosmos. In these elevated establishments, higher knowledge and spiritual technology from many universes are disseminated.

These magnificent Dragons work in these academies of light, and carry the keys and codes of the spiritual technology of the future in their energy fields. Their mission is to spread this to all those who are ready, to help bring in the New Golden Age.

These Dragons are cosmic travelers and, like all Dragons, help us to move through the dimensions. In addition, they will guide us and protect us on our inter-dimensional journeys between earth and other parts of the universe, especially if we aspire to be an intergalactic master.

Receiving this card suggests you to invite these luminous beings to swirl round you, touching your chakras with the sacred geometry of the universe. Then ask them to tune you in to any aspect of higher knowledge you can bring forth now. Sit quietly and allow this to happen. You may receive a download of information, or various keys and codes you carry in your soul may light up. If so, you will become a transmitter who broadcasts sacred knowledge, though you may not be consciously aware of it.

This is a very powerful Dragon, so notice subtle changes in your thoughts and attitudes. Your dreams may reveal memories from your travels with the wonderful  Green-Gold Dragons from Sirius.

Dragon Oracle Cards

Diana Cooper

Revel In The Joy! ~ The Creator Writings


Over the next few weeks, you will be purging and releasing a great many things that no longer serve you.  Emotions, situations and people may fall by the wayside.  It is okay to let yourself grieve this passing.  You are, after all, human. (Smiling) Once the grieving has passed, allow yourself to revel in the joy of new growth…there will be plenty of it! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

GaiaPortal: Portals of “New Beginnings” for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals

Portals of “New Beginnings” for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals.

Segue-ways assist in the transitions.

Partners of Light engage the depths.

Storms of revelation come.

The New Changes ~ The Creator Writings

With the strong incoming energy, the changes you have been asking for have begun and they will be as easy or challenging as you like. As you work with The Universe, you may notice those around you changing in response to your changes. This may be a bit surprising at first but, it can be an excellent indicator of your progress. Slow and steady or quick and decisive, the choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

5D Heaven Energy is here NOW ~ Pars Kutay

5D Heaven Energy is here NOW, and to experience it fully We Must simply start BEing in it.

So, it is Time to start Being the 5D BEing that We are, and start living from our Hearts. 💜

In this year 2020 there will be Massive NEW Energy. . . filled with NEW Codes of Information, Discoveries, Revelations, Compassion, Benevolence, Beauty, Magic and New Inventions.

In January 2020, there will be very Powerful Energy… very Powerful LIGHT Wave will be entering our Atmosphere and it will be fully felt around the 11th of January and will be moving through until January 22nd.

In the Spring of 2020, a Major Celestial Event is going to transpire on this planet making way for the long-awaited NEW Earth.

At that time, our Cells will be instantly Re-Coded to a Higher Order and our layered bodies will be able to process a much more Advanced level of Cosmic Data causing our outward matrix reality to Morph into the NEW Earth / Heaven Frequency.

Things will NOT go on as they always have on Earth and the Change is Finally Here where the LIGHT is starting to Win over darkness. . . where the fog of duality is starting to lift as part of the Cosmic Law.

Year 2020 is a Time of Grand Re-Union and Freedom Celebrations will break out all across this planet as it is Liberated after eons of being in the dark.

This is a Great Movement NOW for Humanity. . .

We are Waking Up from our dreams. . .

There is NEW Consciousness emerging. . . there is something Great happening where people are latching on to their own Empowerment, latching on to their own Unlimited-ness. . . and it is BEcoming very contagious.

So Enjoy your NEW Reality of 5D Heaven Energy in 2020. . . This is a Critical Year as it is a New Decade. . . It is a Critical Year of Change. 😉

with LOVE in Unity, 💜

~ 💜🌎🌀💜 ~

Pars Kutay

Photo: Vortex – Portal captured by Zahara Celestial