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Heart Field Clearance ~ Tim Whild

The fifth-dimensional heart chakra is the most powerful energy centre within the body on a physical and spiritual level. During our ten-thousand year stay in the third dimension we were led to believe that the heart was simply a tool to pump blood, and we are just beginning to learn how powerful it really is. The heart is a ‘brain’ in its own right and over the coming years Humanity will begin to identify with the heart rather than the ego-self.

Many of us are now being shown aspects of ourselves that are in need of gentle re-form and release. These may be patterns, karma and agreements that we have held on to for many incarnations…we cannot take this stuff with us.

When we hold ‘stuff’ within our fields it slows us down. Many of the intrusions that we experience would be regarded as ‘everyday’ energy exchanges (cords and attachments etc) but some are more serious and long-term. The perfect example of this would be an ‘addiction entity’ that could be feeding on our light due to a habit that is hard to let go of.
Whatever they are there are always plenty of them and it is up to us to apply the spiritual discipline necessary to keep ourselves as clear and high vibrational as possible.

This is simple meditation to engage with your Heart Centre and use it to raise your frequency!

1. Sit quietly and place your favourite crystal over the centre of your heart. Breathe deeply….in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. See your heart centre ignite into a beautiful ball of pure white light. As you exhale see it begin to expand.

3. Allow your heart-light to move through your Throat and Solar Plexus chakras…as it does so, ask it to light up and remove any lower frequency cords, intrusions or vibrations that do not belong to you. See them dissolving in the powerful vibration you are emitting.

4. As you continue to breathe see your heart-light expanding further and encompassing your Naval Chakra and your Third Eye….again see the light of your Heart dissolving everything that needs to be removed.

5. Continue to breathe deeply and completely relax now…your heart is in charge. See the light expanding further and filling your Crown and your Sacral Chakra. Everything that is out of alignment with your 5D vibration is melting away!

6. See your heart light continue to expand covering your Base Chakra and the Causal Chakra just above the top of your head…release and let go!

7. As the Light from your heart expands further feel it moving down your legs and also out above the top of your head…..feel it lighting up your Earth Star below the soles of your feet, and your Soul Star 18 inches above the top of your head. A beautiful pulse of light matching your heart-beat is now moving through you in continuous wave-form.

8. As you exhale the ball of heart light now touches your Stellar Gateway a metre above your head and the same distance below your Earth Star. Feel yourself cocooned in your powerful heart vibration with your frequency completely clear and re-charged!

9. Continue to breathe your light outwards through your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual (expanded Auric) bodies. Give it a few moments to balance, unify and align you.

10. Say either out loud or in your head three times –
“I (name) completely rescind and release all energetic cords, bindings, entities or intrusions that have attached themselves to me without my permission. I AM Master of my bodies and fields!”

11. Ask your heart to hold you in this powerful field at all times and tell you if you pick up energies that don’t belong to you. Listen to your heart at all times!

Tim Whild

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